Post-game Tidbits

After that ugly performance, the Warriors are in danger of going 0-for on this roadie. You have to assume they’ll lose at Boston, especially on a back-to-back, even if the Celtics have one foot out the door for Thanksgiving. At Cleveland will be tough on Friday, too. If they go into New York, another back-to-back, 0-4 on the roadie, they might be perfect prey for the win-hungry Knicks.
Anyway, onto the tidbits:

* Nellie all but blamed the loss on the youngsters:
“We played an inspired team tonight. They outworked us, outhustled us and outplayed us. Washington did everything well and we did nothing well. I’m pretty disappointed with how my team played, especially the young players. They all played poorly given that thy have been playing better of late.
“I expect more energy from them and to compete better than what they gave us tonight. Everyone that got in tonight seemed to make some errors. You have a coach that wants to play the young players, but it is very hard to play them when they play like that.”
Is Nellie setting up his eventual benching of the young players? Is he paving the way for a seven-man rotation, excluding Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph?
Here are the youngsters numbers, in case you were wondering:

Morrow 15:07 minutes, 2-for-7 (1-4 from 3), 6 points, 2 turnovers
Watson 18:53 minutes, 3-for-5, 3 rebounds, 3 assists
Randolph 19:29 minutes, 1-for-7, 2 points, 4 rebounds, 5 turnovers, 2 blocks
Wright 16:06 minutes, 5-for-6, 10 points, five rebounds

Randolph has struggled considerably lately. Not only is cold offensively, he keeps turning the ball over from trying to do too much. But Wright has played consistently solid, IMHO, and they’ve gone away from Morrow. He’s getting a random shot here and there, and they aren’t working as hard to find him and get him open.

* Andray Blatche not only balled, he embarrassed the Warriors. He dunked on Wright and Randolph. He was slapping shots against the glass. He was talking trash and making faces. Dude looked like a beast. He’ll probably go 1-for-8 in the next game.

* He would never say anything, being the consummate teammate, but Ronny Turiaf is hardly getting any burn. He played less than 10 minutes on Tuesday and he’s logged fewer than 15 minutes in eight of the last 11 games. Turiaf is tied for fifth in the league with 28 blocks. There are 21 players in the league with at least 20 blocks. Turiaf, by far plays the fewest minutes (15.8) of the bunch. The closest is Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas, who has 25 blocks and is averaging 22.5 minutes.
So why isn’t Turiaf getting more minutes? He’s averaging 2.6 points on 38.2 percent shooting with 3.0 rebounds.

* Check out this soundbite from Caron Butler about the Wizards coaching change, courtesy of Wizards beat writer Ivan Carter from the Washington Post:
“Coach Jordan will be a lifelong friend and somone I communicate with for the rest of my life,” Butler said. “To see him go, that was tough. That’s why I didn’t talk yesterday because it hurt. But at the same time, now that we’ve got Obama on the sideline with us now, we’re going to ride with it.”
Apparently, he was calling new coach Ed Tapscott president-elect Barack Obama. Check out his explanation.
“Yeah, he’s light-skinned. He has a law degree. He stands for change. He uses big words. He’s new in the district and he’s in control now, so shout-out to Obama. We won tonight so we have hope.”

Marcus Thompson


    well thats funny, cause i blame the loss on Nelly. Poor rotations, poor coaching, and to stuborn to give up “miss-matching”. This will deffinitly mean a lot of playing time for Maggs and Jack tomorrow. If Maggs starts at PF, i have no clue what i will do!

  • Andrew

    I am utterly disgusted..thats all i can say right now

  • jay

    He need to save that blame for the veterans. Their shot selection all year long has been embarrasing. Kelenna’s 3’s that are as flat as goose’s free throws. Maggette taking 3’s cause nelson gave him the green light, not cause he has confidence in the shot. Jack believing he really is Baron and making some horrible passing decisions. These are not youngsters and this is happening in every game, win or lose. We are officially the worst team in basketball. Ask, of all people, Antwan Jamison!

  • Mountain Jim

    The kids played poorly. The vets played at least as poorly and don’t have youth and inexperience as an excuse. Wright was okay, but wasn’t boxing out on the boards. Randolph was active, but not in control. But Maggette was just clueless, Jax constantly dribbled head down into three defenders and lost the ball, Azabuike hasn’t passed the ball in three weeks and Morrow is less than an afterthought despite being the only one of these guys with a real shot.

    Crawford showed a few flashes, but what concerns me is that it’s a team of one on one players and that’s what the kids are learning too. That”s on Nellie.

    And yeah, Turiaf should be in the game more often, but playing along with someone else taller than 6’7″.

  • Chris Galing’s Uncle

    kelena was one of the few bright spots last night, and Nellie needs to accept some blame for his spotty rotations.
    we got schooled in the worst way to a 1-10 team, and we clearly have the deeper roster. how many times do you hear the announcers say “prior to this game tonight so and so has been 1-20 from 3 point range, but tonight he’s lighting it up!”

    only the warriors.

  • sonnyp

    as a lifelong warriors fan who has unfortunately been living/stuck in LA for years, i had the oppurtunity to watch ronny play for the lakes the past few years. i cant fathom why he doesnt receive more pt. he plays hard, doesnt demand many shots, and brings an energy and toughness the dubs do not possess. with a lineup of crawford,morrow,jax, and goose, we wouldnt need him to do anything besides, rebound,defend,and set picks!!!!! it also makes our bench more of a threat, with maggs, buke, BW, and AR.


  • commish

    One thing you can say about Nellie and that is he is consistent. He has yet to learn from years of mistakes and continues on his merry way at our expense. The game was a nightmare for both the players and coaching staff, but especially showed Nelson his ass if he was at all inclined to look and see. Is he ever going to learn or is he really that old of a dog. Stupid rhetorical question by Commish.

  • Al Oha

    How about some ACCOUNTABILITY, starting with the coach.

    Nellie did not have this team anywhere close to being prepared to play this game or any game for that matter. Maggette was eaten alive at PF. Meanwhile, RT got 10 minutes of PT.

    To lay this loss at the feet of the young players is just wrong. The vets on this team are the worst examples for the young players. They fire off 3 pt. shots indiscriminately, play one-on-one or one-on-three BB. Then, when their shot gets blocked because they can’t elevate higher than anyone’s outstretched hands, they complain to the refs about a foul. Pathetic.

    Get a trade ready for Dec. 15 involving Maggette for an outside shooting PF who can defend and rebound. Throw in anyone else in who is not a part of this team’s future core. Get control of Jax before it’s too late. Extending his old valuable contract was a MAJOR mistake and turned it into an albatross contract. Hang that one around RR’s neck.

    AR is talented but not ready, yet. He shouldn’t be getting twice as many minutes as RT. He is at his best in a running game, speedball (ME, JC, AR, BW, & AB). If the W’s aren’t running then he should sit for awhile and develop his shooting. Get confident with his around-the-basket moves and mid-range jumpers. Right now, it is painful to watch him turn the ball over or clang shots.

    Nellie seemed to sacrifice this game to prove some point. That the young players aren’t ready? He threw them all in with the most careless, out-of-control, turnover-prone ball handlers on the team. How about playing them one at a time, surrounded by vets who are playing under control and smart.

    Get ready for some Nellie, the mad scientist, do it my way, basketball. He now feels like that game proves his point.

  • Joe

    CLOWNS! They should play “send in the clowns” at timeouts. They should have an Elephant and a midget join them on the court, couldn’t hurt their game. They should scrap the team plane and cram everyone into a mini cooper for road trips. They should fire each other out of a cannon at the basket, maybe they would make one eventually. It isn’t a great time out. It’s a great time to get out because these guys are CLOWNS!

  • jim back from fishing

    Low point for me. Maggette disregarding an open Morrow to take a 3-point miss. Marcus, do you see any rhyme or reason in how Nellie substitutes. I know the standard line is being ready to play. But how can the young players get any kind of grove with Nelson’s substitutions and responses to their play? Why aren’t Maggette or Jackson yanked and singled out when they play like this?

  • Roy

    Nellie blames the youngsters so he doesn’t get blamed. How is a young player to respect this coach, how are they to go play for him hard. He doesn’t play them, he blames them when they lose big. He will kill their confidence and play Jax and Maggs who will shoot us to 22-60.

    How many mistakes has Jax made in turning the ball over and shooting 3’s at untimely possessions and having a Turnover, and Nellie has not once talked about his and how he cost us the game.

    Nellie is just asking to get fired so he can collect three years of pay. He should have never been given an extension. It was a mistake to hire him, and they make one mistake on Montgomery and another by bringing him back.

    This is why he hasn’t won a championship yet. He doesn’t understand the NBA has a draft that infuses young players into each team and you have to let them play and get their confidence. You can’t kill it.

  • E



  • jsl

    Nelson’s a coach that wants to play the young guys? Give me a break! And here I’d thought Nolan was the biggest lying, Bay Area coach.

    What insipid play — and primarily by the Mags-Jack duo which stunk it out yesterday. Terrible coaching — over and over. It’s getting to be unwatchable.


    Marcus, are the players reacting badly at all to Nelly? Cause an incredible amount of Nelly Loyalists i know, are even starting to question just what the hell Nelsons doing.

  • saltwatertaffy

    I don’t get how some of you are saying Nelson is bad because he is placing blame on the younger players. I mean, did you guys not watch the game last night? Do you really think that the youngsters merit serious play time after playing the way they did? I don’t necessarily agree with Don Nelson’s tactics/coaching style all the time, nor do I necessarily really agree with his thinking process(not that I ever understand it)… BUT he’s definitely NOT out of line when he places blame on the youngsters. They played a horrible game. It looked like a game of pick up basket ball during recess.

    I’m sorry if I sound angry, but that game was just sooooooooo horrible to watch last night.


    Mountain Jim, Kelenna has actually played much more in control as of late… He’s been looking for others more than before, its just that he didn’t get credited for the assist because who-ever he threw the ball to couldn’t covert the basket. He definitely doesn’t have really good court vision, but he’s actually been improving with the passing…



    Marcus, can you please tell Nelson NOT to play Maggette at the 4? sigh…If you go to nba.com and look at the top 10 plays from last night and the Haier play of the night… You’ll see COREY MAGGETTE! :X

  • Dave

    Marcus, do you think that the league has caught up with Nelson’s small ball game? Without the fast breakout led by BD and Monte, even the weaker teams (Washington, Sacramento, Memphis, Minnesota) have nothing to fear from Maggette at PF and Jackson’s wild shooting. Both of these guys are not “star” players to build around, although Jackson thinks he is. Again, this team desperately needs a low post power player, because they are getting their butts kicked under the basket.

  • Son of Ahmed

    No one is saying the young’ns played great yesterday. But for Nellie to single out the youngsters is bush league. They weren’t the only ones stinking up it.
    This team is playing completely out of sink, with no discipline, and with little energy. Who ultimately takes the blame for that?

  • coinman

    So here we go again. Nelson. Hall of Fame yada-yada-yada. I thought that after his 1994 meltdown he wouldn’t be allowed near the G.S.building, yet here he is. Uncreative. Brittle. Willing to sacrifice the team to prove himself right. Same old Nellie. When will the fan base have enough? Will the ownership point out to him that his job is to develop talent and WIN SOME GAMES? Except for occaisional bouts of screaming, he looks disinterested out there. A few of these guys have talent, but we’ll never see the neccesary coaching moves to bring it out. All Nellie cares about is Nellie.

  • jp

    Fire Nellie *#@& Very poor coaching, poor rotation, poor on everything. FIRE NELLIE…

  • jones4bball

    Undoubtedly some of the criticism of the younger players is warranted. But where’s Nelson when the veterans, specifically Jackson and Maggette are chucking (and missing) to their hearts’ content? Where’s the constructive criticism, the nurturing of the younger players, instead of the same tired holier-than-thou rant, unless it’s a rant at management for saddling him with the youngest team in the league. But he knew what he was getting and he signed on for more. Nelson’s knows how to get in a snit. What else is he good at. His performance this season goes to show how inflexible he can be-the worst quality for a coach on a young team.

  • jones4bball

    So we know that Hendrix isn’t a fit for Nelson stylistically and there’s Turiaf. The Warriors can’t use another burly rebounder in the mode of Millsap, Landry, and Bass? Is cornering the market on smalls and swing players while getting consistently killed on the boards and losing aestheticallly pleasing to anyone else other than Nelson? I can imagine Nelson at a 12-step meeting, saying my name is Don and I’m a small-ballaholic. It doesn’t make sense to have a few bulky bigs to change things up when small-ball isn’t happening? It’s highly unlikely to happen given the clueless bunch running this thing, but I’d push for Nelson to be dispatched to the glue factory and in his place, Brian Shaw, although he’d probably insists on a regime change first.