Jax Signs

Remember that contract extension Stephen Jackson said he was getting. He got it. After holding onto the contract for days, he inked it. I’ve heard it was for three years, $28 million, but haven’t gotten that from a reliable source yet. I’m sure it’s in that ballpark though. Will give you more info after practice.

Marcus Thompson

  • jsl

    I love Jack, and he can be a real force as the (1) key defender and (3) third or fourth option on offense. But adding three years to a contract with two still to go — with an older, slower guy yet — is pure stupidity.

    And this on top of extending the youth-abusive Nelson! (Wonder who gets DNP-CD tomorrow.) Someone needs to reign Rowell in — because we’re due for more hard times with this type of idiot management.

    Perhaps, instead of re-signing old guys now for no good reason, Rowell might think of moving Harrington (and, perhaps, our two remaining points — since we seem to play better without either in the game).

  • Tony


  • OptimusPrime

    Im happy for SteveJax. He is a great defender and I believe that he should be on the all defense team. He is extremly diversified and he also changed the overall attitude of this team. He definitely flourished in Don Nelson’s system.

    I was concerned that they were going to sign him to a long term deal. 3 years is perfect.

  • jerome

    Just think where th warriors would be ight now without him.

  • jerome

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  • Real Basketball

    OMG! what are the warriors doing?! Stephen Jackson is GARBAGE. he is a glorified YMCA/rec center basketball player. Warriors are in no place to even make playoffs and if they do it will be one and done. I rather go through months of losses and have Anthony Randolph develop into a point forward. Jackson can barely even dribble and I HATE how he has to shoot every three pointer he gets. Even when he makes them I get mad. Also, I can’t believe Nelson got extended too and Mullins is probably gonna get released. GOD warriors come on!

    Starting 5 (1-5): randolph, morrow, azubuike, wright and biedrins

    we may never win a game but at least Jackson won’t be disgracing the game.

    GOD i hate jackson.

    i better see some agreers or at least people who get what i am saying.

  • Ewok

    This is essential for foundations building.

    Next will be the Monta situation, then Morrow will get his share of recognition…

    Build up the two guys, BWright and AR…

    Increase Turiaf’s role.

    Give Biedrins every opportunity to become an All Star.

    Keep everyone healthy especially Maggette.

    Oh by the way, Move Rowell out. That’s the virus this team needs to get rid off. Just my opinon

  • GSW

    just wondering, how long does this extension keep Jack in Oakland? 2013?

  • jlight

    The calm before the storm? The techs are coming, trust me. Never really been a Jackson fan, mainly because i guess i dont see what everyone else sees, the great defender? against Dallas in the playoffs, yes he was. other times, not so much. he got that rep in the playoffs of being a great defender, and it just stuck. Great team leaser, well it takes more than just yelling, and trying to excite the crowd. If Jackson is the main man, the warriors are in trouble.

  • Warrior Joseph

    Jackson has tremendous heart. He has been our leader for years (Baron Davis was a great player, but heartless). Jax is the soul and what he does shows on the stat sheet somewhat, but he does much more.

  • Mal

    Don’t understand this signing … another “Nelson guy” who is highly over rated. The W’s needed to let him just play out his contract [this year and next] and move on. He is obviously a Nelson & Rowell butt kisser and his skills are on the decline. We will witness this over the remainder of this season and next however many he signed for. Hopefully the younger kids won’t suffer because of this signing. Nelson has no idea of how to coach younger players, we are in trouble folks …. so sad.

  • jmaaan

    Yes, he does a lot for our team. He can defend, he’s tough he can score and pass. And he’s trying to be a leader, one we deperately need. But he’s not the best leader because he doesn’t have the best shot selection and he’s not great at creating for other people. He can score, but you’re better off with him averaging 17 than 22.$9mm per and 3 years isn’t bad. Even if he wears/slows down and we use him off the bench (a la San Antonio), that’s not an aweful price for a veteran that can contribute. And at those prices, he should be a tradeable commodity, at least for those not going after Lebron and company.

  • Keep mullin kick Rowell out. HE SUCKS!!! If it was up to me I would have signed BD during the summer. For Jax it’s not bad 3 years 28 mill. He’s a good leader(not an allstar) has a ring, has experience he has been to the top with the Spurs. For now thats all the Warriors got. You don’t want to have the captain of the team crying over money he’ll bring the team down. We already have one with AL Harrington MR CRY BABY!

  • GSWFan24

    Thats not a terrible contract when you look at what Al and Maggs are getting. 10 million per is standard for a player like Jackson. The young guys are coming along and Jackson will be able to play for at least five years because he can catch and shoot, defend and post up.

    Not everyone has that ability

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    I’m glad they signed Jackson to an extension; he’s earned it and the pay raise was within reason. I really like they way this team is shaping up. If Monte comes back close to his old self this team has some terrific pieces and could be a dynamite team for years. And rising as the older teams are falling. You can see this already happening with the slow starts of Dallas and San Antonio.

    I have the feeling that a lot of negativity comes from people who have been burned losing some ‘friendly wagers’ or on having their fantasy player not get the minutes. If so, please consider that you may not have the best un-biased judgment before you get hyper-critical.

  • Le

    Good sign for Captain Jack. Leads the team in points, assist, and also leads the league in minutes. With such a young team, you need to mix in verterans like Jack to help develop them on the court. When Monta comes back, with Morrow stepping up, Biedrins dominating, & Maggette’s scoring, Jack does not need to feel like he has to score 25 a game for the Warriors to win. He will then take better shots and be a more efficient scorer. As for ball handling, I get annoyed too when I see him try to dribble through 3 defenders or force a pass into Biedrins, but cut him some slack, he is just filling in until we get a real play maker at the point.
    If all else fails, with is stats and that contract, it is very attractive to other contenders as trade bait.

    All you SJAX haters, BACK the F off!

  • Squall

    Flash forward….one year

    Monta comes back and is one of the Top 15 NBA players we think he is.

    To go along with one of the Top 3 big men in the game and top 20 NBA players. (Andris)

    For those who say Nellie doesn’t know how to develop young players please google the career stats for, Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis.

    Don Nelson took over in 2006-07 by the way.

    Anthony Randolph will start to push the limits of his 6th man role as his defense refines, he takes bigger steps than Wright did in his 2nd year, and he hits 15-18 footers with more consistency.

    Wright will be in the all important 3rd year for an NBA player, those flashes he shows in the 08-09 season will start to become consistent.

    Corey Maggette will continue to score 20pts a game and nothing else.

    Behind it all is a veteran who is the glue guy, Stephen Jackson.

    Good sign, for a team full of 19 year olds, there is no better veteran for those guys to learn from.

    Good job Rowell. I for one see what your doing, why do we need to be apart of the 2010 FA signings, when we have 3 stars (monta/randolph/biedrins) in the making, 1 good player (wright), the veteran who scores and not much else (maggs) and the wiley vet (jack).

    What do you see Jackson losing SKILL wise by the end of his tenure with the Warriors?

    Who would you compare Jackson’s game to now and by the end of his contract Marcus? Do you really think he’ll be THAT BAD?

  • Le


    I was with you all the way up to when you said “Good job Rowell”…

  • DS

    This must be Rowell’s attempt to save face for letting BD walk because he rejected Mullin’s offer to Davis. Now he has the Warriors bidding against themselves for Jax who still had another year on his current contract. He didn’t want to look like an idiot if Jax walked. Instead of paying Jackson, he should be helping Mullin find another star player to replace Davis, since he screwed this deal up.

  • Mr. B

    I think its a decent deal. If it is $28M for 3 years, its a good deal. Its obvious that we have some raw talent but need the necessary leadership that Jax brings. Jax always plays hard and tries to stabilize the team. He’s cut down on his technical fouls as a good example.

    In the NBA, this is not “go-to” money since Jax is not really a go-to type of player. We appreciate his leadership and discipline though.

  • garlicboy

    Let’s clear some cap. Maggette is expendable with his often injured history, lack of versatility and long term contract.

    Maggette and Al Harrington for Jason Kidd and 1st round pick or 2nd

    J.Kidd, Brandon Bass, 2nd rounder for Al, Maggette and Marcus Williams

    There you go, Kidd is expiring contract at the end of the season. He can take us to the playoffs while we run with the youngsters.

    PG: Kidd, CJ
    SG: Jackson, Morrow, Belinelli *Monta when healthy,
    SF: Buike, Morrow Randolph, *Jackson when Monta Healthy
    PF: Wright, Randolph, *Bass, I’d love to have Brandon Bass
    C: Biedrins, Turiaf

    Good shot at playoffs, our youngsters get run and we clear cap space with Maggette and Al gone.

    Maggette can be replaced by Azubuike and Morrow and more importantly Monta when he comes back.

  • Mountain Jim

    This is an okay move if Maggette isn’t here. But he is. He shouldn’t be. So move him and use Jack as the veteran presence while developing the younger guys on this team. At least that would indicate a sense of direction for a change.

  • JustPuked

    Well we knew the Jax signing was coming, if we believe Bobby, it’s all part of a unified, “on the same page” plan WITH Mullin and Nelson’s buy in.

    Hey Marcus, I’m really looking forward to tonight. The Trailblazers are the perfect foil for the Warriors. Another incredibly young team, built primarily through the draft/draft day trades. For all Oden’s potential, do you think he’ll end up being better than Andris? As a space eater/shot-blocker sure, but can you see him rebounding and running like Goose? It might be a match-up we’ll be watching for a decade. It won’t be settled tonight but which team do you think has the brighter future? Oden, Aldridge, Roy, Sergio etc. or Biedrins, Wright, Randolph, Morrow, Ellis et al?

  • garlicboy

    Maggette is expendable, Stack wants out, Dallas wants Marbury, New York wants Marbury out, New York wants Harrington, Harrington wants out.

    3 team trade that works for everyone.

    Mavs get: Corey Maggette and Stephon Marbury
    Mavs give up: Kidd, Stackhouse

    Golden state gets: Jason Kidd and 2nd round pick from NY and Dallas
    Golden state gives up: Maggette to Dallas, Al Harrington + Marcus Williams to NY

    NY gets: Al Harrington, Stackhouse, Marcus Williams
    Gives up: Marbury to Dallas

  • We_Are_the_Littles

    This is not a bad signing at all. Remember when he and Al came over in that trade? Most of you were just happy to get rid of Troy Murphy and Dunleavy. Like most, you guys were excited to have Al Harrington. Before long, we saw how valuable Jax has become.

    I get what you guys are saying about playing young guys, but you can’t have all scrubs out there on the floor. You need veteran presence and Jax provides that. Yes, his dribbling and shot selection sucks, but he balances it out with the intagibles. Besides, it’s not like were giving him 5 years and 70 mil. This is way better than the Fisher signing.

  • EJ

    what do YOU think of the extension, Marcus?

  • manhattanproj

    waste of cap space and waste of a trading asset.

    w’s could have used him as a bait this season or next.

    i dont see how jax can help the w’s by the time his extension kicks in.

  • Mal

    Not sure what ‘good job Rowell’ is referring to … what exactly has he done? Create friction with the one guy who has managed to bring this franchise back to respectability [Mullin], but not getting any credit for it. Rowell wants all the credit, but knows NOTHING about basketball. Jackson is NOT an All-Star or a top player, he is an average scorer and defender. Nelson just lets him shoot whenever he feels like it. I can score 20 a game if I launch 25 shots and make 8-10 of them. Plus he takes free throws at the end of games when the outcome has been decided [not to meantion he shoots all the tech’s too!!]. He’s a JOKE!! So is Nelson.

    Signing him to an extension is bad for two reasons: first he needs to show he is capable of playing at high level again, while taking fewer & better shots while not turning the ball over so much. Second, he may not be tradeable at that high of a salary if his skills decline [and they will]. If he wanted to walk after this year, they should have let him, especially with all this young TALENTED kids waiting to play [Morrow, Randolph, Belinelli] who can do what he does. Too late now.

    The signing was senseless … typical of Nelson & that idiot Rowell. Just mindless.

  • JustPuked

    Eagerly waiting on your post covering the Portland game…

  • Roy

    I am not sure why this needed to be done. SJ still has two years left. Maybe another year, to shut him up and make him happy, but 3 years and max amounts.

    Jack shoots too many bad shots, at times when we just starts to dribble and everyone knows he will not pass the ball, he then commits a turnover and stands there yelling at the referee.

    How can you build a team around this player or why do you build a team around this player. Why would you pay your 4th or 5th Option this much money.

    Here is what I see, Ellis, Biedrins, Magette, Morrow may be a better option, Then, you have Jackson.

    He is not worth the money for what he brings. Maybe today the team may look lost at times without him, but by end of the year, it will be fine.

    They still haven’t played Ellis yet, and last year, at the end, Ellis was what controlled the team. His ability to drive and Morrow to spot on open spaces with Ellis pumping to him will be fun to watch. Then you have Magette to Dish and Biedrins. We surely don’t need Jax and all this money for sure for him.

    Bad, Bad Decision over the long haul.

  • JustPuked

    …and we could have had Prince.

    Monta, Morrow, Prince, Randolph, Biedrins

    Now that’s a future lineup.

    Throw Wright, Azuibuike, and Turiaf into the rotation and now you’ve got a cushy landing for someone from the free agency class of 2010.

    I love Jackson, I really do, but signing him long term was short sighted. Bobby’s “salary protection” MO lacks true vision.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Good for jack, he deserves it! He’s loyal, and has the heart of a champion. Truth be told he’s a great teammate. Thanks for bring some heart and soul to the W’s