Post-game Tid Bits (at Spurs)

You know how hard it was not to yawn while sitting courtside at that debacle?

* I found out more about Jamal Crawford’s reaction to quick-draw Corey. When Maggette missed those consecutive shots in a span of a humming bird’s flap, Crawford looked at the bench and said “Are you serious?”

* The only other thing worthy of mentioning was that Jackson is seriously concerned about his left hand. It was hit again and it hurt like crazy, he said. So much he couldn’t continue. He said he thinks something is wrong and he’s going to get it checked out again. Here is what he said about it after the game:

“I think this is the worst one because it’s dealing with my hands. Any time I get hit on it, I get affected by it the rest of the game.”

“Not good at all. Not good at all.”

“Couple fingers and knuckles. It’s affecting my ball-handling and it’s a different type of pain. It’s not a jammed-finger kind of pain.”

“Been about a week and half two weeks. It’s not getting any better.”

“I’ve played with a lot of injuries. ”

“I think it’s more than just a jam, there’s something that’s really wrong so if it comes down to (sitting out) I don’t want to hurt my team or hurting myself. Like I said I want to figure if there’s something wrong because I definitely think so.”

“I’m having an MRI tomorrow morning. Knuckle between my two fingers. (If it gets hit), it’s a wrap. The pain doesn’t stop. Luckily I went through the whole Houston game without getting hit.”

“I’m already playing with one broken bone in my foot, I don’t think I can deal with two.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Thomas

    Maggette is not well liked, I am assuming. He is a ball hog and he can’t even shoot. He should be on another team as soon as the 15th arrives. But he won’t be, he will be here forever, just like the other 7 SG’s.

  • A.J.

    Well, ……..what the hell can I say?

    I knew we would get blown out between 20-25 points tonight with the way the Spurs have been playing lately. We’ve never won at the SBC Center (Spur’s home venue…….I think that’s what it’s called).

    The unusual thing is that we’ve been scoring less than 100 points in most of our road games. We broke out a little in Boston and maybe 1 other stop, but overall the offense has been non-existent on the road.

    And of course our usual recipe for a loss:

    We shoot a low percentage and the opposing team shoots the ‘lights out of the building.’

    Nothing new to Warrior fans though!

    Truth is, it’s been 1 winning season in the last decade for this team. In the 2006-2007 playoff run, we went .500, winning in Portland on the road on the last game of the year to barely scrape in. And the rest as you know was history!

    But now the organization looks like its in turmoil again like the last years of Nelson’s first reign in the early to mid 90’s when he left on a bad note.

    But let’s face it, when the hell has this guy ever not left an organization on a bad note. He did it with us, he did it in Dallas.

    But it comes down to what we put out on the court. Good young talent, we absolutely have it. Other teams in the league would jump at the chance to have young talented players and get a chance to groom them into accomplished NBA players.

    We’ll see if that happens with this team. Seems like it’s starting to happen in Portland.

  • Gizzm

    I like Crawford’s quote about Mags.

    In fact, I think it should replace “We Believe” as the warriors motto.

    “ARE YOU SERIOUS??” Warriors 08-09

  • jsl

    11 assists. Tells the whole (offensive) story. Nelsonian Defense (read: no defense whatsoever) remains the same.

    Maggette’s true colors are now out. As is the fact that when he pulls this crap, or fails to move on defense — or even reach for his man — Nelson doesn’t yank him immediately. (I guess if your name is Wright, or Randolph, or Bellinelli. . . . .) Trouble is, we’re stuck with this loser for five years unless we can palm him off for a bad contract.

    The good news is we can expect to see Maggette, like Jack, sit for awhile. Jack’s injury is real; I’d predict a quick hammy pull from Maggette this week. So, maybe Nelson will be forced to give some real — and regular — PT to his young bigs. Or maybe he’ll screw that up, too.

    BTW, didn’t Nelson used to coach — that is, teach — BBall to his players. Is he really satisfied smugly playing the petulant tyrant? Is he, like Maggette, that much of a whore for money?

    Oh, and yes, Marcus. Sadly, you WERE delusional when you thought the W’s would win this game. The guys obviously have given up on Nelson since the Miami game. (Tho the old guys shot surprisingly well in the Houston game, the non-existent passing and defense — and the retreat to small ball, ensured that loss.)

    I doubt even Jack — the last Nelson supporter on this team — even has a good would to say about the blowhard now that he’s literally destroyed this team (with Robbie Rowell’s unbound egotism forging the way to disaster). Even Jack can see Nelson’s toast now.

  • sad jose

    Jackson out? Let’s tank!

  • Earl monroe

    The next game is going to be interesting, since everyone who is in a slump gets out of it on the warriors. It seems like players who are often average get that happy look on their faces and shoot lights out, could it be poor defense no no, no defense.

    I bet its a close game all the way, and we loose it in overtime.

  • Dave

    The Warriors are even worse than I had predicted, and now they are questioning each other’s abilities. Not exactly a formula for success. How much longer will Nelson last? His inability to adapt his team to something other than small-ball is piling up losses, and pissing off his players. It’s Nelson’s fault that he keeps playing Maggette out of position, and he keeps reverting his lineup to smalls whenever the game is close thinking that is his best option to win (which is NOT working). Rowell looks like a complete fool for extending Nelson, what happens if the team cannot stop losing, and the boobirds come to Oracle??

  • Le

    We need to trade Maggette, especially when Monta comes back. The ball does not move when he touches the ball. Check out this article on Maggette from the Orange County Register. It seems like he wore out his welcome with the Clippers and former teammates.


  • NotaNelsonfan

    Didn’t watch the game at all. I figured we get buried by at least 20 points.

    No Jax, awe feel really bad, he may miss some games. Anyone hear that Mags reinjured his hamstring? That won’t be so bad, with both of those two out then we maybe able to wath a Warrior offense that involves all FIVE guys on the court!!!!

  • NotaNelsonfan

    wath (watch).

  • wow, the cancer that is Maggette is already so bad that just a quarter of the way into the NBA season that someone from a Lakers’ blog is blogging about him… I thought signing Maggette was an ok move, but now I think it is the biggest mistake since Nelson returned to coach this team.

  • EJ

    Maggette is a scorer, but he doesn’t even score…you know? it’s complicated. that’s wrong with this team?

  • jim back from fishing

    Marcus, Do you think any team, seeing how poorly the Warriors have played and been coached this season might take a flyer on Jackson or Maggette, even with their dumb contracts? Jackson has played well when he is not the go-to guy, and Maggette might be seen as a player who could be reined in on a more organized team.

  • blah

    Why does Maggette appear to be so arogant? Does it drive anyone else Nuts? Or the fact that he’s not a leader on this young team at all? Well it doesn’t appeat to me that he plays with any heart at all? Doesn’t fight for lose balls, doesn’t exerhert himself. Combine that with bad shot selection, and of course his teamates get upset. I think he’s giving us 80% every game. He’s a good player, but cares more about his looks than the team. Bad example for our young guys. Just wish he’s step up into a floor leader. Reminds me of Dunleavey, he needs to get fired up. He should be a much better player than he is.

  • A.J.

    Blah and other Warrior fans……..Corey Maggette has played for the Los Angeles Clippers over the past 5 seasons……..what did you expect?…….Magic Johnson? A winner? A Champion? No.

    You get what you paid for. Unfortunately we paid the regular market value for a high scoring 2 guard. Jason Richardson earns the same type of money. The guy can score, get to the free throw line and he attacks the basket second best behind Monta on the team. That is, Corey Maggette gets to the basket second best on the team, behind Monta Ellis. Stephen Jackson isn’t even in the neighborhood!

    The problem with this team is turnovers, not being able to score the ball themselves and the opposing team scoring at will against them.

    Same problems the Warriors have had for the last 10 years.

  • A.J.

    I can’t wait for the Pre-Game tidbits for today’s bout with Oklahoma City.

    There is no guaranteee we’ll win this game either, as pathetic as that sounds, that’s where we are as an organization right now.

    I think we might have panicked after Baron, and we were willing to do things out of desperation. I have said it before in previous posts. We panicked and offered big deals to Arenas and Brand, only to have them turn us down.

    Then we offer big contracts to 2 veteran scorers in this league, Jackson and Maggette.

    I think when losing Baron, Mullin panicked. He was unsure how the team would be with only their own drafted young talent and he wanted to get an insurance policy in his mind, that came in the form of extensions to Maggette and Jackson. But it was also coupled with extensions to Nelson, Azabuike, Ellis and Biedrins.

    The Ellis and Biedrins extensions and the Azabuike retention moves were Mullin’s best moves of the off-season.

    Mullin’s greatest moves of his tenure as GM:

    1. Bringing in Baron Davis for Claxton and Dale Davis
    2. Bringing in Harrington, Jackson, Jasikevicius and Powell for Dunleavy, Muprhy, Diogu and McCloud
    3. Drafting Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins
    4. Extending Monta Ellis and Andres Biedrins
    5. Retaining Azabuike by offering him an extension

  • EJ

    any chance we can trade maggette for baron and make the universe right again? the warriors can get back on track and the clippers can continue to suck.

  • A.J.

    I don’t know if Baron will make everything right again.

    Looks like him and his best friend Marcus Camby have turned into those kind of guys that get a big contract and stop caring.

    He is the wrong person to add back to the Warriors.

    Devin Harris, now that’s a name that would help us. Think more along the lines of those players.

    I would even take Vince Carter because he can score big in the 4th quarter to close out games, something the Warriors are lacking.

  • Eric

    I disgree with you AJ. While you are correct in that the Warriors panicked after losing Baron (signing Maggs to big $$$), I disagree that the extensions of Ellis & Biedrins were good moves by Mully. Think about it. Part of Ellis and Biedrins success was playing alongside Baron. I would have rather seen the Warriors offer one year tender offers to Ellis and Biedrins and have them play out the year to see how they do without Baron. If they have good years, then you reward them with nice contracts NEXT SUMMER. Since they are restricted free-agents anyway the Warriors can pay them the most and thus match any other teams offers. Im not sure if Ellis would have still had his moped accident whether he got rewarded with his extension or not, but at least the Warriors wouldn’t have had to deal with the public scrutiny in voiding the deal and how they handled the situation. Now the Warriors are stuck with Ellis contract and we may never know if he’ll be the same player again or not. As for Biedrins, I think we’ve seen him exposed lately. Biedrins is an above average center, but definitely not an elite one. At $9 mill per year, he’s definitely overpaid. A more reasonable deal would have been 5 years $35-40 million range. Now this is what the w’s should have done last summer. After Baron opted out, we should have just standed pat. The Maggs signing is obviously horrible and the Turiaf signing is even questionable. While I do like Turiaf, I don’t want to be paying $4 years $16 million for a 8th guy at best. And especially since Nellie ain’t playing him that many minutes anyways. The roster after Baron opted out going into this year should have been Ellis, Watson, Buike, Bellinelli, Randolph, Jackson, Harrington, Biedrins, Morrow, Hendrix, Wright, and 12th guy. With Jackson and harrington’s contract off the books in 2010, we were set for major cap room in 2010. I hated the Harrington trade as well. We got a worse contract in return (unless jamal opts out this summer) and accommodated a guy we should have just left on the bench. Al prolly would have opted out this summer anyway. And the warriors should have taken Malik Rose expiring contract along with draft picks instead of Crawford. Now the w’s are stuck with ellis (bum ankle), Crawford ( no defense horrible contract), just extended Jackson (2nd or 3rd dog, not a top dog), maggs (ball hog), and Biedrins whos’ been exposed. Nice work Robert Rowell.

  • Eric

    Just to follow up with Ellis and Biedrins a little more. Mully definitely deserves credit for drafting them. But back to their extensions this summer. I’ll re-iterate a lot of their success was playing alongside Baron. Especially Monta, but Biedrins as well. With Monta and baron in same backcourt, you need a bigger guard along Ellis as Baron often covered opposing teams 2 guard. All the easy hoops with Baron and Biedrins don’t come as often and as easy now with Jackson and Biedriens. I would have liked to see the w’s offer both guys one year tender offers and see how they play out the year without Baron, see how hungry they are out on the court. And if they have solid years you reward them with nice contracts. Since both would be restricted free agents anyways, the warriors can offer most $$ and go into the luxury tax if they needed to. Lets say the Warriors don’t give Ellis the extension this summer. There are a few scenarios that would have happened a) he has his moped accident – comes back same player as b4 – give him contract extension next summer because he shows no lingering effects of the ankle b) he has his moped accident – but clearly not resembling same player as b4. production is down and quickness is lacking. Warriors would have to decide then what to do. C) no moped accident – has super year – reward him with extension D) no moped accident – has decent year, but not as good because not playing alongside Baron (then maybe give him contract in the 6 year $50 million range rather then 6 year 66 million range. (This is the scenario I envisioned most likely happening) In all the scenarios the w’s wouldn’t have to dealt with the embarrassment and scrutiny with voiding the deal. And as marcus mentioned previously, monta is young and shown to be immature and cocky, were you ready to hand him the franchise keys right then? As for Biedrins, I’ll reference Bill Simmons in that “it’s hard to justify giving that much money to a guy that can’t shoot” And while Biedrins has gotten better at the line, he still has not developed a signature move (baby hook, basline j, etc..) Biedrins has nothing. If you watched the games lately sometimes Biedrins is sometimes turning middle for a shot, sometimes he gives the crap dribble with the book, and often times he tries to outquick the opponent and often rushes and misses the shot or gets it blocked. If you’re nba center with no signature move or shot by your 5th year you’ll never develop one. And that’s what biedrins is. 5 years 40 million would have been reasonable.

  • Mr. B

    I strongly believe that a team facilitator similar to a Baron Davis will improve this team. Obtaining another 2 or SG will continue to spiral this team downwards. As far as Mags, he too can benefit from a veteran PG especially someone who will encourage him to drive to the basket and pass the ball around.

    Its a tough situation for the Ws. They beat a team who is similar to their situation – Oklahoma City. It is a team that lacks identity and PG leadership. But add an OJ Mayo or Brandon Roy to these teams, then now you have a very positive situation.

    Going back to the pre-season, the ideal move for the Ws was to keep BD and add an Elton Brand but the Front Office had their heads up the wrong place.

  • Jeff

    Mr. B,

    I agree the ideal move for the W’s was to keep BD. However the W’s absolutely had no chance at landing Elton Brand this summer (once he opted out) unless he was willing to take the mid level exception which was highly unlikely. The W’s only had cap room after BD opted out. I do believe with Al unhappy that they should traded him for an expiring contract like Malik Rose, etc….

    Robert Rowell never should have vetoed Baron’s deal which was an additional 3 years $39 million on top of his $17 million due this year. THis year’s roster with Baron would have been: BD, Ellis, Jackson, Wright, and Biedrins as the starters. CJ (who’s proven to be a solid backup and could spell Baron 10-15 minutes a game), Buike (at the 2/3), and Randolph to round out top 8. THrow in Morrow, Al or whoever they could get for him, and Bellinelli. This way the W’s would remain competitive in time being with Don coaching and keep the nucleus of team in tact. Now the W’s cap room is worse then before (bad contracts in Maggs, Jack, Crawford, Ellis, and Biedrins – none who are all stars) and the team is worse then without Baron. Nice going Robert Rowell.

  • A.J.

    I disagree with your assumption Eric that Biedrins and Ellis extensions were bad moves. WHen a team such as the Warriors has a small margin of error and they have young players that are pretty good and have improved year in and year out, guys who know your system and were drafted by your organization, I think it is wise to retain players like that. What should we do, let Monta and Andris walk and sign with the Clippers or another division rival?

    Isn’t Biedrins having the best season of his young career so far. Hasn’t the guy been our starting center in the NBA going against guys like Yao Ming, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum night it and night out for the last couple years?

    The truth is, Biedrins can work the pick and roll with any good guard, it doesn’t have to be BAron Davis. If we actually had some smart backcourt players on this team in the absence of Monta, they would be able to capitalize on pick and rolls for Biedrins. Crawford can do it, Watson can do it and even Jackson can do it. They just have to do it and also Nelson has to allow them to do it, considering that it is more of a half court offensive scheme.

    Monta’s improved year in and year out. You have to retain your young talent in this league, no 2 ways about it.

  • A.J.

    Also guys, let’s not fool ourselves about 2010, we’re not getting Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, LeBron, Dirk Nowitzki or any of the big names.

    Let’s just keep our young core intact and hopefully continue to draft good young players.

    That is the direction that this team is destined to go.

    We will not land anyone in 2010.

    Some Warrior fans on this blog think we will land a big name and that is why they are criticizing the signings of our 2 most talented young players, Biedrins and Ellis, these 2 could be like Paul and Chandler, believe me.

    The only difference is that Chandler can leap and glide while jumping, meaning he can jump from the free throw line, where as Andres can jump, but only straight up. Besides that, these guys could be as good a pick and roll combination.