Harrington’s s Hurting

He said he didn’t want to say anything because “I’m not the one to make excuses” (and, of course, injuries ruin trade value even more than 3-for-15 shooting), but his back is bothering him and he’s going to get it checked out.
Al said he won’t play tonight and he will meet with the team doctor to see what’s up. He said he has no idea how long he’ll be out.
“In China, that flight back got me a little bit. But I thought it would go away. But after that Toronto game, it really started to bother me.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Peter

    This sounds like whining to me….I don’t believe that for a second. Al has always been streaky and a poor rebounder. He seems like a really good guy off the court. But he has some over inflated opinion of himself as a player. He isn’t quick enough to play the 3 and never has been. He doesn’t rebound enough to play the 4. His shooting is streaky. He’s a black hole that refuses to pass to an open man. He doesn’t finish well at the rim. WTF does he expect? Does he think he is Tim Duncan? His act is really really tired.

  • Peter

    2nd comment on AL. They keep saying he’s playing out of position. Well, he isn’t playing out of position, he is just not that good at his position. HE’ll always BE out of position because he has a lot of deficiencies no matter what position he is playing at. PF, no rebounds or blocked shots can’t defend the rim. 3, beaten off the dribble and too slow. 5, get serious.

    OVER-RATED…INFLATED EGO…Couldn’t hack it in Indy, Couldn’t hack it in Atlanta, Couldn’t hack it again in Indy…Guess what AL, the rest of the NBA isn’t wrong…YOU ARE..GO AWAY.

  • Mike

    Or…Maybe the trade is imminent, and this is just a smokescreen to explain why he won’t be in the lineup tonight.

  • D

    Its koo, Warriors dont need Harinngton anyways. And if we can trade him to bobcats for gerald wallace, the warriors will have a completely new outlook on their season. I will be such an excited warriors fan to be able to watch wallace tear it up nights in and nights out.

  • mike i agree a trade looks imminent i hope its G Wallace or Raymond Felton from Cha

  • Jax’s Brain Surgeon

    Whoa! Give the guy a break! I saw AH driving hoop at the Nugs game – he definitely has back issues.

    In spite of all that is printed about Al, he is of strong character. I think he shouldn’t have gone public with the trade, but well there you are… he is still a good guy and I wish him well and hope he finds a better situation so he can contribute at a higher level.

    Jax is the man!

    Go Warriors!!!

  • GSWFan24

    Malarky!!! This is an excuse to sit him down tonight so he doesn’t get hurt and sabatoge a trade

  • steele

    harrington is a decent, durable proffesional. not right for nellie, however. it sounds like they’re working out a trade at the moment…

  • Le

    What a bunch of horses#%#!. Not only is this a lame excuse but it hurts his trade value.

    Thanks Al, you never seem to disappoint!

  • JustPuked

    Dear Santa Claus,

    Thank you for getting us the baby Al and Marky Will action figures. That was very thoughtful. I’m very sorry I wrote my x-mas list so illegibly but…those aren’t the names that were written on it. Would you be so kind and to find them a new home where they’ll be cared for? We’ll be happy to take Chris Wallace and Ray Felton back in exchange.

    Thank you Chris Kringle and Merry Christmas!

    *Yes I know it doesn’t pass trade checker muster but Dude, the guy can get Reindeer to fly, he can figure out a way to pull off a trade.

  • Le



  • Le

    Someone said on a previous blog to remove Harrington’s picture off the header of this page.

    Marcus, 2nd request.


    –Robert Rowell

  • Le

    I just thought of something… all this negative blogging about Al is hurting his trade value. Let’s keep it cool everyone.

  • ECJ

    its just really hard to watch the warriors waste all the talent on their team with such a lack of mental toughness and dicipline.. Jackson missing two free throws with two minutes left.. CJ Watson shooting 1-7 and missing two free throws. Thats the difference between winners and losers. If Jackson wants to be a leader, he has to stop being such a mental midget and be a leader when his team needs him the most; in the 4th quarter..


  • Le

    More Harrington deal from Knicks point of view.


    Interesting topic, Ellis and Marbury backcourt. I’m not a big fan of that for many reasons but what do you guys think?

  • Le

    More chatter in NY about Harrington…


  • Josh

    Hey, stop crying over Al Harrington its not his fault that Golden Sate are sh#t. Who would have thought Memphis of all teams would be cruising past the warriors so easily. Hey Brandon Wright he was an outright star today. Al Harrington is a legend cant wait until he leaves that tip(sh#t hole) in Oakland.

  • commish

    If I’d been carrying Nelson hard ass attitude on my back for over a year my back would be hurting too.

  • mistaknly

    Ok, I think Al is a great player in his own mind. But I just got back from China in March and I was out for six weeks with back pain, although I was in coach. Plus, the warriors have a pretty bad record with big guys and backs (Chris Taft, etc)

    So rest him, get him better so we can trade him for Wallace.

  • Mr. B

    Yes remove Al’s picture from this page. They played sound bites of Al last night at the game. Should have cut that out too.

    Its all painful – painful to watch the Ws and painful to hear the dysfunctional front office.

    One highlight though is Anthony Randolph. This guy’s going to be good.

  • petaluman

    Any word on Watson’s recovery? His shooting is clearly effected by the injury or brace, or both. His FG% is down, but that can be a bad game or 2. However, he shot around 80% on FTs for us last year, and even higher in the NBDL. Right now he’s at 61% (of course, DN is at 13%). Wish him well from us!

    In SL, I think we used Hendrix almost exclusively at center. What position does he play in practice, or are they working him at both PF and C? Although we don’t have direct control in Bakersfield, will they generally honor any requests they get from the donor team regarding what skills/position the player works on while there?

  • Can they do an MRI on someone’s ego?
    I am guessing that it is a grade 2 sprain.