Crawford to Warriors

After all the hoopla this morning, I finally got confirmation. It is official, according to Al Harrington. The Warriors have completed the trade him to the New York Knicks for Jamal Crawford.
Harrington is making $9.23M this season and has a player option for next season, which if he picks it up will pay him $10.03M. The initial reports had the Warriors taking back Malik Rose, who has one year left for more than $7 million, which would have also fit.
Before I ask you what you think of this move, here is what I’m thinking:

The Positives

* The Warriors get a veteran guard who can play both guard positions. He’s 6-5, 200 pounds and has become a reliable scorer. He’s averaging 19.6 so far this season after averaging 20.6 last season. He’s feeling it from three so far this year, currently at 45.5 percent, but for his career he’s around 32-35 percent. He also has a reputation for being clutch.
He can dribble well, he can shoot (though he’s streaky) and he can create. He’s experienced. You can trust him to inbound the ball (I hope). Not sure about his defense, but he did play for the Knicks, so chances are he hasn’t played much.

*The Warriors get to put the Harrington situation behind them. That relationship was a wrap and it was only going to become more of a distraction. Nellie can’t stop bringing up how Al ruined it by going public. It was best for both parties to get this chapter over.

* Crawford is the perfect guy to play next to Monta Ellis, when he returns. Crawford can play both positions, so Ellis can be the point guard and still take advantage of Crawford’s skills.
If the Warriors decide the Ellis-at-point experiment is not working, they can play Crawford at the point and let Ellis be simply a scorer. Plus Crawford has the size and athleticism that allows Nellie to play point but defend shooting guards, which allows Ellis to play shooting guard and defend point guards.
If the Warriors were going to go out and get a point guard, this is the type of player they needed. He’s probably too good in that he’ll make Monta’s growing pains harder to swallow (knowing there is a capable option). We all know about Nellie’s impatience with mistakes. Having Crawford as the ready Plan B might make him pull the plug on Ellis-at-point much quicker than if CJ is the Plan B.
But he now has the option to be move Monta off the point without losing that much production.

The Concerns
* Crawford is making $8.64 million this season. He has an Early Termination Option that would allow him to walk away from his contract after this season. If he declines to use that ETO, the Warriors would be on the hook for 2009-10 ($9.36M) and 2010-11 ($10.08M).
If Crawford opts out after this season, the Warriors get the bonus of shedding future salary along with moving their disgruntled forward. But if Crawford decides not to opt out, the Warriors are adding $10 million in future salary. For a team that has sought to avoid the luxury tax, that is an interesting risk to take considering the recent contract extension of Stephen Jackson and the previous big contracts giving to Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Corey Maggette. The Warriors could have four players making double-digit salaries in 2010-11, with Jackson just shy of $10M.

* Don’t the Warriors have enough guards? Adding one more to the mix is going to make for some interesting minutes-juggling by Nellie. Assuming Crawford doesn’t come here and ride the bench, is he going to play point guard? If he does, that means Stephen Jackson is back at shooting guard. Where does that leave Anthony Morrow?
OK, maybe Jax goes to small forward so Morrow can get a bunch of minutes at shooting guard. He has to be on the court, right? So then where does that leave Azubuike? Corey Maggette? How is everyone going to handles getting 25-30 minutes yanked from the guard pot by Crawford?
Either the Warriors have another move in the works or there is going to be some serious adjusting on the perimeter. I haven’t even mentioned C.J. Watson, and the former starting point guard who is now in Bakersfield.

* Crawford is a gunner. In five of his eight seasons, he finished with more three-point attempts than assists (not counting the one season he had eight fewer three-point attempts than assists). This season, he ahs taken 77 3s and has 44 assists.
Do the Warriors need another player to jack up shots relentlessly. Jackson, Azubuike, Maggette and now Crawford. The Warriors better order a new shipment of Spaldings. Will there be any shots left for the team’s best shooter, Anthony Morrow?

OK, so what do you think?

Marcus Thompson

  • Mano de Nada

    Bye Al, hope you miss lots of easy lay ups for the Knicks too.

  • DailyDub


    Can you please have your website designer remove AL from the front of your blog? He probably missed that layup anyway. Thanks, and go dubs.


  • Jason

    I thought the golden rule of NBA trades is that you never trade big for small. Crawford has game, but don’t the Warriors have enough swingmen? Does Nelson want to try him at the point?

  • jaysohn

    I wanted David Lee for more inside help but wow… Crawford is a pretty good pick up in exhange for Harrington. I’m not sure what the Knicks are thinking. He’s not a traditional PG by any means but a huge upgrade over what the Warriors have now. It gives Nellie an experienced ball handler and allows Jackson to move back to a forward spot. Think about how much the backcourt shooting has improved in just a week with Morrow and now Crawford.

  • Phil

    Ok so now what? Will this now stir another trade with maybe Marco Belinelli? How many SG’s do we need? Can he play PG? Now are F**ked for 2010? Monty please explain!

  • JustPuked

    Is MDN slowly coming out of hiding? Let’s hope so.

    Nellie now has the kind of lineup where he can run his style of ball. Crawford is another gamer that has the potential to replicate both the good…and bad aspects of Baron Davis’s game. Nellieball ™ II.

    If anyone needed further confirmation the Warriors now revolve around Don “Quixote” Nelson, consider it confirmed. The “Don” of Dubland now has carte blanche. Period.

    Having Crawford and Jackson penciled in as starters pretty much removes the Billy Beane aspect a line up including Über-efficient scorers Ellis, Morrow and Biedrins can provide.

    End of game decision making, at least on the offensive end, should improve dramatically just on experience alone.

    As of Jan/Feb, Monta, Craw and Jax at the 1, 2, 3, will be sharing point guard duties with nary a point guards in sight.

    110 just became the average score with 5 minutes left in the fourth.

    Nelson somehow figured out how to get Maggette to play defense (well it’s only been two games)…is there any hope he can replicate that Herculean task with Crawford?

    I have to second DD request on retiring the Baby Al image. How about a picture of JRich, er Baron Davis? Monta, um….take your time.

    Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph better start working on their high five from the bench techniques.

    Don’t look now but the Warriors are now, not only in the running for the playoffs, but with a little luck, they could even manage to sneak into the six or seventh slot. You heard me right.

    News cycles fast kids, Anthony Morrow who?

  • Jones

    Trying to predict the lineup

    1. Crawford
    2. Morrow
    3. Jackson
    4. Maggs
    5. Andris

    Second unit will be led by Buike, Wright, Watson, Turiaf …

    Screw it, I just want to see Morrow light it up some more.

  • sad jose

    though Al wore out his welcome he was a major part of the turn around we’ve had. From what I hear he was an important part of team chemistry. it’d be ridiculous to be surprised, but it is another loss: j-rich, pietrus, barnes, etc. players, who despite their shortcomings played hard and helped the team have success (his guarding of Yao, for example). i wish Al the best since he seemed like a cool guy and he’s one of the players i’ve wasted so many hours of my life while watching and reading about the warriors… jk, sort of.

  • JustPuked

    Thanks for the reminder Sad Jose. Sometimes we forget the human side of the players. By all accounts, including from Marcus, Al was a great guy. His role in reviving this slumbering franchise will be fondly remembered. Best wishes on heading home to the NY and good luck with those lay-ups.

  • Tom

    Would Crawford play tonight or are we going to have wait until sunday to see his debut?

  • jsl

    The “concerns” sure outweigh the “positives” for me. (And don’t expect ANY defense from Jamal, he’s worse than a tired BD. Plus, he’ll get you very few dimes.) Now we can expect to see Jamal and Jack fighting to see who’ll get to throw up a quick — usually bad — shot.

    So, once again, Nellie would rather work with proven mediocrity that teach young bigs the NBA game. This could be a disaster for BW, AR — and those of us who’ll still be Warrior fans after Nelson leaves, having set the record for most coaching wins in NBA history (and accomplishing that feat without ever having had a championship team — so he must really be great, right?)

    This is a Nelson-Rowell deal, to be sure. But in the end, we’re the ones who’ll have to live with their short-sighted stupidity.

  • Le

    Great trade! Did not see this coming. Crawford is an experienced baller that fits our system. We started the season in the NBA “Dog house”. With this trade, emergence of Morrow, eventual return of Ellis, we are a serious playoff contender, 5th or 6th seed even.

    Phil is probably right, a trade is iminent, too many swingmans. I don’t think the W’s are done.

    I’ve been excited all week and it keeps getting better. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

    Go Warriors!

  • Chris T.

    This trade is GREAT!
    the only person that is effected right away is Buike, but besides that its a high scoring line up.


    u feel me
    corey is killing everybody @ the 4 spot…he’s quick but still powerful
    jacko run the point and just switch to the 3 or on D…
    when monta gets back…morrow is sixth man, unless he continues to light up…i see a another trade soon if morrow remains real deal! he’s a keeper! lol

    Go warriors!

  • Joe

    So…We have Biedrins and four shooting gaurds. Our team is soooooo freakin weird… Well, here’s to being #1 in scoring, last in pts allowed, ninth in the west and the 14th pick in the draft! Cause that’s where were heading, again.



  • Cece

    I think this was a good starting move for the warriors but i dont think this is the last person to be traded. We our trying to get automatic scorers!
    We now have jack, maggette, morrow and new addition crawford form the outside in.
    Who will people try to focus on their attention on now?
    It will be hard because if you double team one it leaves another open.
    Not to forget about biedrins it uncludders the inside for his pick and roll, also post and kick out for three point shooters or cutter.
    This can work!
    It allows us to have a first and second string to be able to score and play scrapy defense! by playing the passing lanes, trapping the corners, help defense with our quickness. Not to mention when Monta comeback we our contender for the playoffs. Maybe finishing in 6th or 7th seed.

    Starting line-up


    2nd String

    Wright or Randolph

  • Cece

    But also maggette or crawford can be a great sixth men off the bench too
    Bellenelli and some others maybe traded next. hopefully if so we pick up some worth losing someone like him

  • jaysohn

    I dont get the whining. In the past the Warriors got bums like Bimbo Coles or Chris Mills in trades like this. The fact that the team was able to get a legit NBA starter and someone who could at least help man the point position is nothing but a plus. The team desperately needs another ball handler and fans have been begging for anyone since Baron opted out. Crawford provides a real option now. And for those whining about Nellie not playing or developing the youth. What did he do with Monta last year? How much has he let Morrow play already? How much has Beidrins game improved? He is going to put the best ballers out there.

    And stopped bringing the 2010 free agents?? Come on people, get real, we have no chance at Anthony, Lebron, Wade or Bosh. We need either Wright or Randolph to develop to give us a pretty good core of young players. And you have enough talent to make some decent trades later down the line.

  • OptimusPrime

    I like this trade. I was NOT feeling the Malik Rose deal. Also it adds some extra insurance just in case Monta doesnt fully recover.

  • ka

    Love the trade.
    Was bumming about the Warriors. Had an “oh well” attitude about this year, the games, etc. Then Morrow stepped up, and now Crawford. Pretty exciting. Now look forward to the games. Can he play tonight!

    Too many guards – more deals to come.

  • OptimusPrime

    Joe – Yea we are light in the forwards dept but its not like Harrington was crashing the Boards.

    Sounds like Morrow is going back to the bench.

  • Gunner

    Crawford is only getting 1-2 rebounds in 36 minutes of play!

    Our small ball system needs above-average rebounding small guys to succeed. BD got ~5 and Ellis got ~5. We were able to survive with Jax’s below average rebounding and Al’s pathetic 6 at PF.

    Now, we still have Jax, Ellis, and Biedrins. So far Maggette has been able to get ~6, so he’s a wash vs Al at the PF spot. But Crawford’s 1-2 is going to hurt us. One of the reasons Azubuike has been effective for us is that he also gets 4-5 rebounds.

    So, I am not sure about this trade. The bright side is that we at least got someone useful for Al. But the downside is that I don’t think Crawford will be that much better than Azubuike or Marrow in our system.

    If we use Crawford extensively, Biedrins and others will need to pick up the rebound slack, or we will need to play Wright more, who has a good rebounding rate when he’s on the floor.

  • Le

    And another thing… can anyone beat our bench when Monta comes back?
    Imagine how much rest SJax will have in the 4th quarter? Imagine how much fewer turnovers we will have throughout the game because SJax is not at the point?

    Warriors really struggled at running this year and reverted to half court – where they went one-on-one or force shots. Having a PG will now speed things up and allow them to play their, uptempo.

    Everyone needs stop whinning, really. Especially Joe.

  • jaysohn

    I think people have to remember, Al wanted out and every team knew it. What team was going to give up a solid power forward for Al??? Not to mention you have to make salaries match, which is how the Warriors in the past ended up with the Chris Mills, Bobby Sura and Bimbo Coles types of the NBA world. For once the Warriors get a legitimate starter and this might allow the team to use other chips, i.e. Belinilli, in a future trade. Word has it that Mully has been shopping Marco around for a backup big. All in all this was a decent trade because you had to get rid of Al but you got a legitimate player in return.

  • spe

    I honestly did not believe this when I first heard it, i mean why another Guard? But then I remembered, its Coach Nelson after all, he always goes for the best option regardless of the position. And really this is not a bad pick. Harrington was not going to play anyways, so we didnt loose anything and gained a proven high scoring guard. When Monta comes back we now have the option to move him back at SG if he does not pan out at PG (Crawford is proven at the PG position) and we have the option to have 4 guards on the court at once, all capable and proven to hit from all areas of the court, that with a big man in the middle that will have to be matched one on one due to the perimeter shooting? sounds good to me. But wait, Nellie already did something like this in Dallas… and that worked. Personally I am excited to see this, after all Warriors basketball is about the quick game and the exciting close games. Cant wait!

  • AJ

    I think for those doubters – you have to realize that the W’s lost their bargaining chip once Al opened his mouth. They got a player who averages 19pts a game. He just played in D’Antoni’s system, so he won’t be surprised playing in Nellie’s. Great trade for them. He’s not a superstar, but he is a very good scorer.

  • Ewok

    Good trade for us.

    Crawford is a bigtime scorer and a legitimate threat.

    So his addition will give us a 1-2 punch in the back court sans the exciting potential of our frontcourt.

    My only concern is he should be willing to modify his game a little bit. Focus more on defense, dish, and rebounds than gunning because we already have a lot of gunners in the team.

    But Crawford suits the system. He runs, He guns.

  • Scott

    I like the trade, but it makes the bad Jackson extention from earlier this week even a worse decision.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    This is getting better everyday! Thanks for the revival Al,we couldn’t have done it without U. At least this gives the W’s some more leverage when it comes to seeking a trade for a legitimate power forward. Keep hope alive!

  • blah

    Anyone who see’s this as bad trade should not be posting anything about basketball.

    1. Maybe I missed the memo, is Ellis garuanteed to come back 100%, ever? That was a very serious injury. Screws to repair a ligament? Let’s be happy if he 90% next year and in that I mean the 09-10 season. Anything better than that is a pure blessing, and anything less than that is “thank god we got Crawford.

    2. Fans don’t set starting line-ups or playing time. Let’s see what Nelson does. I don’t care who he plays if we win. Nor do I care about PT. If Crawford has to come off the bench to back up Morrow, which is a ridiculous notion presented by “fans” than so be it. If he doesn’t like it, he can opt out and we can sign someone else. Either way, Nelson has more players he’ll actually play. In the short term he’ll proably start crawford at point, which is an immediate upgrade and deal with the new rotation when Monta comes back.

    3. Crawford for Harrington, are you kidding me? i would be happy with a future first round draft pick. Who realy wants an unatheletic PF who doesn’t play D, and can’t jump on a phone book, therefore doesn’t block any shots, or grab any rebounds. How did BD average more boards than he did. Crawford is a steal for Harrington. This is a huge upgrade to the team. Which leads me to my next point.

    4. Mullin needs an extension. Sure he’s done some bad, but the good things he’s done far out shine the bad. Listen, Gary St Jean was the worst GM to ever play the game. Mullin had a bid hole get us out of and he’ done awswome. CJ, AB, AM from nowhere, for nothing. Image our team with our them, aka Mullin. Plus, who else will Nellie put up with.

    I’m sorry for the harsh words, i’ve juist read alot of bogus post out there today on a lot of differnet sites. Like i said, we don’t set line ups, but it’s fun. Especially wiht this team. Here’s how I see it. At least in the long term.

    Ellis / Crawford
    Jackson / Morrow
    Maggette / Buike
    Wright / Randolph
    Beidrins / Turiaf

    That is a pretty solid first and second team. Gentleman. Let’s see what these guys can do in the next few years. It could be scary.

    The key is all about how Wright and Randolph develope.

  • Gustavo

    There are 2 scenarios I see happening:
    First the good one:
    Crawford doesn’t jack up shots like he did in New York, plays sporadic minutes, but still makes an impact with a the minutes he does play. Crawford hates playn for Nellie and he opts out leaving us off the hook for his salary.
    Second one:
    He jacks up shots every chance he gets, plays no defense and has such a bad year that he can’t opt out because he can’t get the same salary.

  • dareedle

    This team is all about Nellie. There are some coaches that have egos that are bigger than the game and lead a team into mediocrity. You are not going to win with four guards, and so far the NBA best teams are about defense, rebounding and shot efficiency. With Biedrins, Wright, Ellis and Morrow we had the key word had the right group to score a high percentage and play some good defense. Now we have two notorious volume shooters that can’t score without a lot more bricks than makes. Now it is very unlikely of the seeing the dream roster of (Biedrins, Wright, AR, Ellis, Morrow) for the years to come with the commitment to Nellie, Jack, Mags, Turiaf and Crawford.

  • JustPuked

    Maggette’s not a guard, he’s a forward.
    Jackson has always been best at the 3.
    Crawford & Monta are both combo guards.
    Please, let’s stop with the 4 guard offense crap.

    Nice post Blah.

  • Acerbic1

    Let’s face it – Harrington was not helping the Dubs at all this year. For whatever reason, he wasn’t even making the contributions – and in my opinion they were always marginal – that he did in previous years.

    Crawford is an upgrade over nothing from Harrington, and Nellie will find minutes for anyone that is producing.

    Why are people still slotting people at PG, SG, etc? It’s obvious that Nellie won’t slot players to match up with the other team. Jackson will still initiate much of the offense, and if some of his 3-pt attempts go to Crawford, all the better.

    And it doesn’t bother me at all to see Morrow come off the bench, and I don’t think it would bother him at all either if he still gets 15-20 minutes a game.

    Defensively, the Dubs are still a mess and Crawford won’t help. The key is whether Maggette will be abused by some of the power players he will have to check, and whether Biedren’s can board enough to make up for him.

    Agree with Blah about Ellis, and bottom line I think the Dubs are still only 50-50 for a low playoff spot, but that’s an improvement from the pre-trade expectations.

    Still think it’s a mistake if Mullin is pushed out as GM, but ownership in the Bay area continues to make poor choices for team management – so I wouldn’t be shocked.

  • OptimusPrime

    Last I checked having too many good players that are all deserving of minutes is a GOOD thing. Let Nellie worry about the minutes.

    I think that us as Warrior fans arent use to having any type of depth……not like this

  • Mano de Nada

    Well one nice thing about depth is that we can trade Al Harrington, a solid NBA player, and hardly even notice it in our starting lineup. We also can get back decent NBA talent, which is why it’s best to stockpile players other teams want and can use. As Jayshon notes, we used to get marginal NBA talent back in trades, so big improvement there! And as Blah points out, there is no guarantee of Monta returning to anything like his previous self, so this gathers some more useful talent that we need now, which can also be traded later, if necessary (because while Crawford isn’t perfect by a long stretch, he is useful NBA talent).

    I forget what JP said though, something about “go into hiding please”?!?

    (snickers like Mutley and I’m out).


  • Mr. B


    That was a funny question. Do the Warriors have enough guards? They may have plenty of guards but not the right type of guard that we need – a PG. Monta and Crawford are in the same mold.

    Case and point in tonights loss to the Bulls. We needed a veteran PG 1) to stay in front of a Derrick Rose 2) to settle the offense when the likes of Jackson, Watson and others were trying to run the point. These individuals keep throwing the ball away or committing novice type errors during crunch time.

    I love Jackson but not at point.

    Do we have enough Guards?

    Alright, Who is the idiot in the front office who let Barron walk??????

  • I like the move it give’s us now an abundance of scorer’s.Good luckAl it’s not personal just business.Al could score but you could’nt guard anyone or rebound.Now i think we are another trade away from being a contender in the west.Also we need to get another assistant coach in here to teach these guy’s how to play defense once and for all!!!


  • Dave

    Mr.B is right, caught some of the Bulls game, we got to get Jackson off the point, and not let him bring up the ball at all! He scored well tonight, but he kept giving up the ball and he is still trying to do more than he can handle. Watson tries hard, but neither of these 2 can be trusted with ball handling and distributing in a close game. Hope Crawford can fix this. What is up with all the shooting guards on this team? Enough is enough.

  • TommyCalifornia

    I think it’s an ok trade. We had to move Al and Crawford’s a good player. He’s got flaws; limited D, loves to launch 3s, etc. but everyone in the league knew we had to trade Al so it’s probably as good a deal as could be made.

    As for the minutes, there are 240 minutes to distribute in a game. If 48 are taken by the combination of Biedrins and Turiaf that leaves 192 minutes to split between the rest of the team. Jack is averaging more than 43 minutes a game right now, that obviously can’t continue. Say the remaining 4 starters, whoever they are, average 30 minutes per game that’s 120 minutes leaving 72 minutes for the bench players. I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

    At the very least, Crawford gives us another guy who can be trusted to close out games. The final 2 minutes of games/halves are killing us this year.

  • LT in LA

    Marcus…so Ric Bucher reports in the Espn’s mag that that everyone on the W’s roster is on the block (except for Jackson, Biedrins and Wright). Please confirm, you have to be hearing chatter.

  • DiscoBay

    Blah lives in a rosy world. Mr. B is more of a Realist. I brought up Mr. B’s concerns in a different post regarding DEFENSE.

    I can’t stand Nelson as he is a Prima Donna. Big Baby has wormed his way to power within the team, usurping Mullin’s position and therefore eliminating any friendship that they have after Mullin brought back the “Prodigal GRANDFATHER”. He is in fact, the modern day JUDAS. The economy is in the tank and this master of “disguised” teams get a salary that the Larry Brown’s should not get. He’s a GOOD head coach. Not a GREAT head coach. Maybe he should have received a P4P salary like physicians.

    Here are some points I’d like to throw out there:

    1. How many of those players will buy into a team philosophy ala San Antonio and be alright with their minutes?

    2. Maggette playing 30+ minutes at the PF is not condusive. I can think of Ron-Ron as the only player with similar height that can handle the elite Power forwards in the league and to expect him to do it every night?

    3. Who still REALLY believes that Zone is better than Man to Man? That’s not going to beat every team in the league consistently.

    4. Who REALLY believes Mullin pulled the trigger on this trade?

    5. Harrington haters. His talent is better than his numbers. Get him out of zone defense and he will be closer to the rim for defensive rebounds, Keep him off the perimeter and he will score more inside. He has showed it in Atlanta and he showed it early this season. He is a Poor Man’s Antwan Jamison (remember him?) who almost won the Sixth Man award. I guess he a pretty bad player.

  • Mountain Jim

    Y’all just better hope Crawford exercises that option at the end of the season.

    It’s a good short-term move. It’s a bad long-term move. We have two tall forwards who need to get run. They are the future, not some pasted together combination of swingmen and combo guards with no point guard who can actually run an offense and very little defense.

    This idea that everyone is going to somehow buy into shorter minutes is pretty funny. Jackson ought to start at the three, but Maggette sulked like a baby when they made him a sixth man in LA. Morrow needs to be involved because he’s the only pure shooter on the team, but he’ll lose minutes because Nellie will have to keep Maggette and Jackson happy, and that’s before Monta returns. The team assist leader will have 4 per game.

    At some point, probably not this year but next, this team needs to revolve around Biedrins, Wright, Randolph, Monta, and a point guard we don’t have yet. I wouldn’t bet what’s left of my 401K that we have the front office capable of making that happen.