Pre-game Tidbits (No Jack)

* Stephen Jackson is out with a severly sprained left hand. It is so swollen, he needs a brace. He’s got to sit until the swelling goes down. It’s not broken, so he won’t be out for an extended period of time. It is uncertain whether he will play Monday against Miami. Jax doesn’t do pre-game interviews, so I’ll get you more info after the game.
UPDATE: It’s officially a sprained left wrist (though his knuckles were swollen, too) and he is day-to-day.

* Guess who is starting in Jackson’s place? No, not Morrow. Not Azubuike (though he is starting). MARCO BELINELLI! That’s right, Nellie is giving Belinellie a turn. There is a Marco section behind the Warriors bench. So they get a treat. Azubuike is starting because Brandan Wright is out of the starting lineup. He had started at PF against Washington and Boston. Yup, another game, another lineup.

* Forward Al Harrington showed up while some Warriors were shooting. He came over to speak to them. He was all smiles, looking like the happiest man in the world. (Inside locker room joke: Al told Jax he wasn’t playing because he was scared.)

* Jamal Crawford was swarmed by the New York meida, illustrating why he is loving the move to the Bay, which he calls “low speed” environment.

Marcus Thompson

  • LA Dub

    Knicks in the first quarter – 18 points in the paint, 60+ fg%, highest scoring quarter this season, blah, blah, blah. Marcus, please grill Nelson on why he insists on playing small ball.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Knicks score a record 82 points in the first half! What a JOKE!

    Jax quoted :I don’t know what up with the team. We seem to do good when we pass the ball”. What a crock of S**T! GEEZ why doesn’t Jax take a look at the way he hogs the ball day in and day out!
    Then again it doesn’t show much when W’s upper mgt. gives Jax and Nelson an extension.

    So much for starting M.B. Nellie starts him the first 6 minutes or so and never puts him in again for the remainder of the first half.

    Remember when Dick Vermeil stepped down as the Eagles coach stating it was his fault for the team not playing well?
    Nellis OWES Warrior fans to do the same! We don’t deserve Nellie.

  • commish

    Noteanelsonfan: You better get that note to Santa ASAP and hope you haven’t been too naughty this year. I’ll co-sign but that might not help much 🙂

  • roy

    Why do I get the feeling Nelson is trying to get fired, why does he keep insisting on small ball over and over again. He just wants to collect the three years of salary. What a big mistake extending Nelson and Jax.

    What a mess the warriors are. Only hope is Ellis can come back and stabalize the team somewhat with good shooting and taking the pressure off everyone else and be the goto guy.

  • jp

    The problem with the Ws are not the players. They have good players. The problem is the coach. FIRE NELSON. It was pathetic that their opponents were scoring at will on them via dunks and layups. They don’t have defense because of that pathetic small ball idea. They have good defensive players in Randolph and Turiaf but he utilizes them poorly. The players never get into rythm becasue the rotations are always different. What a waste of their good players. FIRE NELSON.

  • Mr. B

    The past few games for the Ws will keep a lot of people awake at night but looking forward and to try and keep this team respectable, they need to tweak a few things.

    I think for this team to be effective, they will need two players in the starting lineup. Jackson for leadership and off-the-ball offense. Both Jack and Turiaf for defense.

    On the offensive front, you will need a ball handler and distributor. We need Watson for this purpose with the emphasis on taking the ball away from Jackson on running point. Jackson need to be at the 3 position.

    Looking at the past 15 or so games, I will have the following starting lineup.

    PG – Watson
    SG – Mags
    F – Jackson
    PF – Turiaf
    C – Biedrins

    Nelson will argue that it depends on the teams and matchups and this mindset has made him win more games than others.

    The key here is having someone run the offense 50-60% of the time other than Jackson and this type of a lineup will leave you little from the bench. Bukie will be a nice off the bench offense.

  • Earl monroe

    There needs to be accountability for shot selection, down by 12 with 5 minutes to go is enough time for a come back, especially against the knicks, but the horrible decision to drive by Watson and the quick shots by Magette are bad shots in any offense, but it just does not seem like Nelson is discussing shot selection with the players because they just keep shooting without regard for game situation.
    Its this same attitude towards shot selection that leads to miss free throws in critical situations, the body language indicates a laissez-faire attitude- like there will be another shot coming up soon so let me take this one-or its okay if I miss this free throw we will have plenty more possessions.
    This type of attitude stems from the coach-
    Is Bellineli just being showcased? and why yank the young players and not the veteran guys when both are making the same mistakes?

  • Earl monroe

    and by the way Ritchie Guerin was not a guard-so how did he get 22 assists?
    the warriors make everybody come out of shooting slumps and last year Duhon just torched them-superman he is not.
    At some point someone is got to get physical with point guards, is Duhon that good?, and would Mullin have made a run at him in free agency if he knew that Davis was gone?

  • Rather Be Lit

    Hey Marcus,

    I’m sure somebody has touched on this already but…

    isn’t it time you switched the picture at the top of your website?


    Wheres all the post game tidbits at? What you think about nelson refusal to stay big (traditional?)

  • Ray

    WowI feel sorry for jamal. he came form a similar system that stretched making the extra pass to a team full of guys all wanna shoot but who are not good enough to carry a team.

    nelson needs to make up his mind if Crawford is the point guard than establish that team wide and have him focus on distribution .It must be a nightmare to play pg on a team in which every player will bring the ball up at anytime and just jack up a shot. If you dont allow the pg to bring it up as much as possible then you can never set or control your tempo. Thats why the Warriors have blown all these leads.

    Put Crawford at point and if you want Jax and maggette to chuck well then have him feed them but everyone else who comes in are role players who should be looking to pass the ball.

    Not bring it up

    Not take shots out of the offensive flow

    He should start a big at PF Wright,Turiaf,Randolph take his pick and start them and give them starter minutes slide Buke and Morrow into backup wing spots and play them accordingly ,NEVER I MEAN NEVER play Maggette at PF again its just a waste of time because he doesnt board .

    You cant play smallball with guys who dont like to screen.You cant run all isolations against good defensive teams and expect to win a 48 minute game. Maggette hit a couple of shots but the knicks caught on and we just kept trying to post him up instead of using screens to free him.Teams know the warriors dont pick ,dont move and are prone for someone other than the point guard to do too much and then turn it over.

    He needs to start benching Buke,Maggette,Randolph after these dumb careless over dribbling turnovers.Give the ball to the point guard because if you dont and you turn it over you are immediately coming out.

  • Mountain Jim

    Anyone who thinks this team has the personnel to be a good team should watch some other NBA games, ones with good teams playing. Randolph is NOT a good defender – he may well be and he’s got decent instincts for a guy who’s so young but he can’t hold position against bigger players, goes for the block too often, and gets burned frequently. In fact, there isn’t an above-average defender on this team except on the days Jackson feels like it.

    The problem is the front office wouldn’t take a shot at keeping things together but didn’t have the balls to break it all up and rebuild, which sticks the roster at somewhere below mediocre and sticks Nelson with a collection of mismatched pieces and no clear direction.

    They need to play the young guys, trade a couple of guys for whatever picks or expiring contracts they can manage, and take their lumps this year. That goes against management’s theory that if you are mediocre but sometimes entertaining people will pay for tickets and merchandise, of course, but there it is.

  • CoachWP

    Is every Warrior fan blind? I see the same problem cropping up that has dogged Don Nelson’s coaching career. He has an inability to coach/manage young players. He usually ends up getting rid of them, or ruining their career.

    I hate the Bay Area sportswriters, they think Nelson walks on water, and is above reproach. I think not. This team does not have a starting lineup or a plan for rotation. Every game its something new. I you have ever played any sport, you have a need to know what the h— is going on in order to prepare. This notiication 10 minutes before gametime is ridiculous.

    If a player is out at night partying, or caught up in drugs, or other activities the press will crucify them. When this coach with his arrogance is obviously in over his head, they (sports journalist)let it pass.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You guys ran Bill Madlock out of town, T.O., Dave Kingman, Barry Bonds, and Chris Webber. They all have had great careers, but now this coach needs to be in your journalistic crosshairs. Have the guts to say something about the way this team is being ruined. They are a .750 club with the current talent, but they will never reach their potential while under Nelson’s tutelage. He needs to change or there needs to be a change….. Avery Johnson is out there…

  • Mike in Atl

    Marcus, thanks 4 the hard work, but we really suck bad. I’ll check back in when Monta comes back. Peace

  • Mr. B

    I received notice that the Ws are playing the Heat tonight and are having a two-for-one “Holiday” ticket special.

    Some call it Holiday specials but others call it a Fire sale.

    Get the team back on track and the Ws won’t need specials.


    Dont buy anymore tickets! Strike!!! Not until we start winning, just until our young guys get steady PT and small ball gets axed!!!

  • JustPuked

    I’ll be there tonight to witness either a change from Nellie, or a revolt from the fans. Thanks for plugging away from the road Marcus!

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Everyone makes valid points. But, remember the main important thing: Nellie is narrow minded and hard headed, and won’t EVER tell Jax to give up the ball.

    I watch Lakers, Hornets and majority of playoff teams, and their offenses constantly move the ball around and guys are rotating without the ball. You think to yourself geez, if only Nellie would coach the W’s to do the same thing on a consistent basis we would get more wins.
    I remember when we played the Suns a year or two ago and beat them, that particular game the W’s were moving the ball around so much they could have beaten anyone. They really looked AWESOME. Pretty sad that was a RARE display, never to be really seen again.
    Since then we won games but not like that one. Our majority of wins comes when the W’s are shooting unusually high percentage, and it’s a street game of run and gun.

    Nellie has no REAL half court game system. If the W’s can’t shoot good for the evening were pretty much sunk, and will get the loss.

    Were doomed for another three years with the extension for Nellie.

    Santa please drop the sled on Rowell’s and Cohen’s head, and with extension or not get rid on Nellie. It would not be the first that the W’s would be paying salary to a fired head coach!