B. Diddy Wants Back In?

According to Stephen Jackson, who spent Saturday with his friend Baron Davis, the former Warriors guard wouldn’t mind being traded back to Golden State. Jackson has already launched the campaign to get Davis back to Oakland.
“That’s all we talked about,” Jackson said. “I went to his house, spent some time with his mom and his grandmother. He wants to come back. And if he wants to come back, I want him back.”
Obviously, things haven’t gone well in Los Angeles. The Clippers are 8-21 after getting smoked by Dallas at home on Sunday afternoon. But Davis has said all along he didn’t want to leave. Get this: Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a huge fan of Corey Maggette and didn’t want him to go. Maggette plus one could get the deal done. Jackson’s already started lobbying.
“I think that would be great for us,” Jackson said. “Coach loves him. Him and (guard) Monta (Ellis) have good chemistry. If they could work that out, that would be great for the organization.”
So, would you want Baron Davis back? For who? Let’s hear it …

Marcus Thompson

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan


  • J.A. (A.J.’s brother)

    “Kev”………I understood you until here:

    “dun so sure about we can win 48 games next year with a older BD.
    do not shift away the W’s real problem. our team is young but we do hv vet… well… look at spur and how their young play.. well”

    What did you mean by your quote above………..maybe it’s time to take an English class, huh?…and then worry about blogging.

  • Ray

    Please stop living in the past .All of you would bring Baron back and then realize oh he is done because he got his payday. What happened to developing Monta at the point ? is that on hold until Baron is gone in 4 years ?

    Baron has a stacked squad and they are getting beat down everynight . They have 8 wins with Baron,Camby,Randolph,and Kaman . Are you kidding me ? thats a bigger indictment of BARONS ABILITY TO LEAD A FRANCHISE than anything else. Ill pass on bringing Baron back Ill rather focus on the youngsters and look at the future .

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Baron’s best is behind him.
    It was very disappointing relative to his talent.

    So it goes.

    Let the fat man collect his check in LALA.

  • ACC

    BD’s stats are poor with the Clips is because its not his style of play. In the beginning of the season, CM already warned BD for a rude awakening.

    A blog opened up by basketballbum suggest that we trade Ronny Turiaf, CM and Demarcus Nelson for BD and Chris Kaman.

    I believe that you don’t need to trade Ronny Turiaf for Chris Kaman, but rather trade Jamal Crawford and CM for BD and Chris Kaman. Turiaf is the best defender the W’s have. Chris Kaman can sub for AB down low and each can play 24+ minutes on whoever plays better on certain nights. Big boon for AB. While Turiaf starts at PF and gets subbed by BW and AR. W’s don’t need JC anymore since they will be getting Davis and if Davis gets injured you already have a seasoned MB to distribute the ball plus a health ME. With this trade scenario the W’s solve 2 problems with one transaction. A true PG and another low post threat. With this trade, there will be a dramatic turn around with the W’s performance. The run and gun style is up and running but hopefully DN does not go back to his dreaded small ball. He has big men now to use at his disposal. My ideal line up after the trade:

    C: AB
    PF: Chris Kaman
    SF: SJ
    SG: ME
    PG: BD

    Immediate sub:
    C: RT
    PF: BW/AR
    SF: AR/KA
    SG: MB/KA/AM
    PG: MB/CJW

  • ACC

    Also getting Kaman in the trade will do both teams a favor…player wise. The Clippers are stacked in the front court with Al Thorton and Marcus Camby while the W’s are stacked in the backcourt filled with shooting guards. W’s need ball distribution and rebounding while the clips need a scorer that fits coach Dunleavy’s style of set basketball…CM fits this system well.

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Stephen Jackson sucks so bad. Why is anyone even bothering talking about him?

    Oh yeah, because he’s a hilarious trainwreck of counterintuitive self-obsessed crazy idiocy.

  • RedBully

    There are better options to go with for sure, but I don’t think he could make the current squad any worse.

    The idea of Monta developing into a suitable pointguard is just as much of a fantasy to me as the notion that this trade would ever happen. his game is more athletic/chaotic and less efficient/creative, a style that is not indicative of your classic 1, which is what the warriors seem like they reeeeaally need.

  • Joe

    Mully vs. Rowell in an UFC Octagon! Man that would be tight!

  • Mike in Atl

    Only if ownership will make the commitment to try to win it all. That means: Sacrificing almost all the young talent to get the 4th piece.


    isn’t enough to win it all. They need a bruiser inside (Boozer is a FA this offseason). So they’ll need to make some deals, relieve some cap space and then they have 2 or 3 years to try to win it all before BD’s knees give out. I say do it but only if you’ll do it all the way this time.

    And by the way, I think BD, ME, SJ and boozer can win it all with the right bench players.

  • nickj

    You Damn right! It was a HUGE mistake to let Davis walk in the first place & to see how far off the tree we have fallen. Time to make it right on all ends.

  • G

    Some of you proposed some nonsense for BD, but I’LL DEFINATELY TAKE HIM BACK!!!
    BD FOR MAGGETTE, AND NELSON/Kurtz(but i rather keep Kurtz).
    Keep Crawford, Belinelli, Monte, Azabuke, and CJ Watson and add BD.
    DEFINATELY KEEP RANDOLPH AND WRIGHT!! U’d have to be STUPID to let them go!!

  • J.A. (A.J.’s brother)

    Scoring 100+ points a game and shooting 35% from the field are 2 different issues.

    You can have a terrible shooting game and still score over 100 points.

    I think some Warrior fans struggle to understand the importance of shooting at a high clip.

    you cannot consistently win in this league shooting below 40% for a game and the Warriors do that all the time whether they score 100 points for the game or not.

    You definitelly ain’t gonna win no Championship shooting like that.

    Just because you score 100+ points a game, doesn’t mean the offense is “peaches and cream.”

    We didn’t break 100 last night against L.A, we barely broke 100 a few times on the recent road trip and for most of the road trip we shot less than 40 %.

    Those issues will have to be addressed as well along with hoping Baron comes back.

    Devin Harris, Tony Parker are all PGs who not only play the PG position well, but also shoot above 42% from the field. Baron is sub 40% so far this year.

  • Al Oha

    Most of you are delusional at best. Longing for We Believe excitement with an older, fatter (4.5 year contract still in hand), Baron is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN as long as Robert Rowell has any say so.

    What hasn’t been mentioned is that Baron is the one who outed Rowell to the press that Mullin and BD had agreed to contract terms to keep him here and that RR nixed the idea. That leak has made RR the bad guy to us fans and exasperated the growing rift between RR and Mullin and thus started the inevitable ousting of Mullin by RR and the grabbing of power by Nellie in that vacuum.

    What has followed has destroyed the W’s future in the extension of Nellie and unnecessary extension of Jack. The two most street-wise dudes in the organization took advantage of the li’l twerp who needed a friend. They kissed his ass and coaxed longer term contracts before it was necessary.

    In Nellie’s case, the thinking may have been that with a longer term contract, he would develop the youth instead of trying to win now and thus wearing down his core (the real problem with his coaching in the last 2 years). Wrong. He still would wear down his vets, if they hadn’t gotten injured, the youth still would be stuck to the bench. At least Nellie’s contract doesn’t count against the player’s salary cap.

    In Jack’s case, RR turned a very valuable and tradeable contract, which expired in 2010 (FA bonanza year), into a worthless untradeable contract that nobody in their right mind would want. Just plain senseless. He should be fired for that move alone. But nooooooooo, he wasn’t nearly done.

    The well-known recap of what has happened since the last game of last season reads like a how-to on what NOT TO DO to an up-and-coming franchise. RR seems to have single-handedly turned our once-promising favorite BB team with a roster of good young talent and a franchise poised contractually-wise to take full advantage of the upcoming FA grabs, and turned this into a disaster rivaling the most bleak of the Chris Cohan years.

    That’s the bad news. The good news is that the damage is repairable because our front office is not the only one who is inept and clueless. The future will be determined by the moves made in the coming new year.

    Having said all that, I like BD and the “juice” he brought to this team and the Bay Area. But it is all relative, to what was here for 13 years and what was here the last 3 months, which has been pretty depressing.

    Relative to the championship run of ’74-’75 it pales in comparison.

    The Giants should bring back Barry Bonds before the W’s bring back Baron. They need BB more.

    Now if bringing back Baron involved getting rid of Robert Rowell, which it would have to, I’m 100% for that.

  • chikago

    i think rowell sux

  • Bryan

    I loved BD and I miss him, but it was a bad ending. I dont know how most fans would take to having him back, but i would have him back. I’m still bitter and I still hate him, but if he came back I think I could put it behind me..

    WE BELIEVE 2.0

  • BF

    I would definitely like to see Baron back. He shouldn’t have left in the first place. Rowell doesn’t know what he’s doing and I KNOW he realizes he made a big mistake. Leave Mullin alone and let him do his job. If Baron comes back, for Magette, you will see and almost instant turnaround. Even with this unbalanced roster. Baron would make that much difference with this team.

  • Derek

    Fans attending Warrior games, chant for BD, maybe Cohen will hear.

  • hella frustrated

    for all the good and bad that comes along with him, i do want baron back.

    i DON’T want to hear ralph whine about it all day about it though.

  • Ewok

    No offense but the question is not really a question.

    My gosh look at the organization back then and look at us now.

    The question of having him back is misnomer.

    BDiddy brings Chemistry and leadership.

    BDiddy, Monta and Crawford will make the backcourt solid. Actually the best in the league.

    It was a big freaking mistake to let him go.

    Get him.

    If Randolph and Nellie aint happy together, then that’s the trade, add in Watson.

    But the biggest concern I have is that if we don’t make a move on Thabeet. That would be the final straw in my patience.


  • Desperate

    This article is such a tease!! Why get our hopes up?? Haven’t W fans suffered enough? Cohen and Rowell would never let this happen.

  • 1rabidwarriorfan

    yeah!bring back baron! while we’re at it, let’s bring back c-webb! woo hoo! good times!

  • Robert Rowell

    You damn right Ro Ro messed up this team!!

  • Dave

    Jackson can talk all he wants to, but there is no way this could happen because Rowell would have to admit that he screwed up by letting Davis walk in the first place, and also that Mullin was right to negotiate an agreement with Davis, that Rowell later turned down. Not to mention extending Nelson, Jackson and throwing money at Maggette, Arenas, and Brand to try and cover his butt.

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    I did it.

  • http://Yahoo pkf

    Trade Mag & Jamal & Kurz for BD & Camby. That would give the Warriors a chance to win.

  • Corey

    I would love to get baron back, but it aint happening. The best scenario for the future is that Robert Rowell gets fired, Don Nelson gets fired, Chris Mullin gets promoted to the official GM position, we get rid of Magette, and crawford comes off the bench behind Monte and Belinelli.

  • A’s in 2009

    Rowell has no power.

  • brent

    a little off your topic above, but beyond brandan wrights defensive lapses, can he become a better rebounder with more playing time or is it strictly a work on it in practice thing, I would guess a little of both. But him only playing 7 minutes does not give much indication whether he can or not. Also was Hendrix strictly a money move because how could it have to have him play out the season in Bakersfield and see how he progressed or is there a Chris Porter story behind him?

  • kike yanez

    bring back baron an bring back the city jersey’s they sell like hot pancakes! get rid of the jersey an logo we have now lets give the warriors n the warriors fans a fresh Look a new refreshing beging

  • Mr. B

    From the LA Times….

    No, I don’t want out,” he told The Times on Monday at practice. “I don’t know what Stephen Jackson got from my conversation. That never came out of my mouth.

    “I’m here. I’m here doing the same thing I did at Golden State. The first year I got to Golden State it was rough. It was a tough season. We were figuring each other out, figuring out the system. That transition year is always a tough year.

    Somebody is yankin somebody’s chain….

  • Le

    Al Oha #64,

    Love your post!

    Folks going to the game should holds signs and chant
    “Bring Back Baron” and then “Fire Rowell”!

  • Le

    Mr. B,

    What did you think Baron would say, “yeah, I said that… so what”?

  • Robert Rowell

    This team is going down on Ro Ro’s watch.

  • Tim1234

    Bring Back Baron!! I hope the people at the games get the message.

  • Mr. B


    The simple answer is yes.

    BD wants back in the Bay Area or is unhappy with his coach or team, then say so. Stephen Jackson would not and should not put his friend in a bad situation especially if it ain’t true.

    What would be the whole purpose of this talk about BD wanting to come back to the Bay Area? Start a rumor and nothing materializes?

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Rowell has no power.

  • J.A. (A.J.’s brother)

    I heard they ARE working on a new design for a team logo and jerseys.

    I heard that it’s gonna be more like the “City” jerseys with some cable car and bridge stuff, but it looks like by next year we will have a completely different logo, that should be exciting.

    Hopefully it’s more on the lighter blue and yellow background, I like that better than the dark blue, orange and gold.

    Anyway, there is not 1 single player I get more pleasure out of watching have a big game than #18 MArco Belinelli.

    Belinelli is everything we wanted Mike Dunleavy, JR. to be.

    Belinelli plays an excellent “floor game” as they say in the NBA.

    His confidence, the way he facilitates the offense, his versatility is absolutely fnatastic.

    I knew this guy was gonna be a basketball player.

    He is typical of most European players, he is a fantastic young player, we are lucky to have him.

    I hope Belinelli and Wright continue to develop and receive the opportunities from management and more importantly, the coaching staff, to excel in the NBA.

  • Andre Aldridge

    We struck “gold” with Marco Belinelli, Warrior fans.

    Nice to see that we are starting to have some luck too when it comes to drafting talent, unbelievable. We’re the ones usually stuck with the “busts” while other teams improve.

    Between Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli, Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow, if given the opportunity to develop, you have a potentially fantastic young core.

  • Pete Smith

    Hell yeah!

  • blah

    Jackson for BD. How about that?

    What a captian he is. How would you feel if your his teamate? How does that make Crawford/Magg’s feel about fitting in to this team. You think Jack’s helping team chemistry? My god.

    Notice BD quickly dismissed Jacks comments. Even if it was true he wouldn’t want his team to hear that.

    I think Jackson is the problem. We have enough SF on the team, we could do with out him and his cancer comments.

    Keep Crawford. Let’s see how he plays with Ellis. We don’t know yet. They might be a better back court than BD and Ellis. Any trade we make needs to be designed to be bigger and tougher defensively and on the boards. Adding a power forward or another center that could put Ronny at PF is what we need. NOT another Guard.

    Come on Dub fans, let’s move on already.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Probaly won’t happen. It’s just Jax talkin. Don’t count on much. There has to be more in this trade than BD. Better get a bigger body for defense.

    Think of it:
    Will bringing Barron improve our defense?
    Will this move become the BD and Jax show?
    How many more healthy years does BD left?

    Don’t get me wrong I like both Jax and BD when they play along with teamwork with the other three on the court.
    Ask yourself this question: How many times where you pissed when W’s played d ran back on offense only to see BD or Jax just jack up shots? And thats not all their fault that’s our IDIOT coach Nellie giving them the thumbs up to do it.

    I think if we did not have this set back with Monta opinions MAY be different. Were 10-22. What if we had Monta from the get go and we were 15-17? Or maybe a game or so above 500 or below?

    I cannot blame any true W fan to want BD back and to see more wins than losses.

    This season is gone for the W’s and we all know their not making the post season. Write it off already. BD will not get us to the post season.

    If we got BD, fans would go crazy to see him and Jax making shots. But again W’ weakness is horrible defense and run and gun Nellie mentality.

    Play the younger players more and develop them. Build for the future, and accept the loses this year thats all we can do.

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Mike Dunleavy, Jr. >>>>> Marco Belinelli

    Not close. Not close at all to the NBA at large. In Oakland, folks have trouble thinking straight about basketball. It’s to be expected.

    This will make sense to fairweather bandwagon dweebs as the New Year comes around and Maggette, Ellis, and Dunleavy are all healthy again.

  • Andre Aldridge

    I know their not close stupid,…..read my post……..I’m saying that the way Belinelli is playing now is the way we wanted Dunleavy to play for us…..stupid.

  • Andre Aldridge

    Does it sound like my post is coming from a “fair weather” fan…..stupid ass?

    What have you contributed to these blogs but your gay 1 line posts that have nothing to do with basketball.

    I don’t care people think I have anger issues and I could care less what you guys think of me, …….fuck that faggot Chris Cohan and his gay posts!

  • Andre Aldridge

    “This will make sense to fairweather bandwagon dweebs as the New Year comes around and Maggette, Ellis, and Dunleavy are all healthy again.”

    What the fuck did you mean by the quote above, I mean I’m still trying to understand it.

    Can you read and write English?

    Do you have a learning disability or ADHD?

    Are you mildly retarded in any way?

    Funny part is, a lot of people hate my guts on this blog and probably some people will back you up “Chris Cohan” and go against me.

    For those people, I want them to read your stupid quote I just posted on my post so they can know what loser they will be supporting, defending and backing up.

    Because I know it’s coming, someone should be attacking me very shortly on this blog and defending you instead, to that person I wish nothing but a terrible death!

  • Mr. B

    I agree that Belinelli is playing well and has good floor game and basketball sense. I must admit that its looking like I was wrong to write him off and advocated trading him away.

    Shows two things in this league.

    1. You have to season the rookies into playing in the NBA

    2. You have to give them a chance to showcase their talent by playing them in the league and not just in practice or the D-league.

    Good luck to Marco and I hope he continue to play well and make significant contribution to this team.

  • Mr. B

    Notanelsonfan (Post #92),

    I don’t know that I agree that this season is gone. I thought that too last week but Stephen Jackson made a good point. The teams in the West are not really pulling away in terms of their Win records. Only the Lakers are doing well.

    If the W’s could hold on for a bit longer until some help arrives in the form of Monta, we may have a chance to sneak into the playoffs.

    This is wishful thinking but crazier things have happened. Look at the San Diego Chargers for gosh sakes. Does not mean we will advance into the next round but it is a building block for this team.

  • OliverStone


    There no place on a civil blog for posts like #95!

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Marco sure is great tonight…..