“We’ll Do it Live!”

To steal a line from Bill O’Reilly’s infamous inside edition clip, “We’ll do it live!” tonight at the Warriors game against Houston. I’ll be on to chat with during the game.
So when you lose it after a blown defensive assignment, or you wonder why isn’t Brandan Wright in the game, or you start feeling all warm inside once Jackson caps a run with one of his pull-up 3-pointers in transition, you can tell me about it!
I’ll be answering questions, giving updates, etc.

Marcus Thompson

  • A.J.

    Can’t wait…..but hopefully we won’t be talking about Warrior turnovers and missplays.

    Instead, I hope to be talking about some of the younger players having a big game and making it 3 in a row.

  • kay tweez

    more like when jackson pulls up a crap shot and begs the ref for a foul instead of running down court to continue playing basketball…