2 Qtr: 76ers 57, Ws 39

So the Warriors went big in the second quarter, after getting killed on the boards, so the 76ers went perimeter on them. With the Warriors sucked into the paint (at point point, the Warriors had Biedrins, Wright and Randolph in at the same time), the Sixers had plenty open looks from the perimeter.
Iguodala got warm, and Thad Young got into a groove from the perimeter, and Brand’s mid-range was working.
Meanwhile, the Warriors continued to struggle from the field. They managed 22 points in the quarter, thanks to Azubuike, Watsob and Biedrins (they combined to make 7-for-8 from the field in the second quarter). Unfortunately for the Warriors, they didn’t take the bulk of the shots. Jackson and Maggette finished the half 2-for-12. Randolph came in and got two dunks, then missed his next four shots.
Overall, the Warriors’ offense look about as mediocre as it did in the fourth quarter against Chicago. With Jackson and Maggette off, they had no where to go for high-percentage shots, at least not consistently.

Marcus Thompson