Post-game Tidbits (at Cleveland)

You know it’s a bad night when C.J. Watson leads the team in scoring (17). Nothing against C.J., but if he’s the Warriors’ answer to LeBron James, then you’re getting blown out. And that’s exactly what the Warriors got – blown out!

* I don’t think Maggette touch the rim all night. Either he swished all net (on his three made field goals) or he airballed. He went from 32 points at Boston to 11 points at Cleveland. He is hardly driving at all, just shooting jumpers. That combined with at least three air balls on Friday is a sign that his hammy is still bothering him.

* Jackson was especially irritated after the game. He was devouring a slice of pepperoni pizza while he was expressing his obvious frustration.
“Pizza good,” he said before answering questions.

Can you stay positive without winning?

“You have to. that’s all you can do at this point.”

Can you pinpoint what’s going wrong?

“I have no clue what’s going on. Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t even know.”

How do you go from good offense at Boston to such bad offense at Cleveland?

“We weren’t passing the ball. When we share the ball, good things happen. When everybody’s out there for self, we ain’t going to win like that. We don’t play like that. When we have success, we share the ball, we pass to the open man. We have everybody looking for the open man. We wasn’t doing that tonight.”

Is that the fault of the youngsters or the vets?

“Nah. Coach came in and said the youngsters are looking at us and not doing it, so I guess it’s us. I thought I was leading the team in assists, wasn’t I? So I know it ain’t me.”

Do you guys go into games knowing what to do?

“We have to know bevcause taht’s what we go thorugh teh gamea plans before the game and shootraoud. And to come out in the game and not to remember nothing, what were we doing at shootaround? We’re always prepared to play. It’s just about us bringing the game plan to the game. We haven’t done that.”

Last year’s team showed it could bounce back from a losing streak. Are you worried with this team it could get really bad?

“I’m going to try and stay positive and say it won’t get bad, but we can’t keep saying we’re going to get the next one. We can’t keep relying on that. You got to actually do it. It can get bad, but hopefully we come out tomorrow with the attitude of not letting us come on a road and not win a game.”

*If the Warriors don’t win at the Knicks, it could get really bad. This five-game skid could get to 10. After New York, the Warriors host Miami, visit Houston and San Antonio before playing at Oklahoma City. Miami is a solid .500-type 10 that just won at Phoenix. The Rockets and Spurs are bonafide playoff teams. That could be nine consecutive losses heading into OKC. At that point, you couldn’t rule out a win by the Thunder, who would be licking their chops to get a win against the struggling Warriors.
In other words, the Warriors need a win bad at New York.

* Nellie offered up the youngsters as sacrifice again. Not as blatant, but certainly unsolicited. It’s kind of like a built in excuse.

Is it to the point where you don’t know what you’re going to get from night to night?
“I think that’s true with any young team. You’re not really sure. You play one player in there, you know, you compensate. You have two young ones in there, it makes it very difficult. One of them probably always probably always making some sort of an error. But it’s not just the young guys. Our ball movement wasn’t crisp. Then we had too many turnovers and not enough rebounds. But they’re one of the best teams, too, so uh, take that into account.”

At least for this night, his vets cost him. It was Jack and Corey combining to go 5-for-22 for 22 points. It was Goose getting outplayed by Zydrunas Ilgauskas. It was Crawford committing five turnovers getting an untimely technical foul (though he was hacked and it wasn’t called).

* Here’s one thing I don’t understand. Cleveland is on a run. The Warriors couldn’t stop them with the plague. What’s more, they couldn’t score. Another of their usual third-quarter droughts. Wouldn’t that be the perfect time to put in Morrow and/or Belinelli for some instant offense? Not just put them in, but run something for them, get them so good looks. Isn’t that better than turnaround jumpers by Jackson and pull-up 3s from Maggette? How many times does the iso on the low block need to fail before they go to more efficient methods? Teams are just helping on Maggackson, even double-teaming. You need other weapons to open it up. Put Morrow and Belinelli in the game and make the defense pick their poison. And don’t yank them after they go 0-for-2, but make sure they get 4 or 5 good looks.
I know. I know. They can’t play defense. But it ain’t like the starters were locking down the Cavs. Do you need Maggette and Jackson and Azubuike in the game (combined for 8-for-30) at the same time? Take one of them out, even two and see if you can get something going on offense, IMHO.
Nellie finally did put them in, early in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately for the Warriors, the game was already over.

Marcus Thompson

  • Norm

    I hate to put it all on SJax, but on any other team…..he’s on the bench struggling to get minutes. Will somebody please explain the hype behind this man?

    If he’s not dribbling the ball off of his foot, he’s getting striped. If he’s not getting stripped, he’s dribbling the ball into traffic and getting stuck.

    When he feels something doesn’t go his way, he complains to the refs and doesnt get back on defense.

    Nellie this man is killing your team!

  • jb

    Marcus, there was a convo between Jackson and Azubuike during the game. Do you know what that was about?

    Jackson and Azubuike started out the game well, and then things just started going down hill…

    You know, i can’t believe Jackson said this, ” Nah. Coach came in and said the youngsters are looking at us and not doing it, so I guess it’s us. I thought I was leading the team in assists, wasn’t I? So I know it ain’t me.”

    This is what I have to say, yes, Stephen you can get assists, but you don’t exactly help when you insist on going into traffic between 2 or 3 defenders forcing up shots, or when you take a random three just for the heck of it, or when you turn the ball over, or when you pout about calls that don’t go your way, or when you keep running your mouth!!

    You know what the problem is? Jackson doesn’t realize he’s the problem… Maggette and Jackson don’t seem to be able to co-exist with each other. I also feel there’s a trust issue going on. Jackson and Maggette seem to be convinced that the team would just absolutely suck without their help (which may very well be true). There’s no chemistry within the team.


    I know there are a LOT of Jackson supporters out there, and I’m not trying to offend anyone. I really do like Jackson’s heart and I’m sure his intentions are good… BUT he seems to be a big hypocrite. Thank you for letting me rant.

  • LA Dub

    Marcus, can you ask Nelson why he kept B Wright off the court for half of the 1st quarter and pretty much the entire 2nd quarter, only to bench him again for the start of the 3rd? I’m tired of seeing a “normal” line-up have some success, only for Nelson to switch to small ball and give ALL the momentum back to the other team. Please call him on this! I gotta hear what lame excuse he gives.

  • Wilson

    Jackson is getting to be as irritating as Baron was with his stupid one on one play. He has the nerve to complain that they weren’t moving the ball, that it wasn’t him – but it’s exactly him and Maggette. As Jb said, Jackson doesn’t realize that he’s the problem.

    Why isn’t Nellie yelling “Move the ball!” when it stagnates? Why does he let the team go to hell without directing them in the right direction? He’s a very irritating coach.

  • jlight

    Good points on jackson, wish his talent was as big as his ego. Also good points on Marco and Marrow, we’ve seen what both these kids can do when they get it going. Who’s the warriors defensive coach? why cant this team learn to play solid d.If the shots not falling you certainly can stay in a game and win if you play good, sound defense. When is Monta’s hearing, it needs to go in his favor so everyone can finally put this mess to rest.

  • Kinglear3

    Wilson correct. Nelson is allowing the veterans to play one on one and jack up wild shots. The rookies move the ball around much better. Nelson is the problem.

  • Mr. B

    Nellie cannot blame the youngsters, they are out there trying to do their best with the limited NBA skills and experience that they have.

    We are doing smoke and mirrors here. The real problems are 1) the Veterans – Jackson, Maggette, etc… not moving the ball. As I’ve said for the last two weeks, Jack is not an efficient facilitator / ball distributor. I do not know what the issues are with Mags. He is a veteran and should know better.

    Coaching is not crisp either. Why the heck is the ball not moving around. Coach – tell your guys to move the ball…

    The root cause of the problem here is the front office. Those **Boneheads** broke up the winning team combo for the last two years. These boneheads do not seem committed to retaining top tallent and obtaining more top tallent. There comes a point in time when you gotta pay up to stay in the game. Otherwise you are always either rebuilding or in the bottom of your division.

    It seems that these boneheads are just going through the motions of hiring players.

    Cohan – you have to ask yourself what incentives you have in place to ensure that your guys are committed to having a competitive team. How can you go from “We Believe” to We Suck in the span of a few months?

    Sell the frickin team if you guys can’t get your act together.

  • PhilB

    When this team failed to show up against Washington, essentially giving that game away and laughing it off, I knew then that the selfishness had set in. Now the losing grows like the selfishness into a cancer so who knows when this team will win again. Doesn’t seem so funny now does it, Warriors?
    My Mama once said that hard heads (Jax, Maggette, Nelson, Rowell) make for soft behinds. So let the butt whippings begin…

  • I feel the same frustration as everyone else here. What a load of crap that Jackson said he was passing the ball. Jack, Magg, and Buki are the black holes. I don’t know if they are instructed to go to isolations when they do, but even Bob and Jim were complaining that they were forcing it… When is Jackson going to realize he can’t dribble the ball into 2-3 defenders? When is Magg going to realize he isn’t a good 3-pt shooter?

    I feel a long losing streak coming up…


    The fact that he “has no clue” about whats wrong his disheartining and unbelievable! He’s one of the biggest problems, He is a ball hogg and doesnt even know it, thats insane! And that also means since he doesnt know, he wont be fixing the problem. “I know it aint me” =Holy S**t. Were screwed.

  • ECJ

    I think the biggest problem the warriors have this year (and every year) is that they’re not tough at all. In the Boston game, the Warriors got off in the first half because Boston was playing a little bit off them, and the W’s used speed and skill to score often. After the break, the Celtics began playing physical basketball, making sure to make physical contact with any W’s player who touched the ball. This clearly rattled the W’s who only scored 16 pts in the 3rd quarter. The W’s need to get an enforcer or two in their locker room who will instill a tough guy mentality in the team. The W’s are too comfortable getting pushed around, and it has nothing to do with the size of the players. Its a state of mind, and the W’s need to toughen up. Tired of watching a bunch of soft, sissy players represent my city.


  • Earl monroe

    “I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT’S GOING ON,” Stephen Jackson said. “We weren’t passing the ball. When we share the ball, good things happen. When everybody’s out there for self, we ain’t going to win like that.”
    Jackson added: “When we have success, we share the ball, we pass to the open man. We have everybody looking for the open man. We weren’t doing that tonight.”

    1. YES, YOU HAVE NO CLUE, starting with let me post with my back to the basket at the free throw line, so I can be attacked from several angles defensively.

    2. lets continue taking advantages of miss matches by holding the ball for 5-7 seconds then making a bad pass out of double teams at the last second instead of passing out of the double before or as its about to come

    3. Lets play matador defense-

    4 It seems to me like YOU are at the top of lis of going out for SELF, even though its probably encouraged by NELSON

    5. You should look for the open man first

    6. Your job should be to create easy shots, not make you team mates take shots
    with the 24 second clock going down

    I watched Phil Jackson talk between quarters of the espn game and he hit the nail right on the head “we need to swing the ball, and make the defense work”
    Stephen Jackson does none of this.

    “we don’t share the ball” thats the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Earl monroe

    Marcus, you are dead on about the substitution pattern or lack there of

  • Roy

    The FACTS

    Don Nelson = No Rookies, No Team Building, No Consistency, And Def No Championships

    Steph Jackson = No passing, No clue about what his abilities are, No clue when to do what, Overblown idea of his game, and X Shots for (X-3) Points

  • Mr. B

    Marcus – CCT is killing us too. We still have Harrington on the banner above. That boat’s been long gone and forgotten.

    Can we at least have a pic of Mags getting posterized by LBJ?

  • Earl monroe

    Jackson should know its not about the numbers (talking about how its not him because he has so many assists) its about when he chooses to make bad passes and take bad shots, if I had the ball so many times in a game I would have 8 assists too.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    The W’s are playing crappy right now and I agree with every comment made on this forum to some extent. However, my teenager made an observation that seems to have escaped most: The team has added some unexpected pieces in mid-stream. They needed to have this bunch of guys together in preseason to figure things out. Or at the very least have gotten luckier by having Crawford join the team during a homestand. If this is the case, then Nelson is trying on the fly to see what he has and who can do what with whom. I don’t have a problem with this as this team sure has a lot of unanswered questions. By my count there are 11 players who look like they should be on the floor and that is just too many. I think Nelson is forced into using these real games to make the decisions. That is way different to trying to win the games–and ending up losing them anyway, even with it all figured out this was going to be a tough road trip–and is IMHO a smart thing to be doing. Chill people. Winning enough games in the Western Conference to make the playoffs was out of the question the moment Monta got hurt. I’ll be happy with a winning 2nd half of the season.

  • Dave

    Marcus, so glad Rowell gave Jackson an extension so we can listen to his excuses for 2 additional years. Jackson is the “voice” of the team, and he can’t explain why they are losing?? Look in the mirror! The way things are going, Monta may WANT to have his contract voided.

  • Joe

    We should change the team name to Rowell’s CLOWNS!

  • OliverStone

    Inks dried on the contract so the true colors are coming out…

    Been a fan longer than I hate to admit & I’ve never seen a more coddled & pampered athlete than Jackson!
    Shoot all you want from wherever you want! Play as many minutes as you want! Play defense when you feel like it? Show your leadership by not getting back on defense because you want to bitch at the refs! Lead the league in T.O.’s! Have the 2nd lowest shooting percentage of the top 50 scorers! (Only BD’s lower)

    What an ungreatful SOB…but what do you expect from a “Teacher’s pet”. Little Bobby & his best friend Stephen deserve each other…but now we have to put up with this for 5 years!

  • gswarriors08

    Trade Stephen Jackson. Bench him. Do whatever it takes to get rid of him. Can’t believe Rowell extended Jackson’s contract. I’m as frustrated as all of you when it comes to Jackson’s play. Absolutely cannot stand the way Jackson plays on the court. If the call doesn’t go his way, first thing he does is foul the other team and start complaining to the ref. That is not leadership at all. We need change.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Why we will never be a good team that rotates,distributes the ball, and utilizes all FIVE men on the court:
    Maggette (Ball hog and Jackson (Ball hog). And the head of the circus act: Nellie.

  • shawn moyer

    leran how to sprll plaese

  • shawn moyer

    lakers dominate the warriors suck

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