Pre-Game Tidbits (at Denver)

Get a load of these starters:

F KURZ!!! (Carmelo Anthony)
F JACKSON (Kenyon Martin)
G CRAWFORD (Dahntay Jones)
G WATSON (Billups)

*Can somebody please explain why Rob Kurz over Randolph?

* The Warriors have just 10 players in uniform. Corey Maggette (hamstring), Ronny Turiaf (flu) and Brandan Wright (flu) did not make the trip to Denver. That means they have no choice but to play small ball for much of this game. They are certainly going to need a lot of offense to have a chance against these Nuggets.

* What’s up with Crawford? I asked him about it his scoring struggles the last two – 8 points on 3-for-14 shooting over the last two games – and he said he has been so focused on the ball movement desires of the coaching staff that he has been extra focusing on sharing the ball and setting the tone. He said he would be more aggressive tonight. He had better if the Warriors have a chance.

* Officially, meaning the Warriors put out a release, Maggette was “diagnosed with a strained right hamstring which includes a microtear of his muscle. A strength test did indicate a mild weakness in the muscle. Corey will continue his strength and fitness work as needed and his return to play will be dictated by his improvement.” In other words, he’s out and they aren’t saying when he’ll be back.

* Think the Warriors have had a tough schedule? The current stretch to close ’08 is nothing to sneeze at (games paired together denotes back-to-back):

    at Houston
    at Denver

vs. Orlando
at Indiana

    at Atlanta
    at Charlotte
    at Orlando
    at Miami

vs. Boston

    at Los Angeles Lakers
    vs. Toronto

at OKC

How many wins do you see in that stretch?

Marcus Thompson

  • Dan

    Your Boy Kurz is Fearless… He broke the scoring drought… The crappy nature of this game necessitates a live blog.

  • Kweezy

    Marcus..a note on something that caught my attention near the end of the 1st quarter against Den..Jax does one of his patented 1 on 2 drives into the lane and throws up a wild shot begging for a foul call. It looked clean and even Barnett admitted it didn’t look like there was a foul. While his teammates were busy hustlin back on def Jack predictably continued complaining to the official. Jack and Chris “Birdman” Andersen were the last ones up the court, Andersen was ahead of Jackson by maybe two steps and barely power walking up the floor. Den missed a shot and Anderson came into the lane untouched for a put back dunk. This is not the first time Jax has done that but I’m just curious if the other Warriors notice something like that, and especially Nelson, does Don ever hold Jax accountable for a play like that? If Randolph or Belinelli did that Nelson would bench them for a week at least!


    Jackson misses out on many defensive plays cause he’s whining to the reffs for foul calls that were correctly not called. Its insane how much he looks like he just doesnt care. He wont even bend over to pick up a loose ball. And why does he insist on shooting when hes 2-14? With no hesitation he’ll launch up an ugly shot, or ISO a player that is clearly better than him and miss the shot or just turn it over… He is starting to really hurt the team big time.

  • bob

    Nelson does stuff like this where he benches the rookies, plays Jax no matter what and does so many inconsistent things so the team and everyone questions him. So he can get fired, go to Hawaii and collect two years of pay. He signed the extension so he can be on his terms. He has no reason to finish this season, he just gets to pile on the losses in his record, so why not get fired. Its not like he will coach again or he will win a championship with this team. He just wants to collect 12 Mil in Maui. So that is why he will do more wierd things.

  • Kevin

    Randolph looks like a 3 to me. Lamar Odom type of player. Has good weakside help on D. Not physical enough to play the 4. As soon as JAX got his money his attitude has changed. He’s our leader? Just bag the year and get a top 5 pick. Take the best 4 in the draft. He just can’t be skinny and left handed.