Post-game Tidbits (at Boston)

A little late. My bad. Nonetheless, some observations:

* It has become apparent of late that Andris Biedrins has a weakness in his game other than free throws and post-ups. He struggles against athletic big men. When he is not longer, faster and playing with more energy, he is hardly as effective. It takes a lot of energy out of him to keep up with those types, and he isn’t the type of big man who goes down on the other end and make them pay on offense. Samuel Dalembert, JaVale McGee and Kevin Garnett exposed Biedrins. You don’t realize how much Biedrins got off people overlooking him and not paying attention to him. Wednesday, when a shot went up, Garnett went for Biedrins to block him out. Both Garnett and Dalembert defended Biedrins as if they’d studied his moves, even blocking his little flip shots.

* Remember Morrow gave Nellie “hope”? How is it he gets a DNP on Wednesday? Nobody (smart) expected him to get 37 every night. But how do you have a weapon like that on the bench and don’t use him.
Morrow has missed some shots, but the last couple of games they had been random attempts, not design plays to get him good looks. He’s come in, got one or two shots and come back out. Wednesday, he didn’t come in at all.
How about when the Celtics are going on one of their runs, and the Warriors can’t buy a shot, come in with Morrow and run him off two or three screens? At least put him on the floor to keep the Celtics from collapsing and helping on the hot hands, Maggette and Jax.

* Nobody was bothered at all by Crawford’s poor shooting. He was 5-for-17 on Wednesday after going 4-for-10 on Tuesday at Washington. With Nellie ball, it’s the attacking that matters. It’s making the defense account for you. Crawford is getting assists because he draws the defense. The expectation in the locker room was that he would start knocking down shots. No one expressed any kind of problem with the amount of shots he’s taken.

* What happened to Azubuike. He had score 15 points or more for six straight games. Wednesday, he took two shots. That’s almost inexcusable. For the Warriors to tout about having so many weapons, how is it they are finishing games with rounds in the clip?

Marcus Thompson

  • dahano

    Nelson is driving me nuts with his substitution patterns. He finally got it right the 1st half against Boston, by substituting liberaly til he found a combination that worked.
    The 2nd half was a different story though. He kept the same line-up much of the 3rd Qtr and went SMALL BALL (1 big man on the court)in the 4th Qtr. I would have liked to see Morrow, Randolph, Belinelli, and even Kurz in the Second Half.
    The Warriors aren’t going to win the championship this year and small ball is no longer working because they don’t have a head(Davis), just arms and legs. Nelson needs to play more conventionally – he’s now got three years to break the win streak.

  • jsl

    Good points re Goose, Marcus.

    But there’s another issue, too. Teams have learned to double AB, secure in the knowledge he’s the Warriors’ sole inside threat — given Nelson’s idiotic penchant for playing losing Stupid Small Ball (for which he was schooled badly by the young Bulls and Nets coaches). Sure, Garnett moved to Goose to block out, but he wasn’t alone down there. And since our “shooters” ALL seem to hit at less than a 40% clip, doubling AB is the sure, simple way to beat us — as all our recent opponents have shown. (This would likely change if Nelson went big — perhaps with a double post — using AR, Ronny, and even BW with Goose. Nelson can’t seem to see that, though he should be able to tell that SSB, particularly with Maggette as the four — as in Q4 in Boston — is a sure recipe for defeat.)

    Now, Nutso Don may be thinking about adding another team cancer (Marbury — according to Ratto this morning) in his never-ending quest to sacrifice long-term gain for short-term wins that will boost him past Wilkens. Sad commentary, because this obstinate imbecile used to be such a creative guy before his brain ossified. And now WE have to pay the price as he — once again — fails to develop his young talent (I still can’t believe AR gets limited to ONE MINUTE in Boston) while overplaying his old guys such that they’re tired — and worthless — in Q4, when the game’s on the line. (And why does Nelson allow Maggette to keep throwing up those awful threes that almost always clank off the front rim?) So, your point is right on, but Nelson seems certain not to implement a simple cure.

    And we can thank Rowell for adding two years to Nelson’s contract even BEFORE anyone got to see whether he’d learned any lessons from running the team into the ground last year. Now we see he’s become even worse — and we’ve been largely stuck watching that stultifying iso BBall and SSB, even tho we lack the players (i.e. quick, fast, running scorers) to make it work. Square peg, round hole: typical Nelson approach these days.

  • roy

    Nelson is all but concerned about his wins and just wants to pass Wilkens. He doesn’t care about young players development, he doesn’t care about what happens in a few years, and he surely doesn’t care about building a team to win a championship.

    The team he has if he builds right is two years away from competing for playoffs and Nelson won’t be around. He just wants to get the wins and after that he gets fired, so what, he can collect the money.

    In trying to pass Wilkens, he goes with the hot hand for the moment, without even seeing if the guy may start making shots later. The young kids get treated with so much inconsistency daily, their confidence will be ruined and their games but as long as Nelson does what helps him get a win for the moment, he will do it.

    Us beating Dallas, that wasn’t Nelson as the Warriors before that had owned Dallas as well. And the team would have made the playoffs that year with a full year of that core of guys. So Nelson gets too much credit for that year, though he may be a good coach at some time, he is too stubborn, sometimes downright ignorant in some of the way he handles the players and does things.

  • Earl monroe

    Boils down to this: SHOT S E L E C T I O N-

  • Earl monroe

    Boils down to this: N O T E V E R Y O N E I S A S H O O T E R

  • Earl monroe

    Boils down to this: N O T E V E R Y O N E I S A B A L L H A N D L E R

  • Roy

    Marcus, Another thing I saw from the Boston Game was how they moved the ball looking for the easy dunk or shot close to the basket. Even if they had a shot open from 8 ft, they were passing to a guy closer for a dunk. And the warriors would have two players run at the guy who is at 8 ft, so Boston would find that other player that is open closer.

    Warriors on the other hand take the shot right away if you are close or open from the 3. Hardly any attention to getting a dunk or any better shot. I guess that is why Boston has a championship and we are competing for the 8th spot.

    Isn’t that mostly coaching.

  • Warrick

    Biedrins had to help off McGee on the Washington game cause Maggette couldnt stop Jamison. I agree with JSL two big guys against one is not a fair game. I dont think Biedrins is good enough to dominate two big man consistently. One on one, he’s about as good as any non superstar big man out there. Although I agree that his shots and moves are really not all that fluid or athletic as long as he gets it done though.