What I Saw …

* Sign No. 834 that the Warriors miss BD: they can barely inbound the ball. Is it me, or should that be down pat at this point? Who do you trust to take the ball out? I woulda said Jax if not for his bad inbounds pass on opening night (which coulda been Maggs fault if he went to the wrong spot). I would say CJ, bit not after that Detroit blunder. That leaves, I guess, Marcus Williams? At least he won’t be making mistakes because of fatigue.

* Speaking of Maggs, his J is looking nice. He’s guaranteed 20 a night if that is falling, with the way he attacks the basket. He just needs to hit a couple here and there to set up his drive and not be like Jax and rely on it.

* Know what separates Morrow from Marco? OK, besides a purer shot, athleticism and rebounding. I submit it’s Moreow’s drive. Dude is hungry. He plays with an intensity and urgency that makes things happen for him. Marco seems to be waiting for things to happen. I normally don’t buy into intensity being exclusively a chest pound or a scream. But Morrow’s hunger shows up in how hard he comes off screens, how aggressively he hits the boards (several times he was trying to block out Oden), how he’s ready to shoot when he gets the ball, not pump-faking himself out of a shot. Plus, he calls for the ball. He tells his veteran teammates to get him the rock. He wants it.

* How is it Jax put up 18 shots and Morrow 12?

* C.J. Watson’s defense really stands out against second and third tier PGs. He’s quick and pesky, but against the Steve Blakes, his gambling style doesn’t hurt him so much. He can reach and freelance without worrying too much about getting burned. Last night, Sergio Rodriguez drove, Watson reached around from behind and knock the ball away. Straight playground move. Against CP3 or Nash, he’d look stupid trying that move, whiffing while his man scores.

Marcus Thompson

  • dubs fan in NY

    The primary inbounder in crunch time last year was Matt Barnes, not BD.

  • DS

    Good observation of Morrow vs Marco. Marco plays like he cannot make a mistake, or it’s back to the bench, which usually happens. Obviously inbounding the ball is a major eyesore right now, any news on the trade front? I’d like to see Harrington gone before he makes another stupid announcement to the press. Mullin still with the Warriors? He has disappeared..

  • Thanks Marcus…..your insight is always dead-on.

    I have coined a nickname for Morrow -Sweetness! Cause he has a hella sweet jumper….kinda reminds a little of MJ’s natural talent mixed with a absolute desire to succeed through hard work and lots if practice.

    I read that dude wanted to practice his shot the day after killin for 37.


  • I like to see the Warriors transition Chris Mullin into the scouting director position. Its crazy the amount of gems this guy finds in the 2nd round, dleague and undrafted free agents pool.

  • Latvian

    The day MT says something positve about Biedrins or Beli..I’m going to have a heart heartattack…Elizabeth!! I’m coming

  • EJ


    Sign #19 that the Warriors DON’T miss Baron: they shot a perfect 19 for 19 (BD would’ve clanked) from the line in the 4th to overcome the bad shots (BD would’ve been responsible for at least half of those) they took in the final quarter and saved the game!

    Is it safe to say that the DeMarcus Nelson experiment is over? Monta is due back in the next month and a half and CJ is playing pretty well off the bench.

  • JustPuked

    * Just as bad as the giving tree inbounders is all the guys breaking away from the inbounder like he passed a triple bean Chimichanga. Nellie already acknowledged it was his mistake for not running a set play but come’on. At least Morrow’s aggressiveness and jersey grab made sure the Refs saw Rudy’s hand on Mo’Money’s hip for the icing foul and subsequent T. Still, it was another freakin lob. Break toward the passer, young man, toward!

    I’ve seen three Clips games with Baron so far and while we may be missing last year’s Boom Dizzle, this year’s Bloom Fizzle is a LA knock off. Beno torched him like Stuart Tanner owning Devin Harris and Mo’ Money Morrow knocked him off the pedestal like John Rodgers at MJ’s Fantasy Camp. B Diddy’s lucky Damon Wayans wasn’t watching the Dubs game or he woulda heard the next verse of “Tell me how my ___ tastes”.

    Seriously, I’ve got much love for all Baron did for the Warriors, true respect, not joking around. But Bobby nixing Baron’s contract might end up being his Walsh moment. (I just threw up a little in my mouth while typing that.)

    * Maggs at 4 might get etched in sandstone with Morrow at the 2. Is it at all possible Corey can play defense like that all season? I just don’t see it. Hat’s off for completely removing Aldridge from the game but how does that ever happen again? And we thought Harrington was a poor rebounder at the 4…

    *Morrow passing Marco with good practices pretty much puts to bed the latest round of Nellie won’t play youth mish mash.

    Talent he’s passed on in Oakland: POB, Lasme, Perovic, Diogu, Jassy. They’re really tearing up the league right now…

    Younglings he’s played pretty quickly: Biedrins, Monta, Azuibuike, CJ, Morrow.

    Jury’s still out on Wright, Randolph, Belinelli, Nelson, Hendricks etc. (The Not Ready For Prime Time Players)

    While Wright and Randolph has shown flashes of the talent to one day be prime-time players, Nellie has more than earned the trust to make the call on if and when. The talent cupboard’s kinda bare if none of Nellie’s NRFPTP make the cut but you can’t develop the next Dirk if you’ve only got a Troy in your holster.

    * The Capitan’s putting up volume shots while Billy Beane’s future starters Monta, Morrow, Wright & Biedrins will be league leaders in scoring efficiency.

    * McMillian whiffed going with Sergio in the second half. Nellie’s scramble small ball defensive sets frequently leave 3 point shooters lonely like fugly chicks at the prom and Blake’s been dropping trey’s on the Dubs on the regular. Plus, he ain’t falling for no banana-in-the-tailpipe my dear Watson.

    I’m out. Thanks again, as usual, Marcus!

  • EJ

    JustPuked, what the heck did you have for lunch? haha. Nice post!

  • Sassan

    I am glad you mentioned Jackson taking 18 shots. It was so frustrating to see that at the end of the game. I know they don’t have a go-to guy, but basically they were giving it to Jackson and he was trying to go one-on-one over and over again. He made one shot, but come on, let’s let someone else miss once in a while. Maybe they learn from it.

  • JustPuked

    I didn’t eat but I did listen to two Portland fan’s choke down crow with lots of whine.

  • garlicboy

    That post is as solid as they come! Your best post.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Nellie/Mully have done well with kids from big programs who haven’t gotten hyped or drafted (Buike, Watson and now Morrow). Let’s hope this keeps up over the next few years. For now, here are two trades that should happen in order for the Dubs to compete this year:
    1) Trade Harrington for Gerald Wallace now!
    2) Trade Maggette, Foyle’s (expiring)contract, Brandan Wright and Marcus Williams to the Heat for Shawn Marion and Shaun Livingston.
    Charlotte does it to get size and to get long-term salary relief.
    Miami does it to get something in return for Marion now (a dependable scorer next to Wade in Maggette, a PG in Williams, a potential really good forward next to Beasley in Wright and more money off the books in Foyle).
    The Dubs look like this in late January when the second trade can be made and Monta is back:
    PG – Monta, CJ, Livingston
    SG – Jackson, Morrow, Bellinelli
    SF – Wallace, Azubuike
    PF – Marion, Randolph, Hendrix (back from DLeague)
    C – Biedrins, Turiaf
    Go Warriors!

  • Eric

    Jax gotta learn to get the ball into the hands of Morrow more. He got to realize when he’s shooting 5 of 18 from the field it’s time to get rid of the damn ball! And be more of a creator than a “Me, me, me type of player.
    Remind Jax that there’s no more Baron Davis, so he’ll get his fair share of shooting the ball.

  • Tim1234

    Baron is a fish out of water in LA. I think he regrets leaving Nellie and the Bay. He is the wrong guard for Dunleavy. How can you argue otherwise? If Montana had played for Al Davis and tried to throw long passes to average recievers all day long he might be just another one you can’t remember. Baron fits Nellie the way Joe fit Walsh. It is a shame for both that they are a part and the fans have lost too. Nellie has done miracles with this team. Coach of the year if they make the playoffs for sure.

  • Mr. B

    Trade CJ Watson and Harrington for BD.

  • hoops

    Difference between Marco and Morrow? Just watch Marco and Morrow in pre-game warmups and halftime warmups. Marco is lazy and wanders around aimlessly. Doesn’t do anything to get ready to be in the game. At halftime on Tuesday he took a few bored shots, not even trying, and never moved faster than someone with a broken leg.

    Morrow warms up so he can come in and contribute. He comes ready to play. It’s ok for a vet to wander around in warmups because they know they’ll get minutes and are already game-ready. Marco isn’t ready, and he sure as hell acts like he doesn’t want to ever be ready.

    The two guys I saw who consistently act like they don’t want to be there during warmups? Marco and Marcus Williams. No heart at all.

  • Latvian

    Hey Just puked..You got to be ROWELL the poster..Nice call on Jack being hated by the front office..LMAO

  • sallgood

    Can anyone in the know shed some light on the status of the Gerald Wallace trade….is it still alive? Guessing that Al’s bad back isn’t helping things…(or just a cover for an impending swap)

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Marcus, anybody can inbound a ball, it a matter of concentration and the team practicing situations. Let get real and not make that big a deal out of this. You’re right on the money about morrow and marco. CJ is better than people think and he is consistant and a gamer. U ever pay attention at how he comes up with some big rebounds amongst the timber.