What the Morrow Will Bring

The most amazing part about Anthony Morrow’s performance Saturday was that it wasn’t that amazing. Sounds like a contradiction, right? But check out these numbers stats:
*Of his 15 made baskets, only four was from the 3-point line
*He only had three points from the free throw line, one on a three-point play
*He took no more than five real shots in each quarter (I say real because one came when the game was over and the other was a tip on an offensive rebound)
Normally when a guy goes off for 37, it’s because he got hot from the deep and knocked down a bunch of 3-pointers. But Morrow was just 4 of 5. Not bad, of course, but hardly astounding.
If it’s not 3-pointers, then usually players get 37 by getting to the free throw line a lot. You’ll see them make like 10 shots and 13 free throws or something like that. Morrow got to the line just three times.
Also, often big games happen because a player is just getting up a ridiculous amount of shots (a la Kobe, who had 30 points on 29 shots against Detroit on Friday). Either they are feeling it and keep getting fed, or they just dominate the ball so much they are going to get a ton of shots. Well, Morrow didn’t get a lot of shots. The fourth quarter was the only quarter he took the most shots.
This performance was basic basketball. Sure, it was a perfect storm of the Clippers poor defense, his feeling it and Nellie giving him the opportunity. And defenses will certainly be paying attention to him at some point. But him getting 10-15 points on a regular basis is not that far-fetched.
Morrow can manufacture points because he is an outstanding shooter, he understands how to get his shot off and he is not one dimensional. If Nellie can factor him into the offense (they had a couple double screens he came off of) and not have a quick hook, and if his teammates look for him when he’s in the game, he can get you a nice bunch of points off the bench. Two 3-pointers, a couple mid-range jumpers, a few free throws and a lay-up, you got 15 points.
There will be nights when he’s off, but it is a much more efficient way of scoring than Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette and Kelenna Azubuike taking on double-teams and taking difficult shots. Plus, they’ll be fresher down the stretch if they aren’t always expending energy trying to create offense. A shooter does that for you.
This sucks for Marco Belinelli, though. His just became expendable. Morrow is a purer shooter, he’s bigger, he’s more athletic, he’s tougher, he’s more aggressive, he’s fundamentally more sound, and he’s cheaper. I would not be surprised if Chris Mullin/Larry Riley has already linked Marco with Al Harrington and Marcus Williams in trade offers.
It may seem to suck for Azubuike, but it shouldn’t. Kelenna is much better at 25-30 minutes than he is at 35-40 minutes. Plus having another guy for defenses to key on will only open up more for him, or at the very least keep defenses from paying close enough attention to realize he’s not going to pass.
If Azubuike is going to start, Morrow should be his back up. If a point guard starts, such as C.J. Watson, or Monta Ellis when he returns, then Azubuike should be sharing the back-up minutes at the two and three with Morrow. Kelenna should get the lion’s share, but Morrow should get some.

Marcus Thompson

  • saltwatertaffy

    Thanks Marcus!!!

  • manhattanproj

    marco over rudy fernandez … another bust in mullin’s picks??????? is marco another jiri welsch??????

    i want to see marco get the same type of minutes that morrow got. we really haven’t seen marco played yet. play marco extended minutes for 1 or 2 games and see what he can do. you can never get enough shooters on a team. to give up on him without playing him is a bit early.

  • Eric

    Azubuike is better off the bench. He has to learn more of his role as a starter, which I believe he has not. He does not know when to dish the ball off. It’s like he puts his head down and just goes to the basket regardless of how many guys are their defending. He is also not a consistent shooter, sometimes he arches the ball and half of the time its just flat. I know he tries hard but K.A gotta learn he is NOT the go to guy.

    Gotta agree that Belinelli’s days maybe numbered after Morrows performance. We keep saying that he needs more playing time, but seems that the other W’s players know something we don’t, and thats why their not looking for him to get the ball to shoot during the game. Maybe at practice he’s just not hitting shots, I really can’t say, but I don’t seem him as a Warrior in the near future.

  • Mr. B

    Some players just are not NBA caliber, no matter how high their shooting percentages are. Nellie must see Belli’s lack of progress in practice. Great shooter but lacks the other necessities of playing basic basketball (ie. dribbling, defense and just general court awareness).

    JJ Ridick was an outstanding shooter in college, even has his own shooting video but have not heard much of him in the pros.

    I think Nellie is obligated to keep this guy around since he is a first round pick but realistically maybe not someone who can develop into more than a horse player.

  • jmaaan

    Nice to have shooting on the team. Jack will shoot <40%, Maggette goes to the hoop, our bigs don’t shoot, CJ doesn’t. Buike is more a scorer than a shooter, a la Maggette. This is a dimension that we don’t have and can give us some much needed “easy” points, when on and open.

    Our bigger problem is a lack of depth at key positions, of course. No real back up 5, can’t get boards or points in the paint from that spot when Andris is out. Al doesn’t play anymore and Wright and Anthony are not starting caliber yet. We don’t have a 1, even with Monte on the roster, that can create for teammates and make the right pass in transition. Much less a back up. CJ is best as your 3rd point guard. At the 3 we’ve got both Jackson and Maggette which is good depth but a little misguided, considering the roster. At 2 we’ve got Monte, Kelena, Morrow, and Bellinelli. Again, very deep there.

    I know they are looking to trade Harrington, Bellinelli, and Williams. But I think we need to seriously consider trading one of our 3’s as well. Heresy, I know, but neither are 2’s and Monte isn’t a 1. We need a starting 1 who can run the team in transition and create, a backup 5 who can rebound and defend and has good enough hands to catch passes around the rim. We could also use a true back up 1 and a veteran at the 4.

    I’d love to see the W’s make a run at Sessions, even taking back Dan G’s bad contract as a back up 5. Harrington and one of our 2’s could do it?

  • earl monroe

    Nelson’s propensity for small ball is fun and exciting, but since Mullin drafted some nice bigs the long term view should be to play the bigs and let them get the mistakes out of their system, otherwise the Warriors are always looking at
    7th or 8th at best. Unless they get lucky and start drafting point guards and one
    of them turns into a superstar like Nash that can run Nelson’s system to perfection.

    There is no reason to sit Brandan Wright for a whole game, likewise for Anthony Randolph. As much as I like the effort and spirit of Azubuke I would cut his minutes and play Randolph, at the end of the season Randolph would be ahead of the curve and more ready for next year. (Randolph is a 3 anyway) Also when Monta comes back he should strictly be a point guard, we need to find out if he can or cannot play the point, but this too will be two game experiment that Nelson gives up on quickly.

    I hope Morrow turns into Joe Johnson. (the skill set is similar)

  • commish

    Of course I loved the game (TIVO’d it) but aren’t we getting a little carried away with what happened. I mean I hope it is no fluke or one trick pony act, but I wouldn’t be necessarily betting the farm on Morrow as the answer to all of the team’s deficits.

    I do think Marco is expendable but we’ve known that for a while. He just hasn’t developed very much and can’t seem to create shots for himself or do the other things necessary to play in the NBA.

  • Tom in VancouverUSA

    Did anybody else notice that every single one of Ant’s jumpers hit the bottom of the net?…not a single rattler. Jax could take some guidance from Ant on putting arc on your shots. Is Morrow the second coming of Purvis Short?…ok, not quite that much arc, but very impressive.

  • tony

    morrow reminds me of copper of the old lakers good shooter something warriors need. Now if the rest of the warriors would do what there good at they will be Ok kelenna and maggette are not outside shooters they need maggette to start each quarter to the basket to get them in the bonus for freethrows also need pointguard not great but good nelson needs to give wright and randolph more time more so wright at this time show them off trade one with apackage deal to try to make agood run at playoffs its time

  • Ewok

    Morrow reminds me of Glenn Rice. Great strokes, both natural shooters and the same approach in the game.

    I hope this guy is special. I think he is.

    Kudos again to the scouting department of the Warriors organization (Azubuike, CJWatson, Morrow).

  • Ewok

    Continuing my comparisons,

    Kelena and Maggette reminds me of Vincent Askew.

    Maggette is most athletic and fearless of them all though. Also,Maggette has the demeanor and strength of Mitch Richmond.

  • Le

    Allow me to toot my own horn. Below is one of my post about Morrow before the Clippers game.

    “Morrow – they guy can shoot but rarely moves w/o the ball. He stands in the corner and waits for the ball to be passed to him (maybe that’s Nellie’s strategy to keep his defender away from the basket). I want to see the Warriors design plays for him, specifically run him of back door screens or even double screens. He has proven to be able to make open shots. He’s seems to be playing hard and fight for offensive boards. I’m glad to see him play more.”

    Since we are we are comparing, Morrow’s efficient shooting, quick release, aggressive on the boards, pump fake-step-and shoot reminds me of an Indiana Pacer guard named Reggie Miller. Really guys, I watched the game twice and it was like watching Reggie play, with less shots. I know it’s early but he is special.

    As for buike, he needs to come off the bench. He is not a starter (not yet). Notice earlier in the year how effective he was coming off the bench. At this point in his career, he is a role player – but when he is starting, he plays like a go-to guy an forces up shots. We need his energy and defensive intensity off the bench.

    Lastly – what’s up with the 3rd quarter? We sucked against the Clippers, Pistons, Kings, Grizzs, etc. the 3rd quarter. Can anyone attempt to explain it?

  • garlicboy

    Let’s clear some cap. Maggette is expendable with his often injured history, lack of versatility and long term contract.

    Maggette and Al Harrington for Jason Kidd and 1st round pick or 2nd

    J.Kidd, Brandon Bass, 2nd rounder for Al, Maggette and Marcus Williams

    There you go, Kidd is expiring contract at the end of the season. He can take us to the playoffs while we run with the youngsters.

    PG: Kidd, CJ
    SG: Jackson, Morrow, Belinelli *Monta when healthy,
    SF: Buike, Morrow Randolph, *Jackson when Monta Healthy
    PF: Wright, Randolph, *Bass, I’d love to have Brandon Bass
    C: Biedrins, Turiaf

    Good shot at playoffs, our youngsters get run and we clear cap space with Maggette and Al gone.

    Maggette can be replaced by Azubuike and Morrow and more importantly Monta when he comes back.

  • EJ


    What do you think of the comparison of Anthony Morrow to a much raw-er Michael Redd? They’ve both got quick, pretty releases and can put the ball on the floor. I think the Warriors really found a gem in Morrow. Not everyone can drop in 37 in an NBA game.

  • JustPuked

    Having a “shooter” drop 37 points hasn’t been a recipe for success for the Warriors recently. Summer League isn’t the NBA but let’s at least keep the dreaming within reach of reality. After one good game the kid is being compared to 5 All-Stars/all time greats?

    Joe Johnson
    Michael Cooper
    Glenn Rice
    Reggie Miller
    Michael Redd

    Right now he’s closer to Marco Belinelli than any of those guys. Give the kid some time to grow into those outrageous expectations. Sheesh.

    ***But hot damn that was a hella good game from the kid!

  • dareedle

    I would put him in the Marquis Daniels category, another undrafted player that will make an impact on the league. Then again he could be the next Bobby Simmons, BC, Michael Redd … a pure shooter with a single good season who gets totally overvalued.

  • Le

    After the Portland game, I still say Reggie Miller (less ball hoggin’)

  • Mr. B

    Morrow seem to be a different type of player and scorer than the players mentioned above. This guy seems more fluid than and did not have to develop his shooting like Miller, Steve Smith,etc…

    His strokes and movement in getting open seems natural. It would be interesting to watch within the next 5 games and then how he progresses (learns to play with his team) and fit in the flow of upcoming games.

  • EJ

    in a couple months i imagine morrow and ellis coming off curls from the elbow. either they’re open or goose and maggette are underneath for a wide open dunk. add another weapon to the arsenal!

  • I don’t get this morrow conclusions after just 2 games, he is a VERY good shooter, that is not something anyone would argue with, but Marco EXPENDABLE? No.. Marco is as good of a shooter as morrow and Morrow is NOT more athletic, nor is he better at any other aspect of the game than Marco. Marco is a pure passer who understands the point guard position and has Jason Kidd like passing abilitites if implented… he is a much more expereinced player, and is your first round draft pick!!! Morrow was undrafted, so it would be a waste of talent to use him over Marco when Marco can contribute not only shooting, but assists, passing and experience.

  • Dareedle.. He’s really had two good games.. not just two good seasons.. The fact is that he is undrafted and was for a reason.. the intagibles is where he hurts you, compared to Marco where he is a much better passer and has a better basketball IQ (very underated stat) morrow is turnover prone, and you can’t run the offense through him.. I think Morrow is back in the D League once they give marco a shot…

  • Sorry I meant one good season.. He’s not proven anything, Marco is much more proven at the professional level, so it’s a bash to your first round draft pick to play a guy who is as good a shooter but worse at everything else.

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