Pre-game Tid Bits (vs. Miami)

Nellie had a pretty good pre-game press conference (for a change). He stood strong on his stance about the Warriors not making the playoffs. My man Tim Kawakami has Nellie’s pre-game up already.

* Jack is in the mix again after missing last game with a sprained left wrist. But Azubuike is out with a sprained left foot). As a result, Brandan Wright is in the starting lineup again. BW is going to break a hip the way he keeps getting bounced around the rotation.

All I got this pre-game. I’m having computer issues!

Marcus Thompson

  • Joey

    This team is weak, the coaching bad but the orginization is a joke. There is no plan other then getting random players as band-aids to patch bigger problems. Nellie knows it and has mentally retired.

  • Mr. B

    Marcus – I am somewhat relieved that you had computer issues and unable to write more about the Miami game.

    It was sickening to watch these guys squander leads within the last few minutes. Every opportunity to win the game were presented to this team and each time they found a way not to cover the good shooters, recover loose balls and plainly throw away the last possesion.

    The lack of dedication and basketball IQ for these “NBA Players” boggle the mind.

    I wish I had better feedback on this team but it is impossible.

  • jb

    Looks like we could have used Azubuike tonight. Maggette, Jackson and Crawford played 46+ minutes tonight…

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Well we were competitive this game. Should have won the game, but Nellie’s SMALL LINEUP with 9.8 seconds killed us again.
    With the lead you would think Nellie would have put in Turiaf for defensive rebounding alongside with A.B. during that final 9 seconds or so. But again that’s Nellie’s stupid defensive game plan once again.

    Maybe if were lucky Jax hand will remain swollen for some more games so he can give the ball up more like he finally did tonight.

    Hope that Maggette will learn that it would not have hurt if he put his hands up on defense on the Heats “Back up guard” for the tying three point shot.

    This scene is getting really old. How many many more games do we have to go through like this?

  • Gahdang

    We lost to Miami because Warriors didn’t play defense. Simple as that.

    btw, when the hell is Monta Ellis coming back?

  • Kinglear3

    When willl Don Nelson teach them how to in bound the ball during the last 2 minutes of a game?

    AR would have given them a better chance to catch a rebound.

  • commish

    How many more games, that is the question. Until Nelson gets fired or booted upstairs and we continue to edge downward towards a higher draft pick. I don’t care that we lose, per se, for those two reasons. However, creating a culture of losing would also scar the younger player’s psyches (I presume without knowing that of course). Ironically, once Nellie started his fav five to open the fourth quarter I knew we were doomed. He should be fired now!! I mean Jax can barely move–his toe must be bothering him again–but he still found a way to turn a few balls over and take some bad shots. As long as people really think, especially Nelson, that Jax is the best player on the team, well, that pretty much says it all.

  • JustPuked

    Nellie went with the small ball lineup starting from early in the fourth quarter, when the Warriors had a about a 5 point lead. As CJ checked into the game, I called the loss right then (and I wasn’t happy about being right by any means).

    When it was in doubt, for just a bit he went with Ronny and Goose and going big got the team a take it home lead. Only to see it slip away with the small ball line-up unable defend and control the boards. As long as Nellie keeps his bigs under wraps, the losses will keep piling up. Marcus’s boy, Geoff has been chronicling the effectiveness of Nellie’s big line-ups vs. the ineffectiveness of his small lineups on his blog 48minutes.net.

    (I hope you don’t mind the shout out Marcus.)

    PS, was that you FLIRTING at the game last night, lol. Work it Playa!

  • BenchCoachObserving

    The Warriors played to win the game until the last 7 1/2 minutes of the 4th quarter. It was so interesting that the Warriors would not play to win. I think that Nellie was thinking the same way, “don’t lose the game.”
    Playing to win meant fouling somebody early in the play and giving two points instead of giving up three points. There were so many easy three point shots that were given to Miami when the Warriors were up by three or four. Why do the Warriors wait to call a timeout at the end of the game? Why not call it after Miami scores and get the ball at half court?
    Maybe this team needs to re-evaluate its approach to winning and losing from the players to the coaches? As a fan, like so many others that were at the game we did not have confidence in them to win it. We kept thinking that Wade would not let his team lose after battling so hard to be in the game in the final 4 minutes. Will somebody on this team step up and lead the charge defensively? Turiaf leads by example when he is in, but no other Warrior seems to have the swagger of a winner.
    Even in the face of defeat this team says “we deserved to win?” Wake up Nellie and boys–Losses don’t make anybody feel better that is a winner, and winners don’t console themselves with second place! If there is one thing that Nellie should understand with his pedigree, is that we can’t feel sorry for ourselves. He slipped up last night and he needs to be held accountable. Why didn’t Jack come out when he could not play defense or rebound and then had a horrendous shooting night? CJ’s been playing terrific and had three nice steals, sure he got lost a few times on defense, but compared to the night Jack had — give me CJ for at least 6 more minutes over Jack.

  • A.J.

    I would like to see Corey Maggette be more aggressive with the ball in the waning seconds of the game. He takes the ball to the basket much better than Stephen Jackson and gets to the free throw line. I do not understand why he doesn’t attack the basket more often.

    The best way to win games down the stretch is to attack the basket and get to the free throw line, that’s Corey Maggette’s game.

    Didn’t you see Jamal Crawford last night put the ball on the floor and score floater after floater in the paint, get “And Ones and yes, take some open perimeter shots, but they were all good shots, not poor shots. Especially that one 3 out of the timeout in the 4th with about 3:30 left. But he scored 40 points because he attacked the basket and was aggressive.

    Corey works hard on his body, look at the shape the guy is in, he works hard in practice and during the game, so why is he so passive in the 4th quarter when we had Shawn Marion in foul trouble and the Heat over the limit. Take the ball to the basket Corey, that’s why you’re here.

    Also, everything on the offensive end just looks in shambles. The line-up combinations, the poor shooting is just wearing on me and I would like to see an aggressive move by the front office. I would like to see a package deal that brings in a legitimate game finisher.

    At this rate, Minnesota, Sacramento, Memphis are all better than us.

    The only teams that are worse than us are Oklahoma City, the Los Angeles Clippers and some Eastern Conference teams.

    This is terrible though, I am so upset with the direction this team is headed, they look like losers.

  • blah

    Basket ball 101
    1) Crawford played a great game, but don’t shoot a 3 when your up by 2 with less than 24 seconds left in regulation, unless your wide….wide open. We take way too many contested 3’s. Phoneix used to take a ton of 3’s too, and were only successfull doing so because they were wide open. You don’t need Nash, you just need to move the ball.

    2) Foul Wade away from the hoop as soon as he has the ball when you have a foul to give, …i’m talking to you captain Jax.

    3) Double team Wade for heaven’s sake, at least when it comes to last shoot. Everyone in the world know he’s going to the hole, and everyone is not nostradomus. Hello?

    4) I was going to write 10, but i’m out of enery. Professionals should be able to figure it out themselves. I was at the game last night, unfortunately.

    Small ball is driving me nuts! Unless you shooting like 75%, it doesn’t work, because your undoubtably going to give up 60%. Plus, it’s not like our ‘bigs’ can’t run, so what is the problem? Maggette should never have to play the 4 when this team is healthy. We still have a ton of fire power, with any set of 1 through 3, we put out there. We even have enough depth to press full court all game every game. I don’t believe in the press in the NBA, but the point is we should never, ever be out hustled by a PG, SG, or SF.

    I could go on forever.

  • pete blunt

    I am so glad to hear that others beleive as I do that small ball is killing us and Nellie refuses to change. I can only hope that he does move upstairs soon, because his ego is too big for him to actually win the whole thing. We need a coach who has some idea of how to play defense. You cannot win an NBA championship without being able to stop the other team.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    The problem with last night’s game was…………..

    oh, what the hell. Nevermind.

  • gissm

    I can’t wait until Monta returns, but Nelson will undoubtably go with a lineup of ellis/craw/jack/mag/beans….and smallball will continue to fail.
    Then, CJ Watson and Azu get minutes over our three backup Bigs, further compounding the problem of not having enough floor balance.

  • jsl

    Marcus, you seem to have a terrific pipeline into the W’s clubhouse (e.g. Al’s disaffection for Nelson).

    Why, then, do we get no reportage on what’s happening INSIDE the clubhouse with the young guys — particularly BW and AR — who are obviously growing disenchanted with perpetually being treated like dirt by Nelson (e.g. we all saw BW’s interaction with Smart and AR’s grim-faced, nodding agreement, when Nelson — once again — had Maggette play the four in Q4 Tuesday, guaranteeing (1) a certain loss and (2) no play for the tall guys at crunch time)?

    Isn’t it about time that someone in the print media — other than TK — had the cojones to do some analysis and reporting on this rudderless team (even Jack seems unhappy with his coach) whose coach has gone plunging off the deep end — game after game? I mean, which opposing coach HASN’T outcoached Nelson since the Clips game? He was simply brutalized by Del Negro and the Wizards’ first game coach — both of whom beat him badly at his own small ball game. And it’s gone downhill since then.

    Doesn’t anyone read the print/statistical analyses of how much better the team does with a tall (i.e. at least two of the AB-BW-AR-RT foursome) line-up? Doesn’t anyone see how poorly Maggette performs at the four? How the game slows down to a crawl with CM in it? (Never a good sign for small ball — where speed and passing are required, and where a 13 assist game would be impossible.) How the team NEVER wins when Nelson forces his small ball game in Q4?

    And can’t any beat writer see what’s so apparent on the faces of BW and AR (and others), who are obviously getting tired of being trashed by their rigid, arrogant leader?

    I’m not asking for anyone to accept my extremely hostile view of what Nelson’s become in his mindless, deranged quest to beat Wilkens’ record, regardless of the destruction he’s causing to his own team. (Nolan might have been as big a liar as Nelson, tho he was nowhere near as arrogant.) But a little “investigative reporting” would be very welcome. It just seems as if the beat writers — and I include Janny and Ron along with you — are just ignoring the obvious, as if Nelson’s got you cowed or something.

    BTW, has anyone seen Rowell around lately? He was all over the place patting himself on the back for his dramatic interventions over the past six months: signing Maggette for $50MM, extending Nelson’s contract before seeing whether he’d changed any spots from last year, extending ol’ Jack into his mid-30s when his contract still had two years to run, and — of course — castrating Mullin, the guy who brought the young talent Nelson insists on sitting even as the team craters? Has that guy just disappeared? And is it fair to call him out not only as a disaster of a GM but a coward, as well? Why no analysis of his moves?

    So, what’s going on with the beat writers?

    A lot of us are asking these questions. Why aren’t you, in particular, addressing them?

  • Earl monroe

    did we not loose the first 7 last year?

  • Eric


    Call me crazy and realistically this trade would never happen, but with the Warriors and Clippers both currently struggling wouldn’t it make sense if the Warriors could trade Baron to the Clips for Crawford, Bellinelli, & Wright? From a salary cap standpoint the numbers would seem to work: Baron at $13 mil per year for Crawford $10 mil + Wright/Belinelli ($3 mil). With the Clippers struggling mightily out of the gate, Im sure they would love to unload on Baron’s contract with Eric Gordon waiting in the wings at the point. The Clips would acquire Crawford a solid shooting guard in return along with some nice young talent in Wright and Bellinelii? (whom Nellie doesn’t play anyway) The Warriors could throw in a 2nd round draft pick if they wanted to sweeten the pot. Clearly a Dunleavy and Baron marriage has and will not work out: Baron wants free will & reign on offense while Dunleavy wants to run a conventional half court offense with set plays. They have already butted heads and if their record is any indication things don’t be looking to get any better. The Clips could build a solid core around Gordon, Al Thorton, Wright, Bellinelli, Crawford, and the recently acquired Zach Randolph. For the Warriors they could re-acquire Baron and pair him in the backcourt with Monta (once he comes back) along with Jackson, Maggette, and Biedrins to round out starting 5. Off the bench we would have Watson (who has asserted himself lately), Buike, Randolph, Morrow and Turiaf. If I was Nellie I would even start Turiaf and Biedrins together and have Maggette as the 6th man. From a salary cap perspective the Warriors would be locked into Baron, Monta, Jackson, Maggette, and Biedrins for the next 5 years. Similar to the pistons teams of a few years ago, the core would be set and it would be comfortable for each player to play and not worry about being in a contract year. Baron and Nellie re-united: good things will happen. This season might be a waste anyway, but suppose the Warriors get a solid lottery pick and sign someone with their mid level for next year, they could be right in the western conference race going into next year. Your thoughts?

  • A.J.

    The thing that frustrates me the most is that other teams that had begun rebuilding a few years back have already reached their goal of being a good team and the Warriors are not even close.

    Portland and New Orleans stand out in my mind. 3-4 years ago, Blazers fans were calling for Paul Allen’s (the owner) head on a silver platter. They just traded Wallace, they started having problems with Stoudemire and Zack Randolph and they were labeled outcasts by the NBA family.

    What did they do in a couple of years. Nothing, besides hire a winning coach in Nate McMillan, draft a young star guard in Brandon Roy, draft 2 other potentially very good players in Aldridge and Oden. Kept a strong front line core with Travis Outlaw and Joel Prsyzbila. And added a veteran PG in Steve Blake. The result: 6 wins in a row, a 13-6 record and an ascension into the top tier teams in the West.

    New Orleans traded Baron Davis to us a couple years back. Got rid of Tim FLoyd, hired Byron Scott. Traded JR Smith to Denver. Aggressively acquired Tyson Chandler from Chicago and drafted a star point guard in Chris Paul and a very good PF in David West, acquired steady veterans like Morris Peterson and Peja Stojakovic and added some good young role players in Hilton Armstrong and Julian Wright. Result: Division winners last year and this year a little slow so far, but you expect them to finish at least in the middle of the playoff pack.

    And our Warriors are still struggling with their indentity. The front office doesn’t know what the Coach is doing and vice versa. And we haven’t even begun rebuilding. We were never “built” in the first place anyway, let’s face it, 1 playoff appearance and 1 first round victory in the last decade. Terrible……..abosultely terrible. Every homeless team in the league already rebuilt and has achieved greatness and we can’t even beat the Knicks.

    Any thoughts loyal Warrior fans?

  • A.J.

    Yes Earl Monroe, we did go 2-7 to start last year.

    But how many times are we going to act like losers and talk about losing and losing 7 straight and going 2-7 to start last year.

    Why can’t we say, “God damnit, we went 9-2 to start the season. We had a winning record.

    This team has taught us so well about losing that we are accustomed to talking about everything like losers.

  • A.J.

    That picture up there is still from the 2007 playoff run. God, can’t we let that go by now. Jesus Christ. I thought I had had enough when last year’s player introductions began with showing Baron’s dunk over Kirilenko in the 2007 playoffs, but this is unbelievable. It’s time to move on, 2007 is over. And so what that we won that series against Dallas. And so what that Baron dunked on Kirilenko. A lot of backcourt players can dunk like that too.

    It doesn’t mean anything when you can’t consistently win after that. It’s basically a flash in the plan, a once in a lifetime experience.

  • danikil49

    We can discuss all kinds of possibilities and scenarios on how th W’s can get better, but until we have a coach who is not caught up on small ball and veterans we have no chance. A.J has it right. until the W’s and that west bay baseball team get some guts and go young (not play at like when we are out of playoff contention then we play young guys.In order to have an identity you have to be consistent.

    Nelson keeps running Maggete out as a power forward when he has two young ones on the bench. We are losing anyway Nellie, Let Wright, Turiaf and even Hendrix in the NBDL play and go through all the learning that needs to be done.Chris Paul ,Brandon Roy and Derrick Rose are prime examples of players who developed because their coach was not hung up on veterans. And as much as I like Jack he is a sixth man.

  • Dom

    marcus, when are they going to change the picture at the top of the page? maybe you could take a poll to see which warrior gets to have his picture at the top.