Pre-game Tidbits (at Atlanta)

* No Stephen Jackson. He re-aggravated his sprained left hand and will sit this one out. He did it catching a pass at shootaround, bending his middle and ring fingers back. Marco Belinelli started in his place.

* Marco isn’t the biggest suprise in the starting lineup. Rob Kurz started. Yes. The same dude who played 0 minutes against the Pacers starts against the Hawks. Nellie said he went small because the Pacers didn’t have their big lineup, with no Murphy and Roy Hibbert not playing. So, against an even more athletic lineup, he goes less athletic? Kurz opened the game guarding Josh Smith.
Someone please explain to me why Brandan Wright isn’t starting.

*I was asking around about the Felton rumor. It sounds to me like someone from the Bobcats was floating that out there. It doesn’t make any sense for the Warriors. After the conversations I’ve had, I still feel the same way. No way they do this deal. It makes no sense from no end.

*I talked to Anthony Randolph about Chris Broussard’s statements on First and 10 that Nellie told him to tell his agent to seek a trade because it isn’t working. Randolph’s response: no comment.
That tells me all I need to know.
Here is the link, for those who haven’t seen it:


Marcus Thompson