Rowell Speaks

After practice, President Rowell got “ambushed” by us media types. Here is the result. Let me know what you think of his answers.

What was behind the Pete D’Alessandro firing? (I’m assuming this was the question. I couldn’t hear)

It was a move that was made. It’s personnel move and really I don’t discuss those. I don’t discuss moves when they are made in the area of ticket sales and services, nor do I discuss them here (in this case).

Didn’t hear this question either …

From our perspective, we’ve still got a lot of work to be done. The team’s now 2-5. We’ve got to get work done between now and the end of the season to get better. That’s what Chris is focusing on. Contrary to popular belief and opinion, he and I are on the same page on pretty much everything.

Nor this one …

The assessment of the team is we’re 2-5 right now. I will assess it on our record. When it comes to evaluating our talent, those are questions you need to ask Chris and Don and Larry (Riley).

But you have final say (Yay! I heard one!)

I hired basketball guys to make basketball decisions, so I’m letting those guys do their job and make the talent decisions with respect to the roster and who our players are. I’ll get involved like I have got involved with terms and conditions and whether things fit in our budget, those types of things. But there’s a reason why I’ve got basketball guys running the basketball division

Why Larry Riley? (couldn’t hear this one too well)

He’s got over 20 years experience in the NBA. You add his experience with Chris Mullin’s experience with Don Nelson’s experience, I have faith that we can do nothing but make the team better and I’m looking forward to those guys all working together.

How does it make you feel that the perception is that you and Mully have beef?

I’m into what reality is, and reality is that we’re on the same page with respect to pretty much everything that we’re doing. And I think you should ask him the same question because I’m sure he’ll give you the same answer.

So no positive PR needed? No hugs in front of the cameras in the parking lot?

I think we’re all right.

Were you and Mully on the same page with the decision to fire Pete?

Again, it’s a personnel matter. I don’t make comments on decisions that we’re making. In most areas of business, when you make personnel decisions, you don’t necessarily comment on them publicly.

Nelson said he’s got to get comfortable with the fact that this team will struggle. Why do you think he’s the man to coach this team?

Starting the season, Don as 53 wins away from being the all-time winningest coach in the NBA. He’s expressed an interest to continue and wants to be part of the future here and wants to end his career here as coach of the Golden State Warriors. We felt that it was the right time and the right place and the perfect fit to do that. And also, knowing that we’re a younger team, we also wanted to give him a little peace of mind that it wasn’t all about picking up those 53 wins all in the first 53 games this season.

What does t mean that he would be here to set that record as a Warrior?

I think it’s more important that the team wins, obviously, than it is any personal and individual records. And I think Don will tell you the same thing. But I think it says something about him and his career that he’s able to finish it here.

Any update on Jax’s extension?

It’s in the works.

What’s the hold up?

I wouldn’t say there’s a hold-up for anything

So terms are agreed to?

I didn’t say that either. I said it’s in the works.

How far along in the process then?

Enough for you to be able to ask the question and me to tell you it’s in the works.

How is business?

Business right now it’s tough. It’s no different than it is for any other industry. And I think in ours, we offer entertainment and the ability for you to escape. We still have to create something that’s a little bit better than the other thing(s) to escape to. So we’ve got our work cut out there as far as being creative and creating an environment where people can come and relax and watch a game. But I do think business is tough. You can ask all the various sports teams and they’re all feeling it.

This is your first post-practice press conference in at least four years …

This wasn’t my idea. I was walking down to tell Raymond Ridder something and I just got ambushed by Miss Hu over here. Basically, I answered her question and you guys all turned your stuff on and moved on in.

Any symbolism to the fact that you’re seen as taking a larger role in the decision making process.

I’ve been president of this team. This is the sixth year that I’ve been the president of this team. I’m at practice all the time and I’m always around. So, it’s kind of a dumb question, but it’s OK.

What’s your mood about how things are going?

No one likes to be 2-5 to start a season, so I mean there’s obviously caution there because you want to start a little bit better than we’ve started. … I think we’ve got to get healthy. We’re missing three of our starters right now, our prohected starters coming into the season. And that’s not an excuse, we’ve just got to get healthy and we’ve got to see what we got.

Looking forward to the day all the off-court drama ends?

I want to focus on what needs to be done down here. That’s what the guys are focusing on right now is making this team better and that’s what they’re going to do, Chris, Larry and Don.

Why Larry Riley? Why not someone outside the organization who has worked in the front office more recently?

He’s not that far removed from working in the front office and I think his job and his focus is going to be player evaluation and also trying to find the right fit and pieces for what we’re doing. I think the fact that Don Nelson is our head coach and he and Larry have worked together for a long time, I don’t think it hurts to have someone who knows – along with Mully, who has a real great depth of experience with what makes Nellie tick as a coach and what he needs to coach.

You see this as Nellie having more influence?

The day we announced Don Nelson as head coach of the Golden State Warriors brought Don Nelson’s influence to the organization.

Marcus Thompson

  • GSWFan24

    Sounds fair

  • jlight

    The more and more I read this guys commets, the more I am conviced that he is a first class jerk off, and maybe a class in people skills wouldnt hurt this guy.
    I wish someone would have asked him his thouhgts on the Ellis situation, and at any point did he ever consider that just myabe Mullins was correct on how to handle this mess.

  • lobo

    the two winning seasons were an aberition. as long as dolts like cohan and rowell call the shots we will be in for a long few decades….very sad…..justy when auy like mullin earned his bones, they through hi under the bus….sure bet for some type of big positio back in ny or nj.

  • Mountain Jim

    The honor of a politician and the soul of an accountant.


    This guy is nuts……so he and Mully are fine, NOW. Rowell sure needs Mullin now to bail him out. Cant wait to hear what Mully has to say, my guess “NO COMMENT”…but actions are louder than words. Mully no extension, his guy fired, Nellie’s guy in, and Nellie hires Harris who is a GM to sit on bench with an assistant coaches disguise on until Mully leaves…I got it……Mully is keeping his mouth shout until he is free of these jerks!!! Yes, Mullin, actions do speak louder than words.

  • Sarchasmic

    #2 is right.

    “So, it’s kind of a dumb question, but it’s OK.”

    Maybe they didn’t teach him this at Being a President of a Professional Sports Team school, but insulting the media is kind of a dumb tactic. And it’s not OK.

  • commish

    What B.S. Mullin’s days are numbered or I am not the Commish.

  • Tony

    Good luck with ticket sales this year, Bobby. What with getting “ambushed” by the media, I’m sure you haven’t had time to realize you are alienating a good portion of the season ticket base. Asshole. I’m sure you’re going to have people lining up for a mediocre product headed by someone who seems genuinely upset to have to answer for his actions. Lack of transparency worked great for the Bush administration.

  • EJ

    Well, what did we expect him to say, “I hate Chris Mullin”? He’s just out to make it look like if anything does happen, it’s Mullin who isn’t cooperating with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rowell promised Jax and extension only to trade him to some other team before anything got done. That’s the way it’s looking. Why else would there be discussions about this almost a month into the season? It could eventually end up being a distraction for the team. It would also be easier to ship out Harrington if you included Jackson in the deal.

  • JustPuked

    Top notch post Marcus! This is the inteview *ambush* a lot of folks have been waiting to hear.

    “Contrary to popular belief and opinion, he and I are on the same page on pretty much everything.”
    That remains to be seen.

    The biggest worry was Rowell making basketball decisions. I’m not as worried about that anymore. Larry Riley and Larry Harris have been brought in to “work” with Chris Mullin.
    “I hired basketball guys to make basketball decisions, so I’m letting those guys do their job and make the talent decisions with respect to the roster and who our players are. I’ll get involved like I have got involved with terms and conditions and whether things fit in our budget, those types of things. But there’s a reason why I’ve got basketball guys running the basketball division”

    Of everything he said, that comment, if true, is the number one thing I wanted to hear from him. Still not happy about the JAX extention though.

    The most telling line from the whole interview:
    “The day we announced Don Nelson as head coach of the Golden State Warriors brought Don Nelson’s influence to the organization.”

    Ain’t that the truth.

  • Airplanerider

    Seems like the sports writers are blowing a bunch of smoke up our asses. Rowell has been president for 6 years and all of a sudden they just noticed this? Heh. Of course they’ll keep hammering him because we’re in a rebuild year. So what? All teams need to do this from time to time to stay competitive.

  • Tony

    From time to time? All the Warriors do is talk about the future and “rebuild”. I’ve completely had it with this bunch of jokers.

  • jsl

    Is this joker capable of telling the truth? Does he really think anybody really believes his junk? Why can’t he man up? It’s time for him to go back to SLO, and for Cohan to get outta town. What insanity.

    BTW, has anyone ever seen Rowell and Mike Nolan in the same place at the same time? Didn’t think so.

  • jaysohn

    I don’t know why everyone is so worried about losing Mully, he’s had one good first round draft pick in Beidrins and got lucky with Ellis and Arenas in the 2nd round. The Warriors are constantly in the lottery and have yet to draft one superstar player in the first round in 10 years. Bottom line that’s the problem with this franchise. You don’t win in the NBA without star players, no matter who the coach or the team president is. The GM has to bring in the talent especially through the draft and Mully hasn’t dont it. So if Rowell wants to bring in someone else or let Nellie run things I’m not opposed. Lets not forget Nelson built Dallas from nothing.

  • Tony


    1. an act or instance of lying concealed so as to attack by surprise: The highwaymen waited in ambush near the road.
    2. an act or instance of attacking unexpectedly from a concealed position.
    3. the concealed position itself: They fired from ambush.
    4. those who attack suddenly and unexpectedly from a concealed position.

    Marcus, does this represent what happened in the hallway, or does RR consider the media as enemies instead of an agent for coverage of the team and it’s dealings?

  • joe B.

    How can Rowell be thinking about next season only two weeks into this season.As a courside season ticket holder I am appalled by this. The Warriors strong armed their loyal season ticket holders last year to renew for 09 by April 08 or have your ticket price go up 50%. If I had known that Davis would opt out I wouldn’t had renewed my tickets.
    The tickets are so expensive the one-time loyal fan has given way to corporate types and the fan base will erode further if this season is a flop. The days of filling Chris Cohan’s pockets are coming to an end.

  • commish

    Jaysohn, I don’t think anyone is ready to commit suicide if Mully is let go or not extended. It is the fact that a bottom line suit (Rowell) is perceptually making major basketball decisions and I don’t mean just around cap issues. I mean about Monta, which might backfire if he is resentful about the franchise, about extending and entrenching Jax who is at best a third option on a good team, and who knows what else.

  • Barfighter

    Janny Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu go giiiiiirrrrlllll. Bo Row Ambush central!

  • kike yanez

    is any warriors fan out there that agrees with me …ever sence we changed the team logo an those ugly jersey’s we have …its been all down hill…..lets bring back that city jersey an switch up the basketball court with that logo if the warriors are goin to make a change lets do a 3-60 new team new jersey’s an we still beleave shirts….i would pay 2 go to a game an plus……

  • jaysohn

    The one major basketball decision we know about is Monta Ellis which I’m really in agreement about. Who cares if he is resentful. Kobe was resentful all last off season with the Lakers, I think that turned out okay. Getting paid and winning with cure that. Other than that has Rowell made draft decisions? Has he made trade proposals? I agree that Jax is better as a third option but because youth and Ellis being out currently he is the best option and the face of the franchise. There’s no harm in extending him at a reasonable price. You have to have some foundation and some leadership. I’m not for suits running things either but much of what has been presented has been more innuendo than facts. Lets see how this plays out first. What comes of the Harrington trade is going to is be huge one way or the other for future of this team.

  • GSW

    bring back the city jerseys PLEASE