Pre-Game Tidbits (@ OKC)

As if being in OKC isn’t sleep-inducing enough, it is super windy and starting to rain! Anyway …

* Wow. Stephen Jackson is not happy about the MRI results, which confirmed he had a sprain. He feels like something is wrong with his left hand more than a sprain. He is out for tonight, and for who knows how long. Check out this exchange. Is he throwing head athletic trainer Tom Abdenour under the bus. (It should be noted that Jackson referred to his injured toe on Saturday as broken, but the Warriors’ staff has said it’s not broken, but he has turf toe):

Have they pinned down what’s wrong?

“I’m just here. I don’t know. Ask Tom.”

So it’s still considered just a sprain?

That’s what they say.

Do you believe it?

“Ask Tom. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not the doctor.”

They tell you what you need to do?

I don’t think he knows either. I’m on my own. I’m just on my own.

You going to sit out for a while?

“I don’t know?”

Are you going to seek another opinion?
“Maybe. It’s always an option to go get other opinions. I don’t know who to believe. I think Imma have to find out from myself.”

* By the way, Maggette is out and rookie forward Anthony Randolph is out. So guess who’s back in the starting lineup? Brandan Wright and Anthony Morrow

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Let’s continue the interview:

    Commish: why do you have such crummy judgement when it comes to driving, shooting or passing? In fact, why do you take really ridiculous shots when you can pass and try to drive into two to three defenders with no hope of getting off a shot?

    Jax: I don’t know

    Commish: do you feel you deserve to be considered the best player on the team?

    Jax: I don’t know

    Commish: Why do you bitch so much at the refs and try to show them up and laugh at them when you get a chance?

    Jax: I don’t know.

    Commish: Did you deserve that stupid ass extension you got from sucking up to Rowell and screwing Mully in the process?

    Jax: That I know.

    I’m thrilled Jax and Maggette are out. I’d rather lose with the young and restless than get clobbered when the vets with their stupid, huge contracts are on the floor and can’t even inbound the ball with the game on the line. I hope they are out the rest of the year because their ball hogging and lack of team play is EXACTLY what we don’t need for our young core. Sorry AR is out because he needs some serious burn to learn to play in the NBA.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Well figured that I better watch this game, because we may not see another win again in a while unless we play OKC the next ten games in a row.

    Here’s what I did notice about my favorite coach Nellie (You know for sure I’m kiddin abouth that).
    In the second quarter BW did not screen out on a rebound which then Nelson had his child tantrum on the sideline, then immediately pulled BW out of the game. Never to be seen again for the remainder of the game.

    How I know this is because he left in KA for the majority of the second half, and KA to put it mildily not very good. Within a few minutes alone Durant blocked two of KA layups! Not to mention did not rebound at all or play good defense. He sucked.

    Gee, this is one of the biggest reasons I HATE Nellie. Great message to the younger players, you make a defensive error like not blocking out on a rebound and you get the hook immediately, who cares if your a rookie or second year player. No breaks.

    BUT if your Mags or especially Jax and do not get back on D becuz your too busy yelling at the ref back on the other side of the court thinking you were fouled, you stay in the game and Nellie won’t say anything.
    Oh yeah if your JAX you can make foolish turnovers as well and still not get the hook.

    Remember the times he use to scream at Sarunas M., Chris Gatling, and Vic A.? When they were rookies?
    Tonights small tantrum sure reminded me of the past years.


    He’s acting like its a conspiracy, hopefully hes looking for an excuse not to play. though since we won tonight, he’ll probably be back wednesday

  • jlight

    #2 Also when Marco turned the ball over after playing what I thought what just might be his best game of the year, he got yanked, never to be hear from again until the final few seconds. I dunno, at times it seems Nelson is looking for any excuse not to play those two. More than anyone on the team they have to play flawless basketball, to maintain their 8 minutes a game.#3 I also think jackson is looking to jump ship, probably waiting for Monta to return, and although I think Monta return will be a hugh help, at this point it just may take an act of Congress plus the great one, ali, jordan, tiger and ruth, all roll into one to save these guys.

  • jlight

    Brandans 8 minutes a game, Marco 3 minutes, if that.

  • interesting how Jackson is starting to point fingers….

  • Jeff

    It’s amazing Wright hasn’t gotten a consistent 25-30 minutes per night especially considering they traded Al not too long ago. I haven’t watched too many games this year, but one I did watch was Warriors/Nuggets early in the season. That was supposedly Brandon’s coming out party. He had solid points and rebounds going up against the likes of Kmart & Nene. You see on the past road trip the W’s get out-rebounded in every game yet Nellie insists on going small and not developing Wright.

  • GSWFan24

    Get over it! Brandon Wright sucks!


    how does wright suck? he was one of the most productive players tonight, people just hate him cause they cant get over J-rich

  • I think everyone played well tonight except for CJ and Buki. I was also GLAD that Jackson and Maggette were not able to play tonight…

    CJ made some errand passes and led some terrible fast breaks.

    I feel Buki is playing himself out of the rotation if he isn’t careful. However, with Nelson’s love with smallball, I guess he’ll always see court time.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Brando Wright sucks? You think he played worst than KA?
    Be a little more patient, you cannot judge a 2nd year player who hardly gets minutes. Don’t forget Nelson’s street ball offense does not revolve around big men.
    You should know that it’s the JAX & MAG offensive circus.
    Hate to give up on BW now, and it turn out to be like when we gave up on Antwan Jamison.

  • Mr. B


    The next time you have some airtime with Mully or Nelson, I would be very interested to know what their vision is for this Franchise.

    It seem that they are trading for players and signing free agents for the sake of acquiring players. There does not seem to be a vision.

    If the vision is to run small ball, then we need a legit PG for this to be effective. This is also the NBA. We will need bigs to be competitive.

    As fans, we deserve some kind of communication from these people about the direction of this team which seems to be cost-cutting and always aiming at the future aka rebuilding.

  • Mountain Jim

    Hey, I’m pretty sure I saw Wright playing in the second half. I don’t think Nellie uses him enough, but let’s at least get the facts straight. Belinelli played well, but he was having real problems on defense.

    I really enjoyed watching that game. Maggette’s absence was like a breath of fresh air. Too bad Randolph couldn’t play. He could have tried stopping Durant for a bit, which would have been fun.

    I second Mr. B’s suggestion. It seems to me there’s a potentially exciting team here with a tall, fast (though not big) front line and a couple of good scoring guards when Monta gets back. How the hell that squares with signing a black hole like Maggette is beyond me.

  • EJ

    the ball moves around more without Jack and Maggette. hmmmm….

  • jb

    I don’t understand why people are saying Azubuike had a bad game. His offensive game wasn’t great, but when he was on the floor there was more good than bad. You don’t really see it in the stat line but he had a productive game on both ends of the floor. There’s a reason why he played 43 or 44 minutes yesterday. You guys can disagree with me all you want, but I really didn’t think he played that bad of a game.

  • Earl monroe

    Azubuike is a miniature of Maggette, they both put their head down and drive without the ability to see the floor in the process, so they have one choice, shoot.
    If they would look up they would see open players. (bad for the psychology of the open player, so next time the player who did not get the pass will just shoot it)
    And Azubuike and Maggette both shoot semi set shots on the outside shot, both fade away slightly and both have too many moving parts for the set shot to be effective. (this should be corrected with coaching, work on it in practice and don’t shoot it in games until the technique is correct)

    With 3 minutes to go Nelson went to a very small line up, I think this was about a minute and a half too soon. Fortunately for him the ball in the last minute and a half managed to go straight to Morrow off the rim and he got to the line.

    Azubuike is not a bad player, just poorly coached, and often playing out of position, no matter what Nelson thinks or what system he is coaching or what mismatches are on the floor, certain players are not capable of taking advantage of mismatches, especially when your drive to the basket is from 25 feet out.

  • JC

    Jax, Maggette, and especially Buike need a lesson in how to pass the ball when they are triple teamed.

    I was hoping that Maggette might be a good fit, but he is not working on our team. He doesn’t play D and shoots way too many fadeaways.

    Jax is relying on himself WAY too much. Trust your team mates a little. You are not the only guy on this team.

    PASS the ball Buike.

    I hope and pray that when Monta comes back, Maggette will see more lanes open up for him, Jax doesn’t have to think to do everything by himself, and Buike comes off the bench likes he’s supposed to. Monta, hurry up! We need ya. Moped. . . .who rides a moped these days anyway. What are we in, Europe?

  • DStern

    Wow so this is where all the pathetic little warriors fans hang out. Your team won last night and you’ve got nothing better to do than play fantasy coach/gm by ripping the team. Get a life! Get a job! Quit ripping off sports writers by attempting to pass their ideas off as your own! You know very little about basketball, otherwise you would be in the league yourself – playing, coaching, whatever.

  • blah

    I thought B-Wright looked about as good as a 20 year old should look. I thought he played a great game. I think Wright and Randolp will develop into great players. What is so wrong with playing either of those guys at the SF position. Wright should mold his game as a defender in the likes of Prince/AK47. What I mean by that is a defensive specialist. He is quick enought and I doubt he ever develops a PF body. There is nothing wrong with that. If i’m the coach that is the way I’d play/coach him.

    We need a stong POWER forward and this team will be solid. A David West/Boozer TYPE player.

    My post game thoughts. Jamal had a great game. Very impressed with his passing. Biedrins is a beast on the boards and gets the worst Foul calls. The league needs to look at this.

    This is a young team. This isn’t going to be their year. Keep them together. In a couple years we will be a fantastic team. Wouldn’t mind trading CM for a PF.

  • Mr. B

    I agree with most of the comments above. A few smart player moves by the Ws and we can be back in business. I think the current line up can be tweaked and quickly produce some easy wins.

    As Blah says, this is a young team. We have the pieces to be an exciting team and within reach of winnable games.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Boozer would be a good fit , because he obviously has the bigger body than Wright and Randolph. and is certainly stronger.

    But can we afford to pay him or a another big PF after what we paid Jax, Mag, AB, and Monta?

    There will be alot of guys who are free agents in the coming years, but you wonder W mgt. could have been more patient in dishing money out to Mag, and giving Jax an extension this year.

  • blah

    Mag’s money is only too much if we can’t move him if needed. He probably should have only got 7 or 8 a year, but 10’s not too bad. Extending Jax’s not that bad either. It only get’s him to the 10 range and at that price he’s still good value, i.e. i’ll take him over Mag’s at that price.

    Can we afford Boozer under the cap? Probably not. Allstars will command 15 maybe 18 a year in a free market. If we unloaded Mag’s 10 and the salary cap continues to climb. We’d get to a number that might be managable. Or at least considerable in paying a luxury tax. If we can unload Mag, and trade crawford, over the summer wed’d have nearly 20 mill in cap space. So, yes, it’s possible. But do we really need Boozer or just a Boozer type player. Al Horford would be a good fit at PF.

    *Please note, I’m completely against losing Crawford. He was only used as an example because of his salary.

  • A.J.

    Hey DStern……The sports writers rip us off homey!

    It’s not the other way around.

    Also, I didn’t see you right anything about sports. The only thing you did was bash Warrior fans. I don’ think you know shit about basketball.

    I think your probably fat and have never played any sports in your life.

    Why don’t you go and read some of my posts on various Warrior articles on this site and tell me who knows their basketball.

  • Earl monroe

    DStern- always good to have the commissioner stop by.
    We only exercise our freedom of speech here. And since the
    warriors and the players are in the public domain its our national right
    to critique, since we are not in the employment of the CC times we can
    say whatever we want, I think that is what make this great, so who cares
    if most of us don’t know the inside scoop like David Stern- who by the
    way never played the game or coached the game-yet he runs the game.

  • A.J.

    Some good points on this blog about the types of players that could help our young squad.

    Love the David West and Paul Millsap suggestions, excellent suggestions.

    Truth is, how did we not get in on the Mo Williams sweepstakes in the offseason?

    How is it that some of these guys sign with lesser known and more smaller market teams than the Warriors and we don’t even take a stab at them?

    There are countless examples like this.

  • Earl monroe

    We did not get in on the Mo Williams sweepstake or the Chris Duhon sweepstake because the thought was that Baron was going to sign.

  • Earl monroe

    Neither David West or Paul Millsap are getting moved anytime soon, West because he is a key member of the Hornets and Millsap because should Boozer opt out the Jazz are going to need a player like him

  • A.J.

    Also, how did we not get in on the Roger Mason sweepstakes?

    It’s not like he is a household name, but the guy is lighting it up for ht Spurs right now.

    It’s just frustrating. You can contend with me all you want but the point is that our Management and Ownership, while they make some nice moves, you have to wonder why they don’t aggressively pursue certain players that would help their organization, come at a lower price, and likely would be willing to play in this market. The guy came from the Wizards last year. Anythign would have been an improvement. He was just looking for a new place and a chance to play. Lucky for the Spurs.

  • jsl

    Marcus: Might be time to move Al off the masthead, above. But puhleeeze! Don’t replace him with Jack or Maggette. Better we replace them, instead — and have Nellie beat ’em out the door.

  • Mr. B

    I agree with JSL about taking off Al. Put CJ Watson up there since he’s been the highlight so far this season. The Warriors highlight is a D-Leaguer.

  • Earl monroe

    Roger Mason is getting the looks he gets because he plays with Tim Duncan and
    little frenchman. On that team he shines, on the Warriors he is average.
    There was no Roger Mason sweepstake.

  • A.J.

    Earl Monroe is my teacher.

    Every comment I make, he has a wise response.

  • Earl monroe

    Earl the pearl-dispensing wisdom
    and reading the posts

  • A.J.

    Thank God for Earl Monroe’s quick and witty responses to my posts.

    Thank you so much Earl, I am learning a great deal from you, because you’re an expert!

    I think you are a smart enoough man to sense that I am being sarcastic however.

    I can care less about your responses to my posts.

  • Earl monroe

    Sarcasm becomes you, I care even less about the fact that you don’t care about my responses to your posts.

  • Maverikc

    Unfortunately AJ, Earl does appear to be right the majority of the time. Perhaps you should heed his comments a little more.

  • A.J.

    Maverikc, learn how to spell your fuckin name before you comment on my shit.

    And to you and Earl Monroe.

    If you guys actually read my posts you would see that I am giving examples of players that could help.

    Earl, I am not stupid enough to believe that Millsap and David West are going anywhere. I don’t think your stupid enough to believe that I really think they would either. I was agreeing with the fact that players of that nature could help this squad.

    As far as the ROger Mason comment, again, it’s just 1 example of a player that was aggressively pursued by a great team and he is now helping his team. Can we say anythign like that about Jamal Crawford? Or DeMarcus Nelson? Or Rob Kurz? Or Anthony Randolph?

    I feel you were just looking for a reason to attack my comments. I was giving examples of the types of players that could help this team and the types of organizations that pursue these types of players.

    I know my basketball, read my posts “stupid.”

    You just have some kind of “hard on” out for me to attack my posts.

    I don’t have to explain myself to either of you. I know this game and I know what Im talking about.

    Make sure you understand the reasons for my posts and what they are actually saying, and don’t construe your own idea of what I am trying to say.

    Fuck off, both of you faggot cock suckers.

    Maverick, what the fuck are you, Earl Monroe’s attorney.

    Why the fuck do you have to feel like you have to agree with him, what has that fuck ever done for you? Do you suck his dick or something……cocksucker.

  • A.J.

    I never believed that we would get any of the players I named above you stupid mother fuckers.

    I was just saying that those types of players could help.

    But Earl, you though I didn’t know basketball and I actaully thought we could peel these players away from their current teams. You were wrong, that’s not the point I was making you Liberal cock suker.

    I’m sure you;re from Berkeley or something, Liberal mother fucker.