Pre-game Tidbits

A few notes heading into tonight’s game …

* Jamal Crawford will start at point guard tonight, his first game with the Warriors. He crammed last night trying to learn the plays. He said this afternoon that there are about seven or eight plays he knows well enough to run right now. He likely won’t hardly need that many

* Either swingman Kelenna Azubuike or guard Anthony Morrow will start next to Crawford. That’s not much news, accept they didn’t know which one yet (Nellie wasn’t at shootaround by the time I arrived). Whichever player starts, the other figures to get a chunk of minutes off the bench. Morrow figures to be the likely starter, as Azubuike is diverse in his game and can come in for any situation, whether they need scoring, rebounding, defense, penetration, etc.

* Corey Maggette, who missed Monday’s practice with flu-like symptoms, was at shootaround and looked fine, like his normal self. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, but it looks like he’ll be ready to play.

* Eddie Jordan’s firing might a bad thing for the Warriors, I think. Firings wake players up. Teams often play well for a new coach, if for nothing else than to prove they need to be on the court. I am expecting Washington go all out tonight. Unless … they want to protest Jordan’s firing by playing poorly and showing it wasn’t Jordan’s fault.

* I talked to a couple people on the team and the feeling is that Wright and Randolph are going to start getting consistent minutes. Maggette’s minutes being cut back opens up minutes for Wright at the four. But Randolph’s minutes should come at the three, backing up Stephen Jackson. With Turiaf backing up Biedrins, that means Wright/Randolph and Biedrins or Turiaf could get more time together. We’ll see. It’s all hunches and feeling at this point.

Holla later

Marcus Thompson

  • Al Oha


    I believe you meant Randolph’s minutes should come at the three, backing up Stephen Jackson. Or did you?

  • Al Oha

    Sorry, I meant Marcus, not Matt.

  • Ryan

    is this marcus williams blogging? i was wondering how he was spending his time…

  • Marcus

    Al Oha,

    Correct. I mean Randolph’s minutes should come at the three.


    That’s cold. 🙂

  • docklh


    I think that just maybe the W’s can get a win here tonight since I believe the players liked E.Jordan and may not put up a 110% effort tonight but who knows since they are all professionals.

    I would love to see Maggette come in as a 6th man and HOPE LIKE HELL he never shoots another 3 in his warrior life!

    If maggette sticks to getting to the free throw line we may be ok.

    Go W’s.

  • Mr. B

    Painful to watch. I guess it may be like this all year in that the W;s do not look NBA ready.

    I am wondering how to instill mental toughness into players especially when you are on the road and beat a team you are suppose to beat.

    I am saving my opinion of Crawford until I see him play PG a few more times.

    The offense should only go to Jackson, at the most, 30-40% of the time. Any more than that, the ball either stalls or results in a turnover.

  • Le

    My DVR FAILED and didn’t record tonights game. Anyone know of a website I can go to and watch? For free.

    I so ticked at Direct TV!

  • Joe

    I can’t believe these clowns got their butts kicked by the 1 & 10 Wizards. These idiots would look better in clown make-up and red noses riding unicycles. I think the starters should suffer a public flogging for the joke of a performance they called a basketball game tonight. I AM SO SICK OF THIS FREAKIN TEAM!!! AGHR!

  • commish

    Le, you were saved an embarassing loss to have to endure. It was just terrible from start to finish. The only good news as far as I’m concerned is Jax only played 34 minutes, Crawford was so-so in his first start, and Wright made the very most of his 15 minutes. The minutes were finally pretty well distributed and Bukie had a pretty good game. But the turnovers were atricious and we were killed on the boards and completely outhustled and outplayed by a team that was 1-10. Yuk!

  • Andrew

    My direct Tv was jacked up to. I am so glad i didnt have to throw stuff around tonight

  • Le

    Thanks Commish!

    I watched game on NBA League Pass Broadband. Terrible, no defense, no rebounds. Crawford played a controlled game and passed well.