Pre-Game Tidbits (at Miami)

* Crawford, who is out for tonight’s game, has on a shirt, tie and sweater, but the league requires a blazer when sitting on the bench. So, Crawford, who is 6-foot-5, is going to wear the blazer of teammate C.J. Watson, who is 6-foot-2. Crawford tried it on. Let’s just say he needed to pull his wrists up.

* Check out this starting five: C Biedrins, PF Wright, SF Azubuike, SG Belinelli, PG Watson. So, that means Belinelli is guarding Dwyane Wade? Here’s to hoping C.J. Watson takes wade and Belinelli takes point guard Mario Chalmers, though I’m not sure if that will make much of a difference.

* Forward Brandan Wright said he’s determined to not get in foul trouble early tonight. The last two games, he’s combined for 5 fouls in the first nine minutes.
“I don’t know, maybe I was too aggressive,” Wright said. “Getting in foul trouble like that just throws your rhythm off.”

* What’s the over-under on how much they lose by tonight?

Marcus Thompson