Pre-game Tidbits (at Cleveland)

Not exactly pre-game anymore, thanks to internet problems. Nonetheless …

* Brandan Wright is starting for the second-consecutive game. Nellie, to match-up with the opponent’s size, has opted to start an extra big man instead of Kelenna Azubuike. The Cavs have a frontline of LeBron, Wallace and Ilgauskas.

* LeBron James responded to Charles Barkley’s comments rather bluntly. Barkley said the all the talk about James going to New York in 2010 was disrespectful. James’ response: “He’s stupid. That’s all I’ve got to say.” I kept waiting for a smile. It never came.

* Guard Anthony Morrow said he made the expectations too high with his breakout performances in his first opportunity. That’s why his 6-for-22 shooting over the last three games (not counting Wednesday’s affair in Boston, which Morrow watched in its entirety from the bench), seems like such a fallf rom grace.
“I did kind of set the bar too high,” he said before the game. “But sometimes you’ve got to kick the door down, let ’em know you’re there. Nobody’s going to shoot 60 percent every game. I don’t care who they are.”
It doesn’t help Morrow that he isn’t getting shots while he’s out there. When he was rolling, the Warriors were working him into the offense. Lately, he’s been out there hoping to get a shot, which only increase the pressure of every shot. It’s a tough task for a rookie to play 3-5 minutes, get one or two shots – knowing that if they don’t go down you may be done for the night.
As I’ve said before, if he’s in the game, they need to be getting him shots. No point in him being in the game so everyone else can jack up 20 footers.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    As I’ve said before, if he’s (Morrow) is in the game, they need to be getting him shots. No point in him being in the game so everyone else can jack up 20 footers.

    YOU THNIK! I wonder why Nelson doesn’t know that.

    Plus everyone says he is better when he doesn’t have much time to think about his shot or even from set shot positions. His gift is instinctual and rather instantaneous.

  • Mr. B

    Its been a tough stretch for W’s. Cleveland is pummeling them at the moment with a PG named Mo Williams dominating. The W’s need a PG who can dominate these PGs like Rajon Rondo, Mo Williams and other Tier 2 and 3 PGs.

    I do not expect to dominate D. Williams or Chris Paul but come on now, do womething with the other no name guards.

    The Ws are just not doing anything at any position. Jackson again stalls the offense and commits several turnovers.

  • Derek

    The Warriors are pathetic, guys like Jackson are taking terrible shots when they are completely covered.

    Crawford and Maggette are losers, the came from losing teams and do not know how to win or play like winners.

    Morrow needs more playing time and shot opportunities.

    Maybe the W’s need to trade either Jackson, Crawford, or Maggette for a PF. They also still need a legit PG.

    Who dumb ideal was it to let Baron Davis walk.

    The Warriors are now back to their traditional losing ways.

  • E


  • Mr. B

    To the three stooges – Cohen, Rowell and Mullin. Get this team back on track!! You should be making progress and not regressing.

    Whoever screwed up the line up should get fired. Warrior Management, get your act together!! The fans and season ticket holders are affected.

    Your product sucks and your season tickets ain’t cheap.

  • commish

    You gotta be kidding, right! Jackson will never come off he bench as long as Nellie is coaching and Rowell is making the basketball decisions. I really didn’t believe it could get so bad so quickly and the thing is, the powers that be don’t seem to care. I wish there were a way to get create a real stink in the media or with the front office demanding some explanation for this total lack of team focus, discipline and coaching leadership. Any ideas Marcus how we could use the press to start the ball rolling?


    JACKS iso’s are killing me! him and Maggs stopped the flow of the game and cooled everyone down, those two and nelly lost the game for us. people may try to argue, but from my seat at home they are the sole reason were loosing games. Marcus you have to be seeing how the tall ball and solid ball movement get us the lead, then BAM small ball and Jack and Maggs being the biggest ball hoggs this side of Kobe. Only no matter what they think, they arent near Kobe level. How do you feel about Nelsons coaching so far? I loath it!

  • Roy

    The FACTS

    Don Nelson = No Rookies, No Team Building, No Consistency, And Def No Championships

    Steph Jackson = No passing, No clue about what abilities are, No clue when to do what, Overblown idea of his game, and X Shots for (X-3) Points

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