Crawford Maybe Out Tonight at Miami

Add guard Jamal Crawford will likely join the list of Warriors wounded stars. A strained left groin has his availability tonight in serious jeopardy. Crawford, according to a team source, sustained the injury just before Monday’s game in Orlando but played anyway. He may not be able to play through it tonight. He’s been receiving treatment all day and is a game-time decision.
There is a very real chance the Warriors could play tonight down three starters, which hurts their chances of stealing a game this road trip. Going 2-3 would look much better than 1-4.

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    What a boring squad, unless you’re into soap opera/drama BS.

  • firethefrontoffice

    Can we ask the front office to suit up for the game. I am sure that there are Churros, pizza and other items we can throw on the court to voice our dissatisfaction of their piece of work.

  • A.J.

    We always struggle on the road, mostly against teams that are at or above .500.

    Reason being, poor shooting.

    We shot 32% last night against Orlando for the game.

    It doesn’t matter anymore if it is a Western Conference or Eastern Conference .500 or above team, we cannot beat anybody around or above .500 especially on the road, we can’t do it.

    This is a very mediocre Miami team, but compared to our team, they are much better.

    We used to be able to beat teams like this as soon as last year during the 48 win campaign. Even during the 2006-2007 playoff season, we would have beaten this team.

    Again, they have 2 go-to scorers. So when their offense is stagnant, they go to Wade and Marion, and that gives them some pretty good options.

    I expect another road loss tonite, I don’t even know if I’ll watch the game!

    I hope I’m wrong!

  • gkingus

    “Going 2-3 would look much better than 1-4.”

    Not if you’re hoping to win the draft lottery.

  • john

    winning the draft lottery will not matter, the warriors will just trade away any talent they come up on…re:penny hardaway, vince carter, and j-rich