Post-game Tidbits

* Jackson said he’s done for this road trip. He re-aggravated his hand at shootaround today and said he’s going to give it some real rest. Something he should’ve done a while ago, IMHO.

“I’m going to sit out a couple of games and give it time to heal. The reason it’s hurting now is because I never gave it a chance to heal. I always played and it keeps getting hit game after game. So I’m going to take a couple games off and see how it feels by the time we get home.”

“Each time it gets hit, it gets worse and worse. I haven’t given it time to cool down. I think it just compiles on it and there’s no way its going to get better if I continue to play and it continues to get hit. So I made the decision to talk to coach about taking a couple of games off so it can get better and hopefully I can withstand the hits and not keep going backwards.”

He said he will stay on the road trip. He’s hoping to play when the team returns home on Dec. 26.

*Nellie answered the question about his alleged comments to Randolph. As a refresher, ESPN’s Chris Broussard said Nelson told Randolph to talk to his agent and tell him to work on a trade because Randolph wasn’t working out with the Warriors. Nelson said that was absolutely not true. He said he wanted to sit down with Randolph and Randolph’s agent.

“He’s got to work harder in practice. He’s got to do somethings to get better. That’s all that was about. I wanted to sit down with he and his agent. So that’s not true.”

* It just amazes me that Brandan Wright doesn’t play more often. Friday, he had 19 points on 7-for-13 shooting 8 rebounds in 30 minutes. He entered the game shooting 60.4 percent from the field.
I know he doesn’t rebound as well as you’d like, and he doesn’t show much passion. But the guy can finish — in the third quarter, he caught a pass in transition, beat Josh Smith baseline and dunked it with two hands — and he’s brings a much-needed athleticism to the front line and he can block shots.
Maybe he’s not the PF of the future. Maybe he is. The point is that the Warriors won’t get an accurate assessment with him playing just over a quarter a night.

* I think Marco Belinelli is close to solidifying himself as my back-up shooting guard (in my little utopic world). Actually, in the most ideal situation, Azubuike is my back-up shooting guard. But Belinelli that third guard off the bench should get a nice chunk of minutes, and Belinelli is certainly competing for them. I still like Morrow because he can do more than shoot. But Belinelli has looked really good lately. The way he’s handling the ball, the way he’s passing. He looks so much better when he’s confident. You could tell he knew he wasn’t coming out. A few more of these nights and he’ll pass up Morrow on my depth chart. (He already has on Nellie’s)

Marcus Thompson

  • cheesy poofs

    Wright 3 defensive rebounds in 30 minutes. Wright could always do these other things, but Nellie wanted Wright to become a better defensive rebounder and earn minutes. if Wright just plays, what incentive does he have to work hard on the defensive glass? it’s why Durant doesn’t pass – he has no incentive to. winning? 99% of young guys think they can win it by themselves and are more concerned with their stats, respect, or just happy to be playing.

    …..sounds like Nellie wants to send Randolph to the d-league.

  • dahano

    Wow! Marcus, how do you have Morrow ahead of Belinelli? When Monta comes back I would have Belinelli start with Monta and bring Crawford and Maggette off the bench until they show some passion on defense. Crawford and Watson are just lousy at keeping opposing guards in front of them. I’ve noticed that even when Belinelli gets beat, he has a good nack for knocking the ball away. Too bad Demarcus didn’t get any play tonight. Some body needs to tell Turiaf to stop jumping at everything and block out his man.

  • Lektor

    What Dahano says….Marco has been our best player since getting consistent playing time (17ppg/4rpg/3apg/over50%fg/over40% 3pt fg)…how on earth could you have him beneath Rob Morrow on the depth chart? That doesn’t make any sense.

    In an ideal world, when Monta is really back in top form then its him and Marco in the backcourt, with Marco playing PG and Monta playing SG.

    We need to excise Jax/Maggette/Crawford from this team somehow and let our young team grow together.

  • LivermoreJoe

    I’ve been a Don Nelson fan for a long time but I am beginning to think he is lost.

    How is the idea of designating a defensive coordinator supposed to work? Does anyone really believe Nelson is going to give up control of player substitutions? Dividing authority between two coaches is going to divide the locker room and make a confusing situation for the players even worse.

    How does talking to his agent make Anthony Randolph a better player? Isn’t his development as a player the responsibility of the coaching staff? Where does his agent fit into this? It makes no sense. When Randolph gets minutes, he scores, rebounds and blocks shots. What else is he supposed to be doing?

    Nelson says, “We play a lot of small ball so we have to rebound better.” Isn’t one way to rebound better to stop playing so much small ball? There’s a reason that seemingly every back up center in the league goes for a career high against the Warriors.

    The Warriuors have some good young big men. Why don’t we see them play together? How many minutes have Randolph, Wright and Biedrins logged on the floor together? Maybe a line up featuring them all together has problems but certainly no worse than the lineups we’ve been seeing all season.

    Nelson is becoming increasingly erratic and making decisions and comments that do not appear to be in the best interests of the team. how much longer can this go on before something gives?

  • Tony M

    Kaz over Marco?? r u serious???

    I dont think any player on the team likes playing with Kaz…Dude’s a black hole…worse than Maggette

  • mike

    kalenna azubuke is one of our toughest players and plays decent defense so get off his back and read how many rebounds he had last nite