Morrow in 3-point Shootout?

How’s this for a novel idea: the league needs to put Morrow in the 3-point contest for All-Star Weekend. He certainly can shoot. He’s also got the great story they can milk.
Morrow’s down.
“I know I’ll win,” he said with a smile.
The league hand picks who they want in the shootout, so Morrow’s at the mercy of Stu Jackson (I think he’s the one over that area).
He’s been left out before. He said he wanted to be in the college 3-point shootout, but wasn’t invited despite shooting 45 percent from 3-point range his senior season.
As you can imagine, Morrow is a huge fan of shootouts. He said he always watches the NBA one and his favorite Shootout moment was Larry Bird winning with the warm-up jacket on (I so thought he would say Craig Hodges’ 19 straight).
Morrow’s shot is almost perfect for the Shootout. He has the quick release, so he should get the shots up in plenty time. He’s also got textbook form, which makes it much easier for him to get on a roll. With the way Nellie is playing him, his stamina should be up, so fatigue won’t be as much of a factor come February.
There is one obstacle Morrow would forsee.
“The only thing for me,” he said, “is getting the ball off that rack. I’d have to get used to that.”

One more thing …
At practice on Wednesday, president Robert Rowell, executive vice president Chris Mullin and new assistant general manager Larry Riley were all there. Mullin and Rowell sat outside on the balcony for a while before walking across the court together. Mullin didn’t fulfill interview requests (we were told he had meetings lined up), but he plans on talking to us Friday at shootaround.
As a view into my world of self-amusement, I couldn’t help but snicker to myself at the sight of them two walking across the court in lock step. It looked like one of those photo ops you see in a presidential campaign. It just looked like it was some kind of planned appearance, like they hired David Axelrod and he suggested they pal around in front of the media.
I’m not saying it was a PR performance. I don’t know and really don’t care. No doubt they could have been seriously talking or whatever. They may even do it all the time while we’re not around.
Just the musings of a West Wing junkie I thought might interest you.

Marcus Thompson