Pre-game Tidbits (at Atlanta)

* No Stephen Jackson. He re-aggravated his sprained left hand and will sit this one out. He did it catching a pass at shootaround, bending his middle and ring fingers back. Marco Belinelli started in his place.

* Marco isn’t the biggest suprise in the starting lineup. Rob Kurz started. Yes. The same dude who played 0 minutes against the Pacers starts against the Hawks. Nellie said he went small because the Pacers didn’t have their big lineup, with no Murphy and Roy Hibbert not playing. So, against an even more athletic lineup, he goes less athletic? Kurz opened the game guarding Josh Smith.
Someone please explain to me why Brandan Wright isn’t starting.

*I was asking around about the Felton rumor. It sounds to me like someone from the Bobcats was floating that out there. It doesn’t make any sense for the Warriors. After the conversations I’ve had, I still feel the same way. No way they do this deal. It makes no sense from no end.

*I talked to Anthony Randolph about Chris Broussard’s statements on First and 10 that Nellie told him to tell his agent to seek a trade because it isn’t working. Randolph’s response: no comment.
That tells me all I need to know.
Here is the link, for those who haven’t seen it:


Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2009

    I am done as a Warrior fan if we dump Randolph.

  • ohnoez

    Wow, Warriors are currently last in the Pacific Standings, that’s pathetic. No playoffs this year folks, we suck without Ellis, Davis, Jackson.

    p.s. please remove the Harrington banner, it’s really discriminating the Warriors.

  • roy12

    Why trade Randolph for another player, another combo guard. If he was so good, he would be playing for his team. I am done as a warrior fan too

  • cheesy poofs

    A’s in 2009, who cares about Anthony Randolph?

    dude is the basketball version of Vernon Davis.

  • commish

    It just keeps getting better. Randolph will be leaving soon because he’s on Nelson’s s**t list. Marco, who is finally showing some of his promise also hates Nelson for the last 1.4 years for the way he’s been treated (along with Harrington, DunMurphy, Diogu, and so many more; and from what we read, he can’t wait to get back to Europe. Nelson is just killing this team and we are totally powerless to do anything about it. Marcus, it must be really hard to cover them right now after all the great achievements over the last two season.

    Well, to put things into perspective, I hope you and yours will have a wonderful Xmas when you return to your family. Travel safe.

  • i8thekittypurr

    This is doom and disaster if its true. Nellie is either trying to get canned, or he’s got early onset dementia.

  • kev

    i have loved warrior since they were really bad…
    somehow thing is a bit different this time…
    and sorry i cant be a loyal fan any more…

  • Litsa

    Nellie didn’t ruin the franchise enough the 1st time around.
    A stupid organization run by stupid people.

  • Gwydion

    It all comes down to style of play. For reasons I still don’t understand, Nellie is stuck back in his own playing days where you could get away with one tall guys and a bunch of guys 6’5″ and under. You get killed rebounding this way and it limits how you can play defense. There’s always been talk about how creative a coach he is, but when was the last time you ever saw him put in a big against a smaller player. It’s always the smaller, supposedly quicker player he’ll sub in.

    I’m just sick of the talent evaluation going on. Clearly Marco is a much better player than he was given credit for. Randolph is just raw, Wright is generally pretty effective when he’s in there.

    Between Nelson’s lack of interest in coaching the team, Rowell’s lack of understanding and misguided interference, and abominally crappy play of our vets, the only thing we’ve had to look forward to is the play of our young guys. Thank god Jackson and Magette are injured right now. The games were just awful when they were being trotted out for 35 minutes a game.

    No matter how much talent they get, this is a doomed team that will never get it together.

    Please Mr. Cohan, sell the team to someone who knows what they’re doing.