Pre-Game (rather, Game-Has-Already-Started) Tidbits

* The starting PF tonight is … (drum roll) … Brandan Wright. Kurz is back to the bench after going scoreless on four shots in 13 minutes (two rebounds and two assists, though).
How is this for a comedy: Wright played five minutes, missing all three shots and picking up three fouls, before being yanked.

* And guess who replaced Wright? No, not Kurz, but Anthony Randolph. Yes, there was an Anthony Randolph citing. Before tonight, he had two straight DNP-CDs, which were preceded by a two-minute stint vs. Orlando and a 10-minute stint at Denver.

* Belinelli: 3-for-3 for 7 points with two assists in nine minutes. What has gotten into this dude? He can even dribble against pressure now. (For all those Belinelli loves out there, stay humble. Because his man, Raja Bell, had 10 points in 9 minutes.)

*Let me go on record saying I would not mind at all having Gerald Wallace as the power forward of the Warriors. If you’re going to go small, you might as well have a guy who can defend and rebound and score. Sure, he doesn’t shoot well enough to stretch the defense, as Nellie wants from 4s. But that’s a sacrifice worth making in exchange for Wallace’s athleticism, hustle and defense. He averages two steals and nearly a block a game to go with 7.8 rebounds. Plus he can finish strong and he’s a 78 percent FT shooter.

Marcus Thompson

  • geoff lepper jr.

    Didn’t do much, but Morrow didn’t get much time or shots in front of his hometown family!!! (esp. after his 15 last night in Atl). That’s cold Nellie!! or Smart? or Moncreeef??!? Who’s coaching this team again???


    Hollinger & the draft pundits were right. AR’s a bust. guy has less bball IQ than jr high kids i know.

  • Squall

    you forgot to mention Wallace would fit right into our injury prone/long term lineup of Ellis, Jackson, Maggette, and Wallace.

    Then you really would be writing about Wright and Randolph not playing, or you could be writing about how they are kicking ass on the Bobcats….sound familiar?

  • firethefrontoffice

    About Randolph feuding with Nellie…

    First of all, when you are a rookie in the NBA, you cannot be acting like a punk. No one owes you anything. This guy maybe headed towards the Chris Webber career path.

    Here is my advice to Junior. Go work hard in practice, Go listen to your coach, keep your big mouth shut and do not act like a punk. Plain and simple!!

    Idolize Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade and those types. Stay the heck away from the Webbers, Rodmans and Marbury types.

  • Earl monroe

    I would give Randolph the benefit of the doubt, after all he is 19 years old.
    Its tough to go from being the man in college to getting no run.
    Last night was the right amount of time for him to play and begin to get his feet wet.
    I noticed that he was staying on the ground on defense, most likely a request from the coaches, also he was passing up shots he normally takes to make the extra pass,
    he made mistakes, but still there are not many guys his size with his skill set, I would give him a couple of years, he is going to fill out, he has decent touch that is going to get better, he is probably a better free throw shooter right now than most warriors, but once he figures it out how to play, if he does, look out. This is not a guy you want to trade away right now.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Those who say Randolphs a bust should get on line and check out the rookie stats, before yacking that he’s a bust. Only rookie right now averaging 20 pts a game is OJ Mayo. Rose is averaging 17 pts. Bealsey is averaging 13 pts. and he went number 2. So what, you consider him a bust as well?

    There’s a few mock drafts had W’s picking Joe Alexander, who went number 8 is averaging 4 pts a game. Robin Lopez ave. is 3 pts. Guess the guys who consider Randolph a bust, are probably the same ones who were ready to dump Bellinelli as well. AR is ave. less minutes a game yet scoring more points per minute than lots of other rookies logging more minutes.

    Be patient with AR. He’s just a teenager. You certainly did not expect AR to shine like Lebron did you? What numbers you want him to put up? Be realistic. Look at the Rookie stats before judging him so hard.

  • Peter

    Good work on the Randolph Story. kid is 19, fans need to give him some time to develop. He’s already ahead of where Jermaine O’Neal was in his rookie year and he turned out pretty good. You cannot say ANYONE is a bust in December of his rookie year.

    AR has a lot of skills. With the right work ethic he could develop into a very special player. Firethefrontoffice has it correct. Emulate Duncan, Wade, Battier, Jamison and it will all come to him.

    The world is yours chico if you are smart about getting it.

  • Dave

    Seems like Nelson has way too high expectations for his big players like Wright and Randolph. How can they develop their games when he only plays them 7 or 8 minutes a game? He pulls them when they make mistakes, so they have no confidence, and he always is telling them to work harder in practice. Maybe he is right and the players do not practice hard enough, but how do we know they are getting the right training and help to begin with? If Randolph is to be a future star, he should be spending a lot of time with him, or bring in help to develop him, instead of “feuding” with him in the press. Nelson seems better at bringing in players already established and plugging them into his system, than actually developing them himself, which is what is needed right now with this young team. Too bad Cohan and Rowell don’t understand this.

  • danikil49

    A couple of years ago a lot of people were trying to trade Biedrins and Ellis so I would be very careful about trading any of the young players. I would trade Maggete and Jackson in a heartbeat because they don’t fit. If we can get a tough rebounding 4(I like Squalls idea about Wallace) I think Bellinelli can handle the point which would free up Ellis to do more scoring and he could play behind both Crawford and Ellis.Can we please not aquire any more guards unless they named Michael and wear N0.23.

  • OptimusPrime

    What team wouldnt want Gerald Wallace. They guy is a beast. Is he on the trade block or are we just dreaming???

  • A.J,

    A no.14 pick cannot be considered a “bust.”

    A “bust” is a lottery pick that did not pan out (top 5 pick). See Adonal Foyle and Joe Smith (those are “busts”).

    But if you’re picked at 14, but most teams feel that you could go either way (good or bad).

    If you’re picked at # 14 and you exceed expectations, then you are called a “gem.”

    I was never of the menality that Anthony Randolph was a “savior” for the Golden State franchise. I knew it would take playing time, experience and good coaching for this guy to develop.

    After watching him play, I like his game. I like the way he runs the floor and attacks the basket on occasion.

    I agree that his basketball IQ is low. On defense, he doesn’t play off the ball or on the ball as much as he likes to jump in the air and try to block everything in sight. That usually doesn’t work and ends up getting you in foul trouble.

    Long story short, for a no.14 pick, he is exactly what I expected. Our team needs to incorporate an offensive and defensive philosophy for these young players to succeed.

    Otherwise, it just ognna be 1 great scoring night by Crawford or Maggette every 2 weeks and 5 wins a month.

    I say let Randolph play however, even though I don’t expect much from him, let him play!