B. Wright Hurt

Another Warriors’ injury to report.
Brandan Wright sustained a partially dislocated left shoulder late in the second quarter. He was trying to contest a dunk by Lakers forward Pau Gasol, and grabbed his left shoulder immediately after the play. He is not returning.

Marcus Thompson

  • Gee what a surprise another loss, not really though. Did we expect another Celtic surprise..What we needed was a healthy Jackson and Marrow making 3’s all over the court. We got a good effort from the team after the first quarter (when the guys had stars in their eyes)..To my surprise I almost started to think, gee maybe we have a chance..Not really, just fools gold.Some untimely turnovers and poor shot selection and decision making cost us down the streatch. But the guys are young and not used to being in the spotlight at crunch time, experience is the key factor at crunch time and except for Jackson and Maggette we don’t have anyone else that has enough experience..It was nice to see Randolph on the court, he did some good things and gained some more experience that will help down the road..If we can keep up this effort the team should win a lot of HOME games when we are at full strength…

  • MountainJim

    I thought it was the perfect game in a way. The Warriors were extremely shorthanded and really shouldn’t have had a chance, looked like they were going to get blown out badly, showed some real willpower by getting back in it, made some great plays, got performances from guys like WRight and Randolph, and didn’t diminish their chances for a real high draft pick.

    What more can you hope for these days?

  • kev

    for get jackson… wight did well last night b4 he went down

  • commish

    What the heck do you mean he’s not returning? Does it require surgery? If not it is two to four weeks for a partial dislocation but the rest of the year if it requires surgery.

  • J.A.

    Commish…………the post was made by Marcus last night during the game…..he means, “B. Wright was not returning to the game last night.”

    The post was made on 1/7 at 9pm. He’s not returning to the game against the Lakers my friend.

    As for the long term effects, I have no idea. We would have to ask experts like yourself, Marcus, Tim Kawakami or the “ever so wise” Earl Monroe who posts his solliloquis and haikus once in a while on these blogs.

  • danikil49

    I hope everyone noticed how well the W’s play without Jackson…and probably Maggette too.With Mullin and Rowell seated together before the game does this mean B. Diddy can’t be far behind. NOT!!

  • J.A.

    Maggette played pretty well for only his 2nd game back from a “hammie”…….the guy was scoring in the first quarter when no one else wasn’t.

    Maggette played well last night no question, but I agree about Jackson. Even though he averages 20 ppg, we all know his shortcomings as far as turnovers and decision making.

    But I am tired of “beating a dead horse”. Everyone knows what our problems are.

    At any rate, a fantastic game and a wonderful effort by our young squad last night at the Oracle (where all the magic happens).

  • NotaNelsonfan

    I hope the injury to BW doesn’t set us back too far. I really think he has made some good strides. I really think that once BW gets that inside jump hook and jumper down in the paint he will have put up double figure for us on a regular basis.
    I just hope that this loss does not make Nellie go “Small lineup” for most of the upcoming games.

    I noticed that when we had AB and AR in the game together we had more energy. We started to faulter when we went small. I just can’t understand what Nellie see’s in the small lineup, we hurt on both the offense and defense rebounding when he does this.

    Oh well….. Same shit. At least we were competitive last night.

    I hate to see anyone get hurt on the W’s, but if someone had to, I’s rather have a few small guys out rather than BW or the big guys. Then it MAY force Nellie to go big, and hey who knows he may find something good out of it that most W fans anticipated.

  • TerryTeagle

    I loved BW’s aggression on the boards last night – I hope it is not lost when he returns. That effort will keep him on the floor and will make him a valuble player on the team.

    I like the effort last night but you can see without Jackson or Monte the team gets in an offensive rut. Jamal has handles and can get almost anywhere on the floor but looks lost at times. Hopefully he can figure it out this year.

  • Mike W.

    Hey, if you’re gonna post at only 5-7 day intervals, I might have to delete your bookmark, thereby dumping you into the wastebasket of sportswriting bloggery. Feed us some real news, Marcus!

  • Art Nero

    I do not approve of the way Don Nelson is handling the Warriors young players. We all should remember what happen with him and Chris Webber when he was a rookie. I especially don’t approve of the way he is handling Anthony Randolph who has the potential to be the best forward the Warriors has had in years. I really pull for the Warriors to do well but I think the organization has low expectations. Anytime a team hire Nelson as a coach twice, does not know what winning is about. The Lakers, San Antonio and Boston wins championships because every year that is their goal. The Warriors are satisfied with mediocrity or just making it to the first round of the playoffs. Until the organization raises its expectatiions, they will always be losers. Anytime a coach thinks that Stephen Jackson is capable of running the offense (dribbling, passing) is a coach that the NBA has left behind.


    lol at # 10…LAKER NATION