Mullin’s Right-Hand Man Fired

According to multiple sources, Warriors president Robert Rowell has fired assistant general manager Pete D’Allesandro. D’Allesandro, the team’s salary cap guru and sidekick of Chris Mullin, the executive vice president of basketball operations, will be replaced by assistant coach Larry Riley.
D’Alessandro was hired by Mullin in 2004 as the director of basketball operations. He was promoted to assistant general manager after Rod Higgins gave up his general manager post to take a similar position with the Charlotte Bobcats. D’Alessandro was the resident salary cap and collective bargaining agreement guru.
Riley, coach Don Nelson’s right-hand man, was the director of player personnel for the Vancouver Grizzlies for six years in the 90s.
The decision to fire D’Alessandro figures has to be a tough pill to swallow for Mullin, who loses his close friend. It is, to be sure, the latest in a string of executive decisions by Rowell.

* Rowell hit Ellis with a 30-game suspension, which is way tougher a punishment than Mullin wanted to levy, I’m told by several sources.

* According to Stephen Jackson, he has been assured he will get a contract extension. A source with knowledge of the negotiations said Mullin is not involved in the process

*Then there is the Baron thing. I’ve been told Mullin would’ve given Baron a contract, but Rowell would not unless there were certain protections for the team in the form of incentives and team options

It must be said that Rowell is the team president, second in power only to owner Chris Cohan. He’s supposed to make decisions from on-high and has been for years. But it does seem like he is much more involved lately (or is it just more public) and he and Mullin are at odds on how to handle things a lot more than ever before.
Some in the organization say it’s just perception, that Rowell has stepped in plenty times before, it just never became public. Others tell me Rowell is growing weary of watching Mullin make bad decisions and is having more of a finger print because of it. You be the judge.
What does it mean that D’Alessandro got canned? There are three ways to look at this:

1. Mullin is on notice: Cutting D’Alessandro could be a way of showing Mullin that challenging the authority of Rowell is a bad move with consequences. You know, like in the mob movies when you go after someone close to your enemy to send a message.

2. Mullin is off notice: What if Rowell think Mullin is worth keeping around and they got rid of his “bad influence.” Maybe it’s like an olive branch, because Rowell certainly could’ve fired Mullin, bad P.R. notwithstanding. Maybe Rowell assessed the situation and didn’t find Mullin in violation, but D’Alessandro.

3. Mullin gets warning and mercy: This could be a sign that they are watching him closely, but a gesture of promise that this relationship is salvageable.

It will be interesting to see how Mullin responds. Will he up and quit? Will we start hearing scuttle about him looking into other gigs? Will he reach out to Rowell and make this work?
What makes this even more interesting is who they chose to replace D’Alessandro. Riley is Nellie’s Robin. He was with him in Dallas. He brought him over to the Warriors with him. The two take a walk together before the games. They are tight.
What does it mean that they replaced Mullin’s right-hand man with Nellie’s? Could be nothing. Could be a conspiracy. Certainly makes me think.

Marcus Thompson

  • Scott

    First things first . . . why was he fired?

  • Niners in 2009

    How does the salary cap guy get fired? Maybe he told Rowell to pick up Marcus Williams option, and when he didn’t he kicked him in the snatch.

  • Rowell sucks

    Firing him makes Mullin look bad. I mean why fire the assistant when the accountable one is the boss? The assistant is simply assisting the program of his boss right?

    Very fishy.

    Sounds very fishy.

    If anything, It should be Mullin who should do the firing of his assistant whether it came from his judgement or it came from a voice from above.

    I agree firing Mullin now is a big PR nightmare for this franchise. So they buy time perhaps to think it over or before finally letting the hammer fall.

    An Olive Branch to Mullin? I Don’t think so… He is conspicously silent up to the present. Why?

    Coincidentally, Nelson had been giving informations to the media without being asked. Such as “How he wished” Mullin to stay as a GM and he has no intentions of taking over of the position, and recently, giving Harrington a dose of his own medicine by talking to the media about what he feels about him.. Payback is a bitch!

    Now, if we think about it, Nelson’s actions are supposed to be actions Mullin as the GM should do…

    But where is Casper in all this?


    Something is definitely fishy than it seems.

    When the right time comes, the true color of this politics come out.

    Perhaps Harrington himself knows something…

    I was right afterall with my previous statement. This franchise is not about a championship. Otherwise, they should have kept Baron for the bargain price Mullin got him for.

    Just my opinion.

    If all these is just a script, then I find this to be so insulting because we fans are not that stupid.

    P.S. Rowell, you suck like your boss!

    Again, Just my opinion

  • Insider

    He was fired because of leaking false information to the media.

  • commish

    I am horrified by the probability that Nellie will be the coach and VP, but it sure seems that way. Mullin has been played and outsmarted by Nellie and seemingly Jax and as far as I can tell, is a lame duck. Too bad. I truly despise Nellie’s coaching style and culture especially for a very young team. Mully doesn’t seem fundamentally smart but I thought he had certainly paid his dues and gotten on the positive slope of the learning curve. It doesn’t look good for him or the team IMHO.

  • jlight

    I guess all Mullins guys have one foot out the door now. I sure hope Nelson isnt behind some of this mess, it would be the ultimate betrayal to Mullin. If and when Mullin goes, I’m guessing Monta wont be far behind. Is this what I waited all summer for?

  • Dave Silva


    If RR messes this up…I’ll save my 15k I spent on season tickets again this year and spend my money elsewhere…if you’re going to fire someone at least explain it to those paying good money to see an average team.

    This is getting stupid. RR needs to lean on good people that know basketball and check his own ego at the door.


    Very upset fan in 115

  • 15/70

    Cohan needs to recognize quick that this is becoming a serious mess in the last 2 months where Bobby has taken charge. Someone needs to explain this mess soon, because to the fans it looks like Rowell is driving the team off a cliff. Cohan better give Mullin a contract now, or Warrior fans should storm the executive offices.

  • ReddingWarrior

    Commish, what is your deal with bashing Nellie? Do you realize how bad the warriors were before he got here? Or did you just hop on the band wagon during our one playoff year in the past 15 years?

  • ReddingWarrior

    So many of you are trying to defend Mullin, and for what???? What did Mullin do that is so great? All I know is that all of his deals sucked until Nelly came back…wow I wonder why. From what I can tell, Rowell is finally running this team how it should have been run from the beginning.

  • JustPuked

    Great Scoop Marcus.
    Troubling news in many ways…

    The silence on this and other events affecting the franchise is a serious organizational flaw and allows a lot of negative assumptions to fester and grow. You’d think someone in a leadership role with the team would take the opportunity (and responsibility) to mollify the ticket buying customers…but they’ve done a piss poor job of it since the beginning of last off-season. Any chance you can get an interview with either Chris or Bobby and ask the tough questions?

  • Tim

    Mully needs to stay. He made some questionable decisions early, but learned from those mistakes and has been great the past few seasons. The Ws should have kept Baron. He wouldn’t have had the injuries he has had in LA because he would have been preparing to run if he was still here and likely been in better shape, instead of hanging out with his Hollywood friends in the offseason. Safe to say, the Ws are worse without Baron, Baron is worse in LA where he has looked lost when he is on the court and the Clips don’t seem to want or be able to run which suits his style best. Keeping Baron, which Mully wanted to do would have been the better decision, for all parties.

    What are Rowell’s credentials in regards to player personnel decisions?

    He should stick to running the business and booking the bands for Club 200 and leave Mully alone to run the basketball side.

    As a Warrior fan since the early 70s and season tickeholder since the mid 80s I cannot express my frustration enough. Everytime the Ws take a positive step forward, they shoot themselves in the foot.

    Keep Mully! I don’t think I can emphasize this enough…if they lose Mully they are going to lose season ticketholders. He is has been one of the rays of hope over the past several years. Knowing that someone who knows basketball was in-charge gave us a little faith.

    Nelly is great and he has rejuvinated the fan base, but let’s remember that Mully brought him back. Let’s also remember that Nelly lacks tact (which makes him a great coach). However, I think this hurts him in a GM role where you need more of the soft skills.

    Go Ws

  • Dunkenstein

    To me this is a message to Mully from Rowell:”You’re next” All fall, Rowell has been slowly taking over the control of basketball operations from Mully. And seeing opportunity to gain more control of player acquisition, Nelly has sided with Rowell, rather than the guy who fought to get him hired, his “close friend” Chris Mullen.

    The appointment of Larry Riley as Assistant GM is just the first step in the ouster of Mully. Rowell make keep Mully for the rest of the season, or he may decide to axe him in a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. When Mully goes, Riley will be named GM and this will be just like when Nelly was coach in Dallas and his son was GM. Rowell (like Cuban) will be in control of the money decisions and Nelly will bev in control of the basketball decisions.

    Rowell is really no more than a little Napoleon, but Nelly is a back-stabbing S.O.B.

  • Chris

    Whether one is a “Mullin guy” or a ‘Rowell guy”, there’s no doubting that Rowell is playing his cards beautifully if this is a power play. Or…

    Is the true genius Nellie? I find it hard to believe Nellie was going to come here and not want to pick the team he coaches. That’s how he had it in Milwaukee; that’s how he had in in his first tenure here; and that’s how he had it in Dallas. Look what happened to him in New York when he didn’t have that.

    My question is how much is Nellie playing Rowell and Mullin against each other? By not taking the title “GM” Nellie won’t look like he’s stabbed Mullin in the back and he gets out of the dirty finger nail part of being of GM (a la having his son as GM in Dallas as Dunkenstein pointed out). Any fallout from us fans or the NBA fraternity of kicking Mullin to the curb is firmly on Rowell.

    Don’t believe Nellie would do Mullin like that? Well he’s certainly not doing Mullin any favors by not playing the likes of Randolph or Wright to affirm Mullin’s eye for talent (which is certainly debatable this far). Also let us not forget that Nellie’s first tenure with Golden State began as GM a year after his good friend George Karl had led the Warriors to the playoffs for the first time in nine years in his first year as coach. The following year saw Nellie the GM completely dismantle the team by trading away Sleepy FLoyd and JB Carroll for Ralph Sampson. Karl felt so undermined as coach that he resigned in March of that year and Nellie took over as coach/GM. Hmmmmm….

  • I HATE ROWELL!!!! PEROID I HATE HOW HE WANTS ALL THE CREDIT FOR THE WARRIORS TURN AROUND!!!! did mully make financial mistakes yes but remember the fans wanted to sign Murphy and MD at that time.. and remember Mike M was the coach correct? so that wasnt mully’s fault that we got the warrior god father back in Don nelson… and a different scheme/ same thing with Patrick O’B….

    The paper said Rowell fired the assistant gm because he looked out for the players??? how the BD thing??? we moved on from it maybe the J Rich thing??? we got Brandon Wright… i hate how business people expect everything to be all good at all times… deal with it…. there is gunna be disagreements…

    Rowell stop being a little girl plz

  • gswfanforlife


    This is really upsetting.

  • Chris Everyone chill out# 2

    I am still hoping Marcus W will get into shape and play some PG; however he is a valuable asset

    For example

    Al Marco B and MW in a trade

    We still have

    C AB

    C RT

    PF BW

    PF? / RT

    SF CM

    SF KB

    SF Anthony R: Not NBA ready??

    SG Capt. Jack

    SG Anthony Morrow not NBA ready??

    PG Watson

    PG Nelson

    Ellis injured
    Richard H injured

    Chris AR isnt ready and its not like we need him to play… let him grow, just because we dont see him on game night doesnt mean he isnt growing and improving….

    btw would u play

    AR over

    KB/ CM/ Capn Jack??? noooo

    To recap the roster, we are still a quality team without the 3 players that I put into a Trade. Not to mention we have two players who are growing and who can help us down the road.
    Plus we don’t even have our best player on the court!!!!!!!!! Imagine if he was how many players would be complaining about PT? A ton!!!!!!

    This Roster reminds me of the Celtics team a few yrs ago a lot of young talent what they do?? Well the rest is history. What I am saying is the W’s have that option with all the talent they have acquired. Let’s just sit back and see what develops.

    The W’s are masters of finding players from the NBDL



    I would like to see the W’s go after a PG

    Say a
    Raymond Felton?

  • Chris

    Matt, I agree to that AR is not ready for big time minutes over the likes of S Jax. That’s not why I brought it up. I brought it up because I think Nelson and Mullin are on two different pages about where the team is. I’m not saying one is right or one is wrong; I’m saying Nelson wants to win now and doen’t want to wait for AR. Mullin would rather give some of these kids sniffs as he knows Dubs ain’t going anywhere this year. Reality is the longer these guys sit on the bench the worse Mullin is going to look to Rowell who already questions his ability to evaluate talent. If Nelson really wanted to help Mullin he’d play them some more. 30 games from now it may be too late for Mullin.

    By the way, the Celtics traded all their young talent for two future Hall of Famers to win it all. Now I’m not going to complain if we all of a sudden traded for the likes of Allen and KG but I don’t know how many suckers not named McHale are out there.

  • Guifre Lluis

    Does Rowell know the basketball game? Did he play or coach basketball any time? In my family basketball comes from 1927 and Rowell can’t teach me NOTHING about the game.YES WE CAN FIRE ROWELL NOW!!!

  • Guifre Lluis

    Please, send Rowell to Mars with the first expedition!!!!

  • commish

    ReddingWarrior, my thing about bashing Nellie is, as I’ve stated, I truly believe he is the wrong coach for this young team. I know I overstate things and kind of do that on purpose because people let so much of what he does just slide. I went kind of nuts last year when he tried to convince us that Webber was the answer to what our team needed to take the 8th or higher playoff spot. I hate that he is so stubborn about playing rookies and feels so much internal pressure to “win now” that he sacrifices the future good of the team and ends up with a seven man rotation. And worse, even if several of those players are having a crappy game, he still leaves them in to play through their off nights. Anyway, I will give him credit for taking our franchise to a new, competitive level but in doing so, he has sacrificed the development of the entire team and empowered a few players (Baron and Jax) to pretty much do whatever they want. He does not teach team basketball nor tough minded defense. Bottom line I am very sorry he got extended and now it *seems* he has orchastrated the demise of Mullin.

  • I love the idea of Al for Raymond Felton. Or what’s wrong with Heinrich–are they asking too much??

  • NotRenewingMyTix

    beat by grizz twice. schedule only gets tougher. let baron go and sign injury prone maggette. that made a lot of sense. play jackson over 45 min. a game. how long will he last? dubs now youngest team in league. instead of building on playoff success, they are in rebuilding phase AGAIN. tired of hearing how dubs are fun to watch, but…. i think fans should boycott a home game and then Rowell will get the message — guick. the only home game they will sellout this year will be against the lakers when all their fans buy up the tickets. this sucks…unhappy in 110

  • ManuelT

    Too many people are focusing on whether Mullin deserves to stay on instead of focusing on the true issue, which IS the way things are being done.

    We, fans of various Bay Area sports teams, have been through it all and have seen class acts such as Debartolo (I hated those teams) and Al Davis in younger years and we’ve seen the antithesis such as the Yorks, the more recent Al Davis and now Rowell. Pay attention, teams with chicken***** like rowell don’t cut it anymore.

    You can argue forever about whether Mullin has been good or bad at his job but I don’t think you can argue that he is a class act and worthy or respect both as a Warrior great and someone who played a key role in bringing OUR team out of the doldrums. Just think of it, for most of last season we could rightfully claim that our team was capable of beating any other team on any given night! Mullin had alot to do with that.

    For those that are saying that TK needs to write about truly important stuff, you’re missing the point- with Rowell now seemingly given carte blanche, we’re headed back to the bad old days and this is much more important than who we can get for Harrington.

    Lastly, it sometimes takes years to figure people out and if turns out that Nelson has turned his back on Mullin, that says alot to me. He played a key role in short circuiting what should have been a very good team back with Mullin, Webber, Hardaway, etc.- they never got the chance to really get started. The same has happened with last years team- a team that was capable of beating any other team on any given night for most of the season until Nelson ran them into the ground.

    It would be better to flatout fire Mullin than to put him through this BS but Rowell is playing the part of the slimy politician who won’t be straight about his intentions- he has to first set the stage with his divide and conquer tactics.

  • HoodWinkedPhan

    i will not renew my tickets until AFTER the season this year. After i see what moves mgmnt makes over the summer. they force you to renew before season even ends and then they make all these crazy moves over the summer and as a season tic holder you are left scratching your head and they have all ur money. never in a million years did i think the warriors would be rebuilding after a playoff ending season. Never. i just knew BD would be here to stay after leading team to playoff success and barely missing playoffs last season. He played all 82 games last yr and he didnt get resigned. Now we have no pt guard that can break down a defense and a team of mediocre players. you have to have at least one all star type player on your team in this league. BD was all star. Nellie is all about self and not his players. Always complaining about what he wishes he had. He had a good team and help break it up. I still dont understand the benching of BD in last game of year. Was that to force BD’s hand? He reported to Clippers in best shape of his career. Warriors always get great players that leave for other teams and no good free agency players want to play here. why? I believe it has to do with management. i’m sick of hearing about warriors management drama when we should be talking about our team and players. If warriors end up being cellar dwellers this year after have two successful seasons, I will not renew my tix next season and many in my section are discussing this and saying the same thing. Rowell better pay attention to fans or he may be the next one looking for a job.

  • Furious 28

    Does anyone really want to send a message to Warriors management? This Thursday is a nationally televised game on TNT against the Pistons. What do you think the league would say if the fans didn’t show up for the 1st quarter or the 1st half? Just throwing this out there.


    Hey Furious….Let’s wear Mullin Jersey’s.

  • thanks good idea

  • wery goud mozilla