Pre-game Tid Bits (at San Antonio)

* The slaughter is set to take place. But I have an eerie feeling that the Warriors are going to win this game. Am I tripping?

* Nellie, because the Spurs go mostly small ball now, went with his smallest starting lineup yet.

That means Biedrins is matched up against Tim Duncan one-on-one with no help. That’s perhaps not the best situation for Biedrins. Either he’s going to get in early foul trouble or Duncan’s going to go off.

* Talked to Nellie about how he thought Maggette was fiiting in. He said “good” and that he fit well. Hardly convincing. But then Nellie can be short some times.

* The Spurs had six assist on the first seven baskets (started 7 of 10), four by Manu Ginobili. They have already outscored the Warriors 10-2 in the paint. I guess I was tripping.

ADD: On the Corey subject, an interesting play happened in the first quarter. Maggette took a shot, came back down, took another shot. The rebound caromed back to him. Without so much as a blink, he took another shot. Jamal Crawford turned to the bench with a WITW (What in the world …) look before he ran down court on defense.

Marcus Thompson

  • Mr. B

    With Mags – that is the nature of the beast. Its not like this guy came out of nowhere and we were all caught off guard by his play. He’s been in the league for several years, well scouted as an opponent and am sure prior to making him an offer to join the dubs.

    Now with the current W challenges. We had success with small ball in prior years. Whats changed? Let’s see. The boneheads in the front office let BD go and now we’ve lost our identity, leadership, moxy, swagger, confidence, playmaker,etc…

    Every game now seem to be filled with garbage time for the rookies. The close games are going away and turning into blow outs. Who knows what Monta will bring when he is back.

  • commish

    Marcus, give us your opinion about what the hell is going on with Dubs and what if anything can be done to right this ship sinking fast in the west. Dude, this is beyond painful. How can you stand it!

  • Gizzm

    Does Monta even want to join this clusterf&*% ??

  • Mountain Jim

    And yeah, you were trippin’.

  • Mr. B

    If the Ws were able to retain a BD, a veteran and a leader like BD would be able to attract top tallent into the Ws. It is so difficult within the league not to have a top and tough PG not even to mention in the West where most of the teams are always playoff contenders.

    I think the Ws just have to ride it out and hope that they learn quickly to play with each other and hope that they start playing better with the addition of Monta.

    I think they are a lottery team this year which may not be a bad thing. The objective of course was to *build up* from the playoff team two years ago and not step down to a lottery team which the Ws seem to consistently accomplish.

    Its really time to look at Cohan and Rowell. Again boys, if you cannot get your act together, sell the team or resign. Let the Basketball experts run the Operations. Step aside so this team can make some consistent progress.

    This maybe Mullin’s last year with the Ws. I would be frustrated as heck if I was Nelson. You’ve got to give Nelson some tools to work with now. BW, AR and Morrow are for the future. Realistically, it will take time for these young talents to be NBA ready. Not everyone can be a Lebron or Amare in being instant contributors.

    The Ws have to bite the bullet and ride it out this year. Its going to get uglier.

    Now in the meantime, if the Ws are able to somehow trade for a PG like an Andre Miller ( a playmaker and leader type), I think they should take a shot.

    Let’s face it, if you had a PG like Chris Paul running the Ws current roster, this will be a different team. But those talents are tough to come by.

  • Irony

    Interesting how Nelson’s worst year as a coach was post-Webber and how the current Warriors slide began about the time CWebb rejoined the team last year. I think Kawakami wrote a piece in pre-season trying to trace the Warriors malaise back to the CWebb experiment upsetting team chemistry last year and that being a factor in BD leaving.
    imho, Nelson’s system can’t work with the players he currently has on the roster. He always needs a distributor/playmaker and good ball movement on offense. Needs good decision makers to minimize To’s. On defense, he needs his smalls to be able to make steals because they will always be outrebounded. And they need to play transition = push the break on offense and defend it otherwise.
    This year’s team only shows short flashes of these qualities, except they have been consistently poor pushing/defending the break.
    I don’t think experience is a factor any longer as much as morale and team chemistry, which is negative. The roster will have to be blown up to get better.