Morrow in 3-point Shootout?

How’s this for a novel idea: the league needs to put Morrow in the 3-point contest for All-Star Weekend. He certainly can shoot. He’s also got the great story they can milk.
Morrow’s down.
“I know I’ll win,” he said with a smile.
The league hand picks who they want in the shootout, so Morrow’s at the mercy of Stu Jackson (I think he’s the one over that area).
He’s been left out before. He said he wanted to be in the college 3-point shootout, but wasn’t invited despite shooting 45 percent from 3-point range his senior season.
As you can imagine, Morrow is a huge fan of shootouts. He said he always watches the NBA one and his favorite Shootout moment was Larry Bird winning with the warm-up jacket on (I so thought he would say Craig Hodges’ 19 straight).
Morrow’s shot is almost perfect for the Shootout. He has the quick release, so he should get the shots up in plenty time. He’s also got textbook form, which makes it much easier for him to get on a roll. With the way Nellie is playing him, his stamina should be up, so fatigue won’t be as much of a factor come February.
There is one obstacle Morrow would forsee.
“The only thing for me,” he said, “is getting the ball off that rack. I’d have to get used to that.”

One more thing …
At practice on Wednesday, president Robert Rowell, executive vice president Chris Mullin and new assistant general manager Larry Riley were all there. Mullin and Rowell sat outside on the balcony for a while before walking across the court together. Mullin didn’t fulfill interview requests (we were told he had meetings lined up), but he plans on talking to us Friday at shootaround.
As a view into my world of self-amusement, I couldn’t help but snicker to myself at the sight of them two walking across the court in lock step. It looked like one of those photo ops you see in a presidential campaign. It just looked like it was some kind of planned appearance, like they hired David Axelrod and he suggested they pal around in front of the media.
I’m not saying it was a PR performance. I don’t know and really don’t care. No doubt they could have been seriously talking or whatever. They may even do it all the time while we’re not around.
Just the musings of a West Wing junkie I thought might interest you.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ryan

    Hey Marcus,

    It does sound like a planned photo-op type thing. I’m curious as to what Mullin will actually say on Friday, though I don’t expect much. I’m also curios about your thoughts about what is going on in the warriors front office, as you’ve been relatively quiet about it.

    I must say that I’m concerned about Nelson’s statement in your just posted story: “I’m a game coach. I’ll do whatever I think will help us.” It seems to imply that the ‘help’ is for winning the game at hand, not so much help as in development. We all want the warriors to win as many games as they can, but this year has to be about development foremost (unless one is Rowell, who may not really understand this). For the warriors to be any serious threat in the future, Wright and Randolph have to develop, and I hope Nelson is on board with that.

  • derek

    how ’bout this for an idea Marcus – the college 3-point line was too close for Morrow! how do you go 45% in college, then 73% in NBA summer league, then damn near 65% in the NBA regular season thus far. what’s completely remarkable is how seldom he even gets rim. nearly every shot is a perfect netter. see the boys over at Fear The Beard for the appropriate intro music should the League Office do the right thing and bring him to all-star weekend.

  • JustPuked

    The wacky thing about all the shenanigans at Warrior HQ is we don’t know a damn thing. Chris won’t show his hand, Bobby’s not interested in setting any record straight and Nellie could talk Obama into getting a tat of Cartman flipping the bird. At the end of the season, after all the hoopla, Mullin could get re-upped and all will continue to be quiet and unexplained on the Warriors front.

    ‘Course I think that’s bunk, but I had to throw it out there, ya’ know. Walking lock step ‘cuz they’re “on the same page”. Bobby, Chris and Don rollin like Toby, Josh, and Sam. We’re looking at you Rahm, represent.

    Mo’ Money in the shoot-out would be welcome and wonderful for the Warriors. Someone upstairs at 1011 Broadway better be working on getting the two Ant’s on the Rookie Roster and Braces on the Soph’s Roster for the New Blood game as well. Prior to Scooter’s moving violation, I had hopes this would be the year Monta might make it to the big show. Turns out Goose could get there first. If the Warriors did have players in three of the four major events on All-Star Weekend, Bobby and Chris might just have to hug it out. Vote early and vote often!

    Here’s to Morrow lifting hardware with his Warriors warm-ups still unzipped.

  • E

    It’s time to get Al off your banner, speaking of all who do you think we’ll get for him, or are we going to get screwed in return?

  • JoJo

    What’s funny is, if Monta hadn’t fallen off of a Moped during the offseason, nobody would be talking about the Warriors front office. The Warriors would be 8-3 right now and everyone would be thanking Robert Rowell for chasing Boom Dizzle out of town and ushering in the youth movement for Oakland.

    Take a step back and see that Mullin has done a decent job evaluating talent, Nelson has been able to do remarkable things with Kalenna and C.J. and Monta and AB, and Rowell is doing an important job of managing cost. Good job Bobby for letting Boom Dizzle go south and locking up JAX who is much more motivated night in and night out. If you can only afford one aging veteran, chose the one who played night in and night out last season with a high ankle sprain and did not complain. I have doubts as to whether Boom Fizzle would do the same.

  • Mr. B

    It is odd that Mullin has not made a statement – any statement. As an Executive and especially for Media and Fan relations, have some personality and articulate the state or plans of the Warriors.

    This is not the CIA or FBI nor are we trying to solve world hunger here.

  • E

    Check this out we’re getting some love out there:

  • Peachruss

    I’d love to watch Morrow in the shootout. It would make watching the All-Star game worth watching for a change.

    The only question I have is..does participation leave the contestants tired or mess with their groove like the Home Run derby in baseball? On second thought, hearing about how hard Morrow shoots in practice, it’ll probably just be like a warmup for him.

  • Joe

    So, What the heck happened to Al Harrington? No one has seen him in weeks. I never see his name in any trade rumors. It’s like he disappeared. This Rowell clown is like Tony Soprano!

  • leftyodoul

    Off topic comment:

    I’m a warriors fan stranded for a month in LA. Wondering if anyone knows a bar I could go watch the warriors at down here?

  • Le

    Forget 3-pt shootout, he’s playing in the Big Game! (ok, a little premature, just wishful thinking)

    Lefty – You’re not going to find any bar in SoCal playing Warriors basketball unless they are playing the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, or Angels. Come to my house, I have NBA League Pass.

  • Ewok

    Anthony Morrow joining the three point shootout?

    That’s a given.

    That question is a misnomer.

    He will and I wont be surprised if he wins.

    Anthony Morrow the next Ray Allen, Glenn Rice? That’s the question!

  • Warriors/Chargers

    Hey Marcus can you talk boxing too?

    What do you think about the coming bout between Dela Hoya and Pacquiao?

  • Niners in 2009

    AL HARRINGTON TRADED TO NY!!! Hey Marcus!! AL for who?? There are conflicting reports, one says Jamal Crawford, the other is Malik Rose. Which is it?

  • goingforthemoney.com

    This is a great situation to be in. Teams will eventually be coming after some of our players. We will eventually get our power forward. It’s just a matter of time and our continuing to develop our young players.

  • garlicboy


    Jamal Crawford is opting out after a career year with the Dubs. It’s either opt out now and go for 1 more long term deal ala Corey Maggette or Finish his contract when he’s in his 30’s and hope somebody will give him a long term contract.

    JC will shut his mouth and look great for Don Nelson in a contract year, just like Baron did last year.

    We do have too many guards. I’m just hoping we can do a Magggette for Nocioni trade. A versatile SF/PF that Nellie can play with who shoot’s 40% from 3, it’s toughnosed, although he has a long term contract it is 1 year shorter than Maggette’s and declines salary wise over the years.

  • DiscoBay

    Great trade Rowell. I sure hope this move is part of another move to get a taller/bigger player? How about we change the team name from the Warriors to the 65’ers (ala 76’ers) since almost all of the players are now 6’5″

    If you want to put a 6’5″ at the 4 spot, at least get someone like an Artest?! Small ball is fun to watch, but we can’t even run a fast break because we don’t have anyone that can start it efficiently. On the defensive end, we can get exploited because your man’s Zone Defense scheme exploits our lack of height. Look at the Chicago game to high light where the guards just popped out or spotted up for easy points. That is especially true against teams that can shoot well from the outside.

    Just a quick thought. Earlier newspaper reports indicated that Mullin was not available for interviews but may be available later in the week. It just makes me think that the trade was made, but not consumated, until it was made official friday. The day Mullin was made available for any comments.

    Mullin is a big fan of Harrington and I’m sure he wouldn’t have traded him for Crawford. The trade makes no sense in any way possible. Crawford is a volume shooter and we have enough players to compensate for his 18 jacks a night. We need a floor general and not someone who can give us 4 assists and questionable defense.

    That leads me to the defense again, who do we have that is a lock down defensive player besides Turiaf? NO ONE. Defense wins banners and the Warriors lack that trait. Get ready for a long season, and get into the mentality that watching the games is purely for entertainment and not for the quest of a playoff spot.

    I think management has made a mockery of our team and that they have drank the Nelson kool-aid much to the detriment of the team. I have said it in previous posts, and I will say it again, Nelson is not and will not be a coach that wins any championships. In my opinion, if he is such a good evaluator of talent and had so much influence in player personnel transactions, why hasn’t he won a title yet over these past 20+ years? He had the financial means with rich ownership, Kohl in Milwaukee, the MSG group in New York and the daddy of them all, Mr Maverick himself in Dallas.