Pre-game Tid Bits (at Houston)

I have been blowing chunks for much of the day. Something I ate, I am assuming … hold up … Ron Artest just banged on Ronny Turiaf. Wow. That was nasty. He came down the middle and threw it down with one hand. Turiaf was late with the help, but on time enough to get posterized.

Anyway. I some kind of blackened fish and I think there’s now a little alien growing inside of me. I said that to say I am half-here, half waiting for my next trip to the porcelain throne. So bear with me …

*Turiaf started and not Brandan Wright or Kelenna Azubuike. Ronny is guarding Yao and Biedrins is guarding Scola. Count me among the fans of the big lineup. The Warriors are best with Maggette at small forward. I say go small when you are getting a third guard like Monta Ellis in the lineup, not if Azubuike or Watson is the third guard.

* Jackson is being guarded by Ron Artest. Why are they isolating Jax? Is that not begging for a turnover?

* See that SI piece about how the Warriors are already regretting Maggette? More surprising to me was Kevin Garnett’s alleged comments. Normally the players stick together. The animosity ends as soon as the final horn sounds. For KG to get at Maggs like that, if he did, is shocking to me. That sounds like he doesn’t like the guy.

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2009

    Maggette made a meaningless shot in the end, even [I] was thinking was KG said.

  • petaluman

    I heard that KG likes to get into players’ heads by talking a lot of trash.


    alleged? he said it so loud you could hear KG on League Pass (Boston telecast). was this game not broadcast in the bay?

    Art Thompson who used to cover the Clippers (now covers the Lakers) has some other interesting tidbits from Gentry & Brand.


  • Earl monroe

    I love blackened fish, but dude wait till you get to New Orleans for that,
    in Houston everybody gets sick, I got sick at the Houston airport even before getting to mexico,

    Or maybe you knew about the defensive performance you where about to watch and got sick, it made me sick

  • Mr. B

    Holly Mollie. I could not believe it and had to hit my computer a few times.

    Worthless Al is gone in the CCT banner above. Maybe now we can put up a photo of Mags getting posterized.

  • Mr. B

    Spoke too soon.

  • Mountain Jim

    Sometimes trash is the truth, and the truth is Mags is trash.

    I’m already about as sick from watching him play as Marcus is from his fish. Please, someone, trade him for someone a bit less selfish, like Yinka Dare.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Signing Mag’s was a big mistake just like giving Jax and Nellie an extension. Mag’s can’t rebound or play defense.
    Last night he tried to go to the hoop with three defenders waiting for him, only to get called for an offensive foul. Can’t remember if he has Wright or Rudolph trailing where he could have dumped the ball to one of them.
    Sorry I could not remember the trailer on the play, probably because I changed the channel to another game right after that.

    Getting really SICK of Jax making stupid passes which lead to TO’s. Nellie doesn’t seem to give a s**t how bad Jax turnovers are. Guess Nellie would rather get fired and take off to Maui, than challenge Mags and Jax on being more of a TEAM player.

  • R.Crase

    As a longtime basketball player and fan I think I know a good player when I see one. Marco Belinelli is a good player. Maybe, and I am serious here,the best player on the Warriors.And the sooner Nelson and his staff figure that out, the better the team will become.He is easily the best shooter on a team that lives and dies on the perimeter.He is also, by far, the most creative passer on the team. In his limited playing time he has already shown the ability, which NOBODY else on the team has, to make the slick, creative pass on the move, often finding teamates under the basket with no-looks, and great pick-and -roll passes.Meanwhile, Jackson, Azabuike, Watson, etc.continue to look only to launch their own low percentage shots, failing to move the ball, find the open man, or get the ball to the hot shooter. In his two big games(37 and 25 points) Anthony Morrow would have scored even more if his teamates had made any real effort to get him the bsll. Belinelli is not super quick, but neither were Rick Barry or Larry Bird. He needs playing time to get more confident and aggressive, and the coaches need to find ways to get him good looks at the basket.
    Stephen Jackson is to much like Baron Davis in a bad way. He is intent on firing away from outside, even though, as a streaky shooter, his shots often aren’t falling.All he succeeds in doing is shooting his team out of the game. As the team captain and leader, he needs to set a better example of unselfishness and teamwork for this young group of players.
    Also,without a skilled point guard, they need to be less of an up-tempo team. Their fast breaks are unbelievably sloppy, usually resulting in a turnover. They should be pushing the ball but taking open mid-range jumpers in transition, rather than always trying to get to the rim. A wide open 18 footer is better than a 25 footer with a hand in your face. In the half-court, they need to run plays that allow their shooters to come off screens rather than always trying to create off the dribble. This would also help open up the middle for Beidrens and the other big guys.