Final: 76ers 89, Warriors 81

The final results were ugly overall.
They tied the game at 76, thanks to back-to-back 3-pointers by Anthony Morrow, but that was all the offense the Warriors could muster.
Their defense played well enough to win, holding Philadelphia to 39.8 percent shooting. Elton Brand had 0 points and 0 rebounds in the fourth quarter. Iguodala had just three points.
But the Warriors couldn’t score. Kelenna Azubuike led the offense with 16 points, perhaps the quietest 16 points he’s ever gotten. Even when they got close, they were doomed by bad shot selection and turnovers. It was just an ugly (yet fitting) way to finish the game,

Marcus Thompson

  • jb

    A little random, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but towards the end of the 2nd quarter when Iguodala hit his two 3’s, and then when Young hit a 3… CJ Watson was late in covering all 3 of those shots…

    I felt like those three 3’s really hurt our chances in trying to cut into the lead.

    sigh. horrible, ugly game from the start.

    AND Marcus, I gotta agree with you, Kelenna definitely had the quietest 16 points he’s probably ever gotten.

  • A’s in 2009

    It sucks the Warriors couldn’t broadcast this game. We’re a top 5 market, there’s no excuse not to show all 82 games on TV.

    THanks for the updates.

  • commish

    We actually had a better shooting average than the 76er’s (.436 vs. .398) but we lagged behind in FT and 3’s percentages. However, we were outrebounded 54 to 38. Dejavu all over again from last year only this year we have a bigger, more athletic and talented and deeper bench.

    Small ball hell with Jax and Maggette really stinky in 3’s and FGA. Nelson needs to sub Randolph for Jax and BW for Maggette, probably at different times, getting those dudes to about 36-38 minutes. Getting Nelson to do this has a lower probability than our 3 point shooting. Probably will get worse when Crawford shows up and PT dimenishes even more for the bench.

  • This team is full of players that think they are “the one.” Bunch of scorers that doesn’t like to pass the ball…and another one is coming to join them too…sigh. The way Nellie coaches will never result in a ring. Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks.

  • GSWFan24

    SJAX needs to fall back once Monta and Crawford get here. Play his position and stop trying to do too much!!

  • Ryan

    Commish, you are on point with all that. Jackson definitely has to get his minutes down. When he gets tired he is just horrible.

  • scaramanga

    I was at the game live this late afternoon start with my 2.90 seats from stubhub and i would up sitting in the front row since the place was half empty. All i can say about the game was that it was a hackfest from the sixers end. I mean just seeing so upclose how the sixers would just hack on virtualy every play was amazing. The Warriors were down big but used some great shotblocking to get back in the game but couldent get it done in the end.

    Look I dont want to see all out abusive 155-149 games every night because that is a insult to the integrity of the game but at the same time 89-81 where the defense it fouling on every play is also a insult. I feel when you slow the game down to a halt and hack and whack on evey play you are taking all fun out the game for the fans and you are disrespecting the integrity of the game.

  • Earl monroe

    On this team Jackson needs to play better, he was quoted as saying “he does not know how much more of this he can take” in reference to the young guys, I think he needs to look in the mirror, his turnovers are usually much worse than those of
    Randolph, who is 19, what is Jackson’s excuse?
    The 5-7 seconds he holds the ball for on each possession forces the youngsters to
    make bad decisions on offense, like drive in to crowds or take quick shots.
    He still refuses to look for Morrow, and only passes when its a difficult proposition,
    really he is not someone who should have the ball in his hands so much, much better as a true wing, so hopefully Crawford will change his role, (Nellie has already, said as much).

  • Mountain Jim

    How many guys are there on this team who recognize an open teammate who is in good position to do something? Biedrins. Turiaf? Bellinelli, during his five minutes. Morrow.

    We have four starters who don’t. You can’t play good basketball like that, especially when none of those four is close to being a real star.

  • A.J.

    With the ascension of Denver after the Billups acquisition and with the big difference between elite level talent in the West like the Lakers and every one else, our young squad is destined to go nowhere this year!

    I tell myself game in and game out, “A.J., give them another chance, we won 2 in a row last week, maybe we can put together a win streak.” But now 2 wins in a row has become 2 losses in a row and things just look terrible as far as winning and playoffs.

    As far as young talent and building a team, I like the direction, as far as patience and willingness to wait, I’m not so sure!

    I don’t know, it just looks bad and with the rise of teams that I thought would go nowhere this year like Denver, it just does not seem good.

    2 losses to Memphis and 1 to Sacramento, not to mention a home loss to a Bulls team that looked like a YMCA team against the Lakers last week.

    We are too far down in level of competition compared to other Western Conference teams. For the Lakers, we would be like the varsity team at Monte Vista High School. For New Orleans, we played tough, but we were like the St. Mary’s Men’s Basketball Team.

    The Lakers destroyed the Bulls and we couldn’t even play with them down the stretch. The Lakers destroyed Denver on Saturday night, but this is a Denver team that would beat us 3 times out of 4 I’m sure. We lost to Memphis twice who has 4 total wins on the season. Sacramento looked like Santa Clara University’s Men’s Team against the Lakers last night as they were wiped off the floor, but yet we lost to them!

    We will not be able to compete in our division and conference this year. Last week’s big wins brought my hopes back up, but the last 2 losses were terrible. I keep telling myself I will never watch another game.

    I love basketball and I am too big a fan not to. I used to watch every single game in the Hughes, Jamison, Vonteego Cummings era, why wouldn’t I watch every game now?

    But my patience is wearing thin and I also am a Laker fan at heart. So luckily I have something to lean back on. But I know I will be back in front of my big screen Plasma, watching the next road game on HD and being dissapointed yet again!

  • A.J.

    I honestly would not be surprised if we lose to Washington tomorrow……..I swear to God!

    Even without Arenas, a 1-10 record and their recent firing of their coach, I bet our young Golden State squad will leave Washington D.C. with nothing but their hats in their hands.

    It’s a road game, we lost 2 tough ones in a row, young team, new players, Jackson’s attitude already headed for the worst. If we lose this game, I would not be surprised one bit!

  • A.J.

    As much as it pains me to say it, we are among the worst teams in the league.

    To die hard Warriors fans like ourselves, we still get excited about our young team beacause we see promise that we haven’t seen before.

    The promise comes in the form of a coach who has taken this team (although a different team) to the playoffs before. A young, talented core, and a General Manager and organizational objective that at least on the surface look like they have a direction. We love basketball here in the Bay Area and we were even coming out to watch our team when Mark Jackson was our starting Power Forward.

    But those fans also know basketball and know when a situation is almost hopeless. I understand that young players take time to develop, you have to be patient, you have to win before you lose, all of that BS.

    But I am beginning to lose my patience and I think we are just a bad team.

    We are the 3rd worst team in the West behind Oklahoma City and the L.A. Clippers.

    Memphis, Minnesota and Sacramento are better than we are. I repeat Memphis, Minnesota and Sacramento are better than we are.

    I hate that, I feel that we are a deeper and more talented team than Memphis, Minnesota and Sacramento.

    BUt the one thing those teams have that we don’t is a go-to player that can close games out if need be.

    Memphis has O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Hakim Warrick and Marc Gasol, not a bad little core at all, real basketball fans will agree to this.

    Minnesota has AL Jefferson. When Minnesota needs a basket down the stretch, they throw the ball into Jefferson. He has excellent moves in the low post and can get to the line.

    Sacramento has Kevin Martin. He is better than anyone we have down the stretch, closing games out, his game is more conducive to that, more so than those of Stephen Jackson or Jamal Crawford for instance.

    Maybe Monta will provide that when he comes back, but too many questions now and we are not playing well. Even though we are playing better than I would have ever imagined. You can bet your life that if we did not have Biedrins, Jackson, and Azabuike, we would be 1-12 right now!

  • sillythekids

    dude.. try to talk yourself back from the ledge. Life’s great. The w’s will get better. They’ll play some games like they’re ready to break out. Then they’ll play some like the Philly game. It happens to young teams. Breathe a bit.