Marco Needs Shots

Nelson checked Marco Belinelli into the game much earlier than normal, like midway through the first quarter. But the Warriors, when he’s on the court, usually don’t look for him.
What’s the point of having Belinelli in the game if he doesn’t get shots? The one thing he can do is shoot? Why not take advantage of it? Run some plays for him. Get him off some screens. Look for him in transition.
The Warriors did a much better job on Sunday. He played six first-quarter minutes and got four shots, making three for 7 points. C.J. Watson found Belinelli drive-and-kick, and Belinelli knocked it down from 3-point range. Stephen Jackson found him with a cross-court pass. Belinelli lost the defender with a strong pump fake, took one dribble as he stepped in, and nailed a 21-footer.
Apparently sensing his stint was up, he hoisted a deep off-balance 3-pointer, which he bricked. Seconds later he came out.
When you’ve got a guy who can shoot like that, he’s got to get touches. Belinelli is certainly not a defender, and he can’t dribble against good defenders. So if he’s on the court, he has to get shots. He’s got a nice stroke that the Warriors can certainly use. Most important, he makes a defender stay honest, which opens the paint area.
In seven first-quarter minutes, Brandan Wright had six shots. Nothing against BW, but two of those should’ve went to Marco.

Marcus Thompson

  • Tim

    I hate watching this team. They are uninteresting. No defense, no offense, no fundamentals. Only Biedrins is worth his contract, the rest of these guys play like they are on the streets. Throw up random shots, don’t rebound, don’t guard, do move the ball. It is also extremely confusing to try to figure out what Don Nelson is doing with these lineups.

  • Tim

    I meant don’t move the ball.

  • Scott

    Marcus – Is it too much to ask to get an explanation about why Pete D. was fired and to get some thoughts from Mullin about his current feelings and what he believes his future is with the Warriors? If Mullin’s assistant needed to be fired why wasn’t Mullin the one doing it?

  • GSWFan24

    You read my mind Marcus, several times during the Kings game Marco was wide open for a shot and got overlooked.

    He needs minutes, he’s not a guy you can sub in and out. He play better when he’s involved and has the ball.

    Why can’t MWill get minutes at the 1, CJ is terrible

  • kike yanez

    we wouldint be in this postion if monte didint get hurt! harrington aka marbury copycat! wouldint throw up a white flag!after baron’s departur, warriors signing injury pron maggette…only bright thing i see from all of this is randolph n wright along wit andrius become a factor from the inside…i love 2 see the blocks left n right..far as marco! i see no hope what i see is a Rocky Look a like but with no hart! can u say uhhhhhhhh…..! from my point of view keep playing the young guys an trade harrington along with meggatte an marco in a package deal to get a huge contract like shawn marion our stephon marbury an have money next year to aquire a point guard at the 2 our 1 …i know i’m throwing in the towal as well so it mite look but i’m thinking toward next years draft we’ll have a high draft pick wright an randolph would be ready for next year an monte at a 100an we wouldint have no dead weight on the roster

  • BelieveInTheFuture

    I agree, but also, Morrow showed a smooth stroke as well in limited minutes, pretty impressive for a first showing. Hopefully as our youngsters develop better court vision at the point, they’ll start getting the ball more to our pure shooters. Tonight showed promise for the future, if nothing else. And Goose is on his way to a breakout year: double-double in the first half.

  • Andrew

    Morrow needs shots..Bellinelli needs boot

  • Niners in 2009

    Marco, Morrow, MWill, Randolph, and even Hendrix need minutes. Whats up with giving Kurz 23 mins? DeMarcus 25 mins? Watching all these D-leaguers get more mins than our home grown players is more disappointing than the losses.

  • petaluman

    4 shots in 6 minutes = 20 shots in 30 minutes, or 32 in 40. Of course, Marco’s a long way from earning that much court time, but that’s a higher shot rate than anyone on the team. Still, he’s getting out there, and looking more comfortable. I expect he’ll get more minutes and shots.

  • Peter

    Getting real tired of Nelson’s “I’m smarter than everyone else” act. Rob Kurz gets 23 f**king minutes and Turiaf gets 5. Rob Kurz seems like a good kid and he may make it in the league but come on. Those minutes belong to people who can help the team win, or who are a part of building this franchise for the future, not Rob Kurz. They have 2 young Centers and 2 young PF who need to play, not Rob Kurz.

    How the hell is Turiaf supposed to get his stroke back and get in rythem if he doesn’t play? And why is Richard Hendrix inactive when Rob Kurz is getting 23 minutes? Hendrix is 10,000 times the player that Kurz is because he’s strong, can clean the glass and get put backs, none of which would describe Kurz. Does Nelson have a disdain for guys who are strong? Do you have to be a skinny puke to play Nellieball? May as well dump Azubuike and Maggette now.

    I don’t mind the loss, really, if you get something out of it. AR got some good minutes. BW should have played more and Kurz less.

  • commish

    I totally agree about not understanding about Ronny not playing and Hendrix being shipped to the D League, if that in fact happened. I might have mentioned this before (joke), but Nelson sucks as a coach for the Dubs.

  • Robo

    If a trade for Harrington is imminent, then the W’s may also have to package a few other players to make a deal work. According to ESPN’s Trade Machine, that would make Jackson, Wright, Randolph, Belinelli, Watson, and Hendrix, the only players tradeable in addition to Harrington; everyone else on the W’s has a trade restriction. That might explain why you don’t see Harrington and Hendrix (Harrington and Hendrix to Knicks, Curry to Bobcats, and Wallace to the Warriors is a trade that financially works). By playing their young players now, the W’s could be showcasing other tradeable players and/or just giving time to players they feel will still be with the team when a trade goes down.

  • garlicboy

    Andrew said it best.
    “Morrow needs shots..Bellinelli needs boot”

  • garlicboy

    Here’s a trade I would love to see happen.

    1.) Corey Maggette, Brandan Wright and Marcus Williams for Josh Howard and 2nd round pick
    2.) Al, Marco, 2nd rounder for David Lee and Malik Rose (for Cap purposes).

    My rationale is this: We upgrade at 2 positions PF and SF and shed salary.
    1.) We get Josh Howard for Maggette who has a LONG contract and is always injured, and Josh Howard is making a bad name for himself so he may be available.
    2.) We get a young David Lee at PF whom we can extend with $10 million shed from Al’s contract.
    3.) We have a chance to play a better spot up shooter and defender in Morrow over Belinelli.

    We get rid of 3 young players, but you have to give up something to get something. 2 of them don’t play and Marcus Williams is a free agent at the end of the season, although I love watching him run the show.

    PG: CJ/DeMarcus (Monta)
    SG: Jackson/Azubuike
    SF: Howard/AR/Morrow
    PF: David Lee/Kurz/AR
    C: Biedrins/Turiaf

    Trade couldn’t happen until December when Maggette is eligible. Man, would I love to see this trade happen. DeMarcus, Jackson and Howard at the 1,2 and 3, would be a great defensive trio. With Turiaf at 5 and Randolph at 4 that’s swat’s galore.

    Of course if we could get away not offering so much I would do it, but I’m just making realistic trade scenarios that make sense for both parties, not just the warriors.

  • jaysohn

    I have yet to see any proof that Marco is a great or even good shooter. He had two over hyped games over two summer league seasons, I repeat summer league, and thats it. Morrow showed much more promise and consistency than Marco ever has. I am still waiting to see his so called shooting prowess.

    The Warriors are in a bind right now they have always been, a lack of star talent. To win in the NBA you need at least one if not two potential all stars. If you look at any of the top teams in the league they all have at least 2 All Star quality players. Without Ellis the have none. There’s a solid collection of role players which includes Jackson but not one star. Get to work Mully.

  • MT-
    I agree about Belinelli. There is no way to know what he can do unless he gets some consistent minutes and gets the ball. Nellie also has to stop yanking him after every little mistake.
    A big part of this comes back to ball movement and no point guard.
    Jack is the only guy passing right now and this doesnt always show because he is also throwing up 15-20 shots per game too.
    Williams has the ability but isn’t getting the minutes.
    The W’s need someone to distribute but the other players gotta learn to move the ball too.

  • Derek

    Belinelli was a bad pick. Morrow is a much better shooter.

    Belinelli doesn’t do anything well. Some fans were disillusioned by a couple of decent summer league games, however the truth is he sux.

    Don Nelson threw the last couple of games to prove his point relative to sitting young players.

    How else can anyone explain Kurz getting big minutes. Ronni, Jackson Wright and Buki sat most of the game which tells me, Nelson was not very interested in winning.

    Belinelli is an 11th man or D-league, Kurz a 12th man or D-league. Minus injuries for either guy to get extended playing time.

    Ronni,Randolph, and Morrow should be apart of the rotation and to a lesser extent Williams and Nelson

  • ACC

    No.14 Garlic Boy

    Your trade scenario does not address the current need of the W’s. The W’s have all the arsenal both for long range and mid range shooters. In fact almost everybody save AB and RT, can shoot 3’s. what the W’s need is a legitimate distributor. Why waste Al in a trade for more shooters or rebounders. W’s have enough personel to handle that department. If you are to trade, get a decent point guard.

    Tonight the W’s play the Timberwolves who have a legitimate PG in Telfair. Work out a deal that will send Al to them for Telfair and another player. Another team that has lots of PG is Memphis. They have Lowry and Conley. Another player in mind is Acie Law of Atlanta or get Earl Watson from OKC. He is about 29-30 yrs old still good for 3 to 4 years. The moment the W’s get a good PG its a guarantee that guys like Marco and Morrow will get their touches and points from long range. Monta will never be a PG. He is best described as a SG in a PG body.

  • Ewok

    The problem with Marco Bellineli is that he is so content in settling for the trey. He never cuts, He never penetrates and this is baffles me because he is atheltic and has great skills.

    Larry Bird who has limited skills, he is very slow but is never afraid to mix it up in the middle. He cuts, he dishes and he sets himself open from the range.

    You can’t belong in the league if you limit yourself like Bellineli. You have to be aggressive with the ball especially if you are a guard.