Bye, Bye Hendrix

The Warriors chopped Richard Hendrix to make room for Monta Ellis. Good move? Bad move? Let me hear it

Marcus Thompson

  • brent

    Marcus, I underdstand your reasoning, but the move sounds more like one done because the warriors did not want to eat marcus willams contract. Now if they are going to go out and trade for an actual power forward I can be more accepting. Hedrix is raw, but a few things he possesses that turiaf never will, soft hands and some more offensive game. I believe Paul Milsap was a second round pick, same with brandon bass and they both would look good in a warriors uniform. I feel that Hendrix will be very serviceable after playing some more in the NBDL.
    Do you forsee them being able to trade Maggette + either Wright or Randolph to get a power forward? Do you think they would consider trading Stephen Jackson if they could get a power forward?

  • A’s in 2009

    Bad move if he gets picked up by another team.

  • Squall

    With a team chaulk full of D leaguers why not cut the guy we fans haven’t seen anyways?

    Dubs obviously didn’t see anything in him worth keeping, suprising for a guy who avg’d a double double in college and I think was a key defensive player in his region. oh well, he wouldn’t of played for 6 years here anyways.

  • Ewok

    Since he is now a former Warrior, Watch him become a star somewhere else. Mike Dunleavy is right. Former Warriors beocme stars somewhere else.

    This shows how terrible our Basketball Philosophy is.

  • Ewok

    If this guy can’t score, Can’t he rebound at all? Can’t he defend at all? I know Dennis Rodman had a great impact just by doing these two crucial tasks.

    Nellie has to realize that if he doesn’t have chemistry in this team, then its risky to play his style. He can’t play small.

    Is small ball what he is all about? If so, then I’ll be dammned.

  • commish

    It is the obvious move, but not so clear if it is the right move. Nellie doesn’t like bigs and projects; but, on the other hand, who knows what upside Hendrix would have to play D and rebound and do all the other things that don’t mean squat to Nellie driven teams. I think D Nelson would have been the right move because he is never going to play with the glut of guards we have on the team. Actually, can’t figure out why D. Nelson didn’t go.

  • IDK will see….

    I am intrigued by this Raymond Felton rumor to W’s

    The rumor is, its gunna have to either be AR or BW… I say give up AR

    The W’s problem isn’t there talent or their players; it’s their inability to find an identity… I think Raymond is a perfect fit… he is a younger BD… Same body type same swagger….

    I know AR is a talent but we have CM…

    Look at this…

    C AB
    C/F RT
    PF BW
    PF bring back RH!!!
    SF Jackson
    SF CM
    SG Jamal C
    SG Bookie
    PG Felton
    PG CJ

    When ME get’s back

    C AB
    C/F RT
    PF BW
    PF bring back RH!!!
    SF Jackson
    SF CM
    SG ME
    SG Jamal C
    PG Felton
    PG CJ

    Maybe Bookie and Marco are on their way out will see….
    I think CM would be the perfect 6th man, now before you all say a 50M 6th man? think MG from the spurs

    I think Raymond Felton is the perfect guy for ME and a guy who can give us an identity….

    Once again it’s OUR IDENITY NOT R PLAYERS!!!!

  • David

    how much truth is there to getting felton? I cant see anyway that goes down unless its a big deal that involves maggette, wallace or another big name.
    Please say that Randolph isnt involved in this!

  • firethefrontoffice

    Its almost the new year. Time to fire the Warrior Front Office! Start with Rowell!!!!!

    Contra Costa Times: Its time to change your dumb Harrington banner!!!!!!!!!!!

  • firethefrontoffice

    Alright, someone in this forum used the “F” word.

    They are now moderating this forum. Keep it clean now!

  • Mistaknly

    I disagree. Felton is not the perfect guy for ME.

    The biggest problem with Felton is that ME can’t guard big 2’s! And at 6’0″, neither can Felton. They had enough defensive problems last year with BD and ME. Jack and BD would always have to help out with Monte’s man.

  • EJ


    In regards to the Felton rumors, I don’t understand how acquiring a point guard would help a team with a bunch of players that thrive on having the ball in their hands and creating their own shots. It’s proving that letting Baron go was more costly than originally thought.

    Rather than paying Baron, they committed huge amounts of money to Maggette, Jackson, and Crawford. I’d rather have Barnes than Maggette. I’d rather have Pietrus than Maggette.

    I don’t know what to say anymore about this team/franchise.

  • jones4bball

    Unless they re-sign him, I think they’ll rue the day they let him go. So we know that he’s not a fit for Nelson stylistically and there’s already Turiaf. But the Warriors can’t use a burly rebounder? It borders on the ridiculous to corner the market on smalls and swing players when what ails you is getting killed on the boards and you’re consistently losing. Nelson’s insistence on playing small is like talking louder to a blind person. Nelson’s pretty good at blaming his players when he surveys the realm. Is he so mulish that he can’t have a few different type of players to change up when his beloved small ball isn’t working? The answer may be yes. It’s highly unlikely to happen with the clueless bunch running the team, but I’d push for Nelson being sent to the glue factory and in his place, Brian Shaw, although he’d probably insist on a regime change first.

  • L

    if nellie won’t play him, no need to keep him around. crazy to think that we have picked up 4 rookie ufa’s in the past two years (kb, cw, am, dn). they all play, it’s just that they aren’t big guys. getting tired of people ripping no nellie, especially thinking back to the stretch that he wasn’t hear

  • Eric

    Correction AJ

    “Just like Monta and Andres came in together”

    Andris was drafted in ’04 and Ellis in ’05. It it however correct to assume that both were buried in Montgomery’s bench and did not become a part of the rotation until Nellie became coach.

    Secondly, in response to your earlier post: I’m not saying we should let Ellis and/or Biedrins leave and sign with a rival like the Clippers. Both are nice players and I hope both are Warriors for a very long time. What I am saying is I wouldn’t have been in a rush to give them extensions this summer. Reason being: both are restricted free agents. The Warriors for this year were able to offer both players one year tender offers. Since both are restricted free agents, the W’s can match any teams offer next summer and pay them the most $$$. Why not gage how they progress in this particular year before giving extensions and seeing how the market is for each player? For example with Biedrins, which team under the cap is lining up to sign Biedrins next summer? And as I’ve stated before I think we’ve seen Biedrins exposed lately especially on the recent eastern road trip. In the home game against Orlando, he got tortured by the magic backup center as stated on goldenstateofmind. He dominates lesser competition, but often struggles playing against the likes of the elite centers (Duncan, Yao) He’s a good center, but definitely not an elite one which he is getting paid (6 years $55 million) Now in his 5th year in the league, Biedrins has not developed a patent or go to move offensively. Again, Biedrins is a solid center and I would have rewarded him this summer with a contract in the range of 5 years $40 million which is more reasonable and fits the market. As for Ellis, this is what you said “One of Mullin’s best move was giving Ellis an extension”. This is where I originally disagree with you AJ. While Mullin no doubt gets credit for drafting him, the extension is a premature move. And I’m saying believing Ellis was going to be a star b4 the moped accident. I love his quickness and how he’s improved his game every year he’s been in the league so far. But after the moped accident, we’ll never know if he’ll ever be the same player again coming off the ankle surgery. How can you say giving him the extension was a good move? The W’s have dealt with public embarrassment and scrutiny in how they handled the situation with Ellis, which all would have been avoided if they never game him the extension. I’ll elude to a point Marcus said, were the W’s ready to hand the keys of the franchise to Ellis? And you ask why are the W’s possibly pursuing Felton? Maybe they are thinking of voiding the Ellis deal entirely? The point is the Ellis extension was not a good move especially now considering the circumstances.

  • Kevin

    Bad move. These four players aren’t Nellie type players either. This is why Nellie will never win a Championship. Never. He is too full of himself to change. He would probably cut one of these guys also.
    Paul Millsap, Jason Maxiell, Brandon Bass, Ryan Gomes. Think the Warriors could use any of these non-Nellie type players? Fire Nelson.

  • jones4bball

    I have this image of Nelson at a 12-step meeting… My name is Don and I’m a small-ballaholic. What this team needs is an exorcism, starting with Nelson, who’s obviously no longer responsible for his actions.

  • tony tony

    just to get this out there of all the players the warriors had during the playoff run only 4 remain of the 14 what happen? There was chemstry on the team . Yes there was need for inprovement but not dam near the whole team I mean its like a revoling door with the warriors now and needs to stop. And some one needs to take fault it seems mangement is taking advantage of the great fans they have and should be ashamed of what they have done to the team and the fans. Any way warriors mangement needs to man up and say sorry to the fans for mesing up the team and that there working hard to fix it.Because all I hear are excuses of what there trying to do and no body is taking fault they would be surprized what a simple am sorry can do.

  • 15/70

    How many more draft picks are we going to burn because the front office and the coaching staff can’t get on the same paige. We want to buy out Marcus Williams, who we just wasted a future fist rounder on and cut Hendrix who has looked impressive in the D league. Not to mention we need rebounders. Robby Rowell needs to be ran out of town on a rail.

  • Robo

    The Raymond Felton rumors don’t make any sense. The W’s would have to give up both Randolph and Wright; or a combination of Randolph/Wright and a number of players, just for the deal to make financial sense. Felton makes $4,148,715; Wright is at $2,497,320 and Randolph is getting $1,709,280. Ex: You could probably package Wright with Williams and either Kurz/Morrow/Nelson, but the W’s would be giving too much away. Williams I could care less about, but any combination of Wright and another player for Felton, would be a bad move on the W’s part.

  • jlight

    ok, I was just on the espn site, and watch a video wirh senior writer Chris Broussard, i think the spelling is right. Anyway he says that nelson and mullin are not on speaking terms, to the point were nelson wont play guys who chris really likes (watch out monta) and the real shocker is supposedly he told anthony randolph to have his angent look in to possible trades, because its not working out. This can not be true, We have 8th graders running the show. We rather loose games rather than play the guys who Mullin thinks are going to be great.
    un f—–g believable. naw, cant be true. just to damn ridiculous.

  • Dave

    Marcus, Nelson never gave Hendrix a chance, so as fans we don’t know exactly how good or bad he was. This is typical Nelson M.O. of saying another big man is “not ready” and either benching or cutting him. This is ridiculous to keep Marcus Williams and Demarcus Nelson on the roster so they have 10 guards on the roster. He needs quality NOT quantity. If Nelson just played his big players, I am sure he would see they will give him a better chance to win than his 10 guards, even with the mistakes they will make. This team is stinking now, so he has nothing to lose. Maybe he can trade 8 of the guards for Steve Nash, the Suns are looking more like the Warriors every day.

  • A.J.


    If you offer 1 year tenders to 2 young, impressionable players, what happens?

    Those young players would feel as if the organization does not trust them, has no confidence in them, and that would be all the more reason for Monta to do stupid things in the offseason to spite the organization that only extended him 1 year.

    Wasn’t Pietrus disenchanted with our 1 year offer last year? Didn’t he purposely not play well because he wanted a longer term contract, same with Matt Barnes.

    You may be able to get away wiht stuff like that with Biedrins, because he has a good attitude.

    But Monta? I would question, he would probably do more stupid things in the offseason because of his displeasure.

    You want to handle it very conservatively, test the waters, see what happens. But we handled it conservatively with Pietrus, Barnes and Davis and we lost all 3.

    I think the extensions were well warranted.

    Last thing you want on your hands is Monta and Andres playing scared and apprehensive because they know they have to prove themselves again this year to get another extension, next off-season.

    These 2 players are too good for that.

    In response to Biedrins being exposed and no moves.

    A lot of center have no moves, my friend. Look at Kendrick Perkins even Andrew Bynum really has no moves.

    Biedrins moves well without the ball, rebounds well, runs the floor, and shoots a high percentage, he is clever around the basket. Can you argue with that? I think you’re judging Biedrins harshly. I don’t htink he’s been exposed yet. Young players have bad games all the time.

    Also, in response to you pulling out my mistake about Biedrins and Ellis coming in together, it really seems as if you have a “HARD ON” for me to try to point out my mistake in that long post. You are obviously knit-picking about some stuff and you think you know it all.

    I completely disagree with your stupid idea of 1 year tenders to Monta and Andres. If we had strong management in place and if we were the Los Angeles Lakers, we could get away with shit like that.

    But with this team and this management you cannot get away with offering 2 talented young players 1 year tenders when you are a struggling franchise that has no room for error.

    I hope you can see my point in all this. If you’re smart enought to pull out my mistake, I hope you’re smart enought to really understand what I’m writing.

  • A.J.

    Eric, even if we offered the 1 year tender, he still would have had the moped accident, right?

    Sounds to me like you wouldn’t care if they didn’t extend Ellis at all, that is basically what you’re saying.

    The moped would have happened if they gave him a 1 year tender as you would have preferred. The only other scenario other that offering him a long term contract was to let him walk. So you fall right in there with your opinion.

    You don’t care if they extended him or not, period.

    The reason why I say “WHy Felton?” is because Raymond Felton is not good. Ever since coming into the league, he really hasn’t done anythign to show that he could be a contrinbuting starting backcourt player on an NBA team.

    All of your comments point toward the fact that you wish that they never extended Ellis, period. Read your comments carefully, the more you write, the more you sound like you wish they let Ellis walk.

    C’mon Eric, be honest with yourself, are you kidding me about some of your comments? I mean, you sound resolute with the fact that you would take Felton over Ellis, your posts seems to point to that.

    You’re looking at everythign in hinesight after the moped, but the extension was one of the best moves of Mullin’s tenure. Monta is stupid and he would have done the moped if he had a 1 year or a 100 year contract, if he was playing for the Golden State Warriors or the Los Angeles Lakers, doesn’t matter, moped would have happened anyway.

  • PhilB

    The Warriors need front court players to balance out the roster; provide versatility on offense, and bulk up the defense (in other words, give Andris Biedrins some help). So why are the Warriors trying to dump all of their big men. First, Al Harrington for Jamal Crawford?! Then you want to give up promising youngsters Randolph and BWright for Ray Felton?

    WTF!!! I suspected that Don Nelson (with assist from Rowell) was trying to ruin the team. Now I’m convinced of it.

  • Get a life!


    You may need another hobby other than playing fantasy GM/Coach of the Warriors. No one comes to this blog to read you fundamentally flawed daily dissertations. GET A FREAKIN LIFE

  • A.J.


    “How can you say giving him the extension was a good move? The W’s have dealt with public embarrassment and scrutiny in how they handled the situation with Ellis, which all would have been avoided if they never game him the extension.”

    I want to draw your attention to the following that you said:

    which all would have been avoided if they never game him the extension.”

    Who, do you propose we should have planned to have started for us at point this year, genius?

  • if we trade our bigs for more guards I’m done with this franchise.

  • A.J.

    Get A Life……I’ll certainly make a note of your suggestion, thank you.

    I don’t expect anyone to read my stuff, but people do,…….don’t lie,……you read it too, otherwise, why would you comment on it.

    But also, I don’t see any single post on here from you that talks about basketball or sports or coaches or gms or players, do you know anyting about basketball? Or do you just stop by here, change your name every time, and comment on my shit?

  • A.J.

    “Fundamentally Flawed” huh?…….whether its Get a Life! or Calm Down! smells like the same fuckin loser to me.

  • A.J.

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  • Get a life!

    Great hobby…..you seem to have things in order and a good/logical head on your shoulders. Why so much anger? The good points you occasionally make are completely masked by angry rants and unnecessary vulgarity.

    I come to this blog to read Marcus and his inside info on them team. I have to admit though, it is very entertaining to read the rants of people like you that rode the pine of the JV team in high school and watch the games on TV, and think you have all the answers. Keep up the good work!!!

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Now Now, Let’s not all get testy. You all have some good basketball points, and everybody is entitled to there opinion. Let’s look at this thing objectively. The W’s are a very young team without a floor leader. Many of there players are cast in role not well suited for them, starting with Jackson at point forward, Maggette at power forward, Crawford at the point etc. Letting Hendrix go was typical and perdictable but not wise on the part of the W’s. Hendrix showed promise in summer league, and briefly during training camp. The W’s arn’t going anywhere this year anyway and should have taken a wait and see attitude with hendrix and tried to buy out Marcus Williams contract. They’re not going to play him anyway. The trick here is to establish your starting 5 regardless of Matchups and substitute as the game dictates. This way the young players will develop in a manner consistant with their strenghs while playing their natural position and the team would develop some kind of unity/identity. You can’t assess talent when player are always playing out of position. This is a simple game that nelsons has somehow complicated. My starting 5 would be Andres, Ronny, Jackson, Maggette,Crawford. After 5 or 6 minutes Either Andres or Ronny would come out substituted by Wright. Randolph would initially come in for Jackson and the W’s could go big at certain times during the game,while buike would come in for Maggette, and cj for Crawford. Everybody else would get in sparingly. When Monte comes back it would get trickier, but initially Monte would come off the bench for the first 3 to 5 games which means cj would be pushed back in the rotation and Maggette would come off the bench. The bottomline is the bigs would get more time, the rebounding would improve, the defense would improve and the team no doubt would improve, which leaves us where I stated at the beginning of the year that we needed a top notch Power forward to turn the page. nough said!