Pregame Tid Bits (at Indy)

It would be nice if I could get pre-game info online before the game actually starts, right?

* So Marco Belinelli is the flavor of the week. He is starting in place of C.J. Watson, who is attending his uncle’s funeral. As a result, Jackson (or Azubuike, take your pick) was playing small forward. This ploy doesn’t hurt so much tonight because the Pacers were small. Troy Murphy wasn’t in the arena. They started with Danny Granger at small forward.

* Nellie’s first sub have was Ronny Turiaf. He came in for Andris. Nellie is addicted to small ball. So, when teams go with a big lineup, the Warriors counter with the small, make the big guys run. When opponents go small, the Warriors go … small? Seems like with Murphy out and Jeff Foster the only big, the Warriors should be playing Ronny and Biedrins together. Then, maybe, the Pacers wouldn’t have 5 offensive rebounds in the first seven minutes of the game.

* Jackson still gets boos in Indiana. They booed him when his name was introduceed, then when he scored.


Marcus Thompson

  • A.J.

    I just can’t see us winning this game.

    Indiana is a better team, they have better players and it’s a road game…..formula for disaster Warrior fans.

    Danny Granger is better than anyone on the Warriors even if Ellis is playing.

    Marquis Daniels can score and we all know how we do against guys who can score. He will probably end up shooting over 50% from the field.

    No Dunleavy, No Ford, No Murphy, but we’re not good enough to beat Indiana on the road even without those guys being on the team.

    The Indiana Pacers are better than the Golden State Warriors, by leaps and bounds.

  • A’s in 2009


    Its one thing when you’re best players are small but having BWright, Randolph, or Turiaf at PF has proven to be our best line-up. Lepper’s +/- stats prove it.