What I Saw …

* Monta is killing this team. They are in a gunfight with two bullets. The problem is, before reinforcement comes, this thing could be a rap. The Pistons showed that the Warriors can be defended. Actually, Memphis, Sacramento and Minnesota did as well.
Even more so than in past years, the Warriors have few ways to break slumps. Before, Baron – whenever he decided to stop jacking 3-pointers, could go to rack at will. But this cast is guardable. You can have a strategy against them and it’s a good chance it will work. Especially with Mags nursing a hamstring.
Jax and Maggette and Azubuike will be exponentially better with Monta on the court, as he’s the one guy who will torch you even if you have a strategy to stop him. Of course, by the time he gets back, it probably will be too late to make the season interesting.

* Anthony Morrow’s got a stroke

* Anyone notice that Kelenna Azubuike practically never passes the rock? You hardly ever see him drop it off, draw the defense and kick it out. He’s going Clyde the Glide on ’em – puts his head down and goes to the rim. Eventually, he’s going to have to develop some kind of vision and passing ability because opposing defenses will lose their hesitancy for helping when he drives if they know he won’t pass.

* Say what you want about Sheed, but when he’s on, he’s a beast.

* Did I say Anthony Morrow can shoot? Why isn’t he and Belinelli ever in the game together? Especially when the offense is struggling or you have to catch-up in a hurry, I’d run both of them out there and put them on opposites. Which ever side comes to help, that’s the side I kick to.

* One thing these last few games have shown is that C.J. Watson is a back-up point guard. Nothing against him as a person. He plays hard. He’s got some talent. He’s a solid back-up at this point in his career. If he’s the starting point guard, the team won’t be very good. But if he’s coming off the bench, giving you 20 minutes of energy and quickness, you are a pretty good team.
That mistake tonight, stepping over the inbounds line on such a crucial possession, was unbelievable. You just can’t make that mistake. Sorry. I like the guy, but you can’t make that mistake.

NELLIE: “First of all, the point guard’s not supposed to take the ball out. That was an error by a
young player, and Iverson faked like he was going to go for a steal and he did a dumb thing.
Its not the only thing he did, but he actually played a pretty good game. I’m asking him to play
starter minutes and he’s actually played himself into a very good backup point guard position,
and unfortunately I don’t have a point guard who can play most of the minutes so he’s in a
tough spot. I think he’s playing real well. I’m very proud of him really in the way that he
played, but he’s going to make an error or two or more, and I have to live with him and I’m
going to.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Mr. B

    Good Points and Thanks for the observation.

    CJ Watson is a backup for a Speedy Claxton type guard (Backup to the backup).

    Last night’s game was not as painful to watch but still painful.

    Monta – This is why you are getting suspended and fined. Your inability to use good sense is causing the W’s close games. I think there will be more night’s like this. If you do understand or agree with the fine, watch these close games and maybe someday you will get it.

    Since BD seem to be surprised and not in agreement with the Dunleavy system, can we trade Harrington for BD? BD wanted to go home but not at cost of clashing with Mike D.

  • Andrew

    The two sides of Kelena.
    Azabuike or Azadoookie. He needs to pass the ball instead of always taking it to the heart and getting stuffed. We lose out on so many easy shots because of this. CJ watson is guilty of this as well.

  • Tony

    Marcus! Thank God one of the media members finally realized that Azubuike probably wouldn’t pass under the threat of death. I really started to think I was going crazy because no one is mentioning it. He is a legendary ball hog. Too bad we already have two other guys just like this on the team.

  • Scott

    I know everyone loves Jackson, but why it there no mention of how poorly he is playing. Obviously the point forward concept isn’t working with him. He had an absolutely awful game last night. Terrible shot selection, horrible passes, arguing non-fouls instead of getting back on defense. I know this is nothing new…but it is getting tiresome to watch. I just really hope the brass thinks long and hard about the contract extention that seems to be imminent

  • mark

    Buike also seems too happy to settle for an 18 footer when the team is down 6 with just s few minutes left. He’s like CJ, a good back up pressed into a starring role

  • Mini Me

    Good blog post. I agree that CJ is not the answer at point. He’s a 10 minutes backup. One assist per month doesn’t signify a PG. Other teams will collapse the key on Buke, he’s a shoot first, all the time player. They can’t play Bellinelli and Morrow at the same time, that’s too much No-D combo.

  • Tim

    Jackson had a horrible game? 9 dimes from a natural SF or SG? He has to shoot because no one else on this team can shoot. The two players who can shoot are rarely on the court, and when they are Stack finds them. Stephen Jackson should not be criticized here, he is playing out of position and doing it really well. It is not his fault CJ and Marcus Williams suck at the point. It’s not his fault Monta is hurt. It’s not his fault Baron is gone. Jack is stepping up to the plate like a true leader and he should be commended not criticized.

  • Le

    Thanks Marcus for your observations.

    Here are a few things I’ve noticed:

    Morrow – they guy can shoot but rarely moves w/o the ball. He stands in the corner and waits for the ball to be passed to him (maybe that’s Nellie’s strategy to keep his defender away from the basket). I want to see the Warriors design plays for him, specifically run him of back door screens or even double screens. He has proven to be able to make open shots. He’s seems to be playing hard and fight for offensive boards. I’m glad to see him play more.

    Buike – I still love this guy’s heart and fearless tenacity, but yes, he needs to pass when shot is not there (although he does draw fouls and gets to the line). I think this is not a major concern for Buike. He needs to stop hoisting up 3’s. He’s shooting 20% from there, now that’s hurting the team. His shot is flat this year and he needs to develop in non-game situations. Do what Monta did last year, stick to driving to whole and put up only mid-range shots.

    CJ – Got burned by AI on almost every play. In fairness, so has everyone in the league. He is a good backup. He turned the ball over a few times last night and the inbound ball was just foolish. It was really frustrating to watch him bring the ball down lost night but he had more good moments the bad. It’s really hard to expect anymore from him so we can’t be too surprise when he makes mistakes, he playing under a lot of pressure.

    Jackson – poor shot selections in the second half. With Jax, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Scot – I have to disagree with you, he is the heart and soul this team and does more than just score. He guards the best player on the other team and is filling in for Monta at the point. It was not his fault that they lost last night. He a shooter and shooters have off nights. Let’s not judge him only as a shooter. We need to extend his contract.

    Harrington – I’m in the rehab business, specifically sports injuries and low back. He said his spasm was from the flight back from China and he tried to play through it. First of all, spasms are painful and you cannot play through it. If he tried, it would be obvious to everyone watching that he is playing in pain, I didn’t see that. He said he’s out for 2 weeks? I find that hard to believe that he already knows his spasm will keep him out that long. Just an excuse to save face…
    Al – call me, I have an Orthostim3 muscle stimulator for you (just a plug).

    They played well last night and everyone expected them to lose. I was glad is was a good game with what they had. Go Warriors!

  • Scott

    9 dimes great….5 turnovers not so great. He leads the league in turnovers, has an abismal assist/turnover ration (under 1.6) and is shooting under 39% from the field.

    I realize he’s playing out of position, and commend him for it. Leader of the team…yes. Key player…no doubt. This situation has just hightlighted that he is not an NBA star, and I just hope for the sake of the future, he’s not paid like one.

  • Ewok

    CJ is a natural point guard but is not a leader. He is too timid to lead and very cautious to gamble for fear of making a mistake. He’s got to be vocal which is essential in this position.

    Kelenna’s confidence is growing which is good. It’s also bad because he is learning that it doesn’t pay off all the time. At least now, he is realizing the need to play teamball to make an impact.

  • Bill

    I think Jackson take some bad shots and should look for Bell and Morrow not force the into tight areas which accounts for his high turnover rate. They also should play more zone than man because they are not that good right now in man to man Defense. Jackson shot selection and more shots for Bell and Morrow and less takes when the game is tight from Maggette and Watson. Maggette does well except during crunch time. Watson is supposed to be a point and distribute the ball and he should stick to that when the games are being decided. Biedrens should have just layed the ball up in the second half on that fast break. It doesn’t always have to be a flashy full speed dunk. I know that is what he usually does however it didn’t work and it was at a crucial time. During crucial times just get the ball into the hole.

  • um…. Scott?

    i don’t know where you’re getting your stats, but Jack had 3 TO’s last night, not 5. yeah he’s tied with Wade in total TO’s, but he’s played more games. Jack does not lead the league in TO per game’s. He is 3rd behind Wade & Anthony. and TO’s per minute? He’s 26th. His TO ratio is currently at 11.7, which would be his 3rd best figure since 02-03. a/t of 1.587 would be his best figure for a season as well.

    but yeah, he’s a 3rd or 4th banana getting 1st banana touches and shots. still, he’s not playing poorly; it’s just Jack being Jack. this is what you get when he has to carry a team. Statistically speaking, Jack is, if nothing else, remarkably consistent.

  • three things stood out for me about the game versus pistons.

    1. Buki shouldn’t shoot anywhere near the 3-point line anymore. Pass the ball!

    2. The whole team needs to stop standing around and be highly compensated spectators.

    3. We’re going to witness many mental mistakes this whole season like Watson’s inbound brain fart play.

  • commish

    I wish Nelson had a clearer vision–but maybe it is too early–whether to try to win or make the games learning experiences for our young team. Why not have Marco and Marrow on the court at the same time to give us some additional fire power with everyone else shooting so poorly? Why not play Randolph when we were getting killed in the third quarter? It’s clear we are in deep trouble because our offense is not flowing or coming together and no one can pass or create a fast break like last year. We really miss Monta and having Maggette at full strenght. But at least we are competitive and play hard. I hope that doesn’t change.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    What I saw…..

    After watching Warrior games on TV and at Oracle, I can honestly say that I just aged 10 years over the last couple of weeks. This team is painful to watch.

    1) CJ Watson sucks. He shouldn’t be starting.

    2) Stephen Jackson, bless his heart, is killing us. Taking too many fade aways, turnaround jumpers, and reckless threes and all they do is clank off the rim. Lord help us if he tries to drive to the hoop. He looks so akward and clumsy when he drives and it usuall results in a turnover.

    3) Corey Magette is not a go-to-guy.

    4) Azuibuke needs to stop shooting threes.

    5) B Wright will not be a special player… maybe just a serviceable one.

    6) Biedrins is a stud, but will someone please show him how to shoot a free throw.

    This team needs help. A lot of it. Monta Ellis will not impact this team that much. The lack of another scorer like Monta is only the beginning of our problems.

  • Derek

    It appears Detroit had no answer for tall ball, the W’s would have been better served sticking to that concept.

    Detroit had no big men, other than Rasheed, The Warriors should have exploited that. It worked early. When they went traditional, Detroit blew up.

  • DS

    Good call Marcus, CJ Watson looked intimidated at times by Iverson, and he was forced into mistakes that cannot be made when the game is on the line. Jackson is better suited as a spot up shooter, than the ball handler at crunch time, and I am not sure about Maggette as a go to guy with bad hamstrings. This team relies too much on the outside shot, and now they have no fast break points. Unless they engineer a trade for a low post scorer, or an experienced point guard, the rest of the year could be “garbage time”, but at least Randolf and Morrow should get plenty of playing time.

  • earl monroe

    Azuibuke just needs to set his feet and square up on the 3 point shots, he has a habit of leaning one way on his outside shot, its a tough habit to break since
    his size forces him to fade away on his mid range shots, with practice he can overcome the leaning.

  • Tony M.


    i am so glad you pointed out Kaz’s lack of passing…I’ve been saying the same thing about Kaz all season…he does not pass at all!…its kinda annoying. Especially that horrible 3 pt shot he has…he must drain them in practice cuz he has a lot of confidence in it…

    I think that is who Jack referred to, when he said that others need to help in the playmaking for others…


  • Mr. B

    If it is true at what BD is hinting at that Rowell was the cause of not getting a contract extension and eventually leaving the Warriors, then Rowell is part of the problem.

    We are trying to build a playoff team here and we have an ego Executive causing problems in the front office. Now we do not know Rowell’s problem or story but this guy, if he wants to be part of the solution should do whatever it takes to retain a seasoned point guard.

    As a season ticket holder and a fan, we should be prive to the facts and be able to vote this guy in or out.

    Nice game today Morrow. I hope that you have a long and productive NBA career!!

  • santa

    What I saw – Anthony Morrow just went off like a Christmas tree! Shot 15 of 20 against Clips. awesome

  • earl monroe

    You are so right Marcus, Morrow does have a stroke all right

  • Derek

    The Warriors would be a sure shot playoff team had they kept Baron Davis.

    The team would be outstanding with a top notch PG (Montes not a PG).

    Trade Harrington and Belinelli for BD, LOL.

    No really I do hope we can unload those two for a legit PG.

  • Derek

    Hey Cohen, I’m not sure you read the sports page, however if you do, fire Rowell or at a minimum put a leash on him. The guy appears to be a clueless popularity/glory seeker.

    Cohen you’d be a fool to let this moron derail your franchise. Rowelll does not come with difference making credentials.

    I live in the LA area and watch the Warriors via Directv NBA package, announcers all over the league praise Mullin while villianizing Rowell as a white collared geek pushing him out the door.

    Cohen you are one notch above Donald Sterling (Clippers) as a NBA owner, do you really want to become his equal.

  • Le

    Morrow – Belinelli who?

  • Le
  • Le

    Sean Williams for Belinelli is what the chatter is about. 6″10″ athletic PF that is not fitting in with the NETS this season. I don’t know much about the guy so not sure what to think. I’m sure after Morrow’s game yesterday, it’s all good.

  • Mr. B

    Gents – I think Belli and Harrington for Ben Gordon would be a decent trade. Although not a pure PG but a decent ball handler and distributor.

    Just get something positive for Harrington.

  • lobo

    re: Harrington

    (-)- (-) = +

  • fillmoe mike

    yall trippin!!! azubuke is a beast,and is a very scrappy player why do you think the warriors resigned him its his job to play good defense,score,and play hard and thats what buke brings every night
    and as far as cj watson this guy is essentially a rookie and yall act like he is supposed to save our franchise or something…what more do you want him to do he hits his open jumpers…give him a year or two more in the league and he will be a decent player down the road