Jax Out At Least Two Weeks

His MRI revealed a strained right hamstring. Instead of trying to play through it like Corey Maggette did, causing him to eventually miss 15 consecutive games, Jackson is going to sit out for two weeks and see how the hamstring feels.
Members of the organization are saying this is another sign of their bad luck with injuries this season. But I’m of the mind this is a good thing. They are on pace to win 25 games. What’s the point of having Jax and Mags play 38 minutes a night. I’d much rather have Azubuike, Belinelli and Morrow get minutes to devleop. When Monta returns, having the full complement of players is necessary so the Warriors can see what they’re working with. But until then, these injuries are a good thing. It keeps Nellie from running a seven-man rotation.
And don’t be surprised if Jackson is out a month. Why do I say so? For one, the Warriors have been sketchy about injury timetables all season. It seems like everyone has been out for longer than expected, that or the Warriors have gone out of their way to not set expectations, which makes absences seem so much longer. Plus, as we learned with Maggette, hamstrings are so unpredictable. Two weeks from now, he may still be tender or he may suffer another set back in practice or something.
Reason No. 3: Maggette missed a month with strained hamstring. Same training staff. Same injury. Same time on the shelf.

Marcus Thompson

  • Earl monroe

    Agree with you let the younger smalls play, also when Jack is not on the floor the ball moves around a lot better.

    We may win tonight since LA is on a back to back, maybe not.

    Regarding reason #3, did Maggette not spend considerable time with his own
    trainers in LA, his body type seem different than Jackson’s, I think Maggette actually jumps and has muscular legs, Jackson has a different body type, leaner with less explosion, less susceptible to muscle pulls.
    Is the Warriors training staff questionable?

  • blah

    Hey Marcus,

    Your article on Magette blows. I don’t get it? What was the point? Everyone expects him to score points, but for 10 million a year should a team get more? How about assist, how about rebounds? Forget the stats, how about defensive energy/effort.

    Team defense has improved, but there are leaps and bounds to go. I think were this team goes wrong is in leadership. I could care less about the behind the sceen stories about leadership. Let’s seee it on the court. I’m calling out Crawford, Magette, and Jackson.

    I see most of the teams biggest problems being addressed again “on the court” by the youngest players. Who is showing the most effort on defense? Beidrins, Turiaf, Wright, Belinelli. That’s who comes to my mind. Who is the seting the example on shot selection, and breaking down the defense? Crawford, no, Magette, no, Jackson, no. Who’s crashing boards harder than Morrow, Buike, Kurz?

    I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, but Jackson made his name in this game at defense. Being the team captian shouldn’t we be a defensive team. Who’d like to see him yell more at his teamates and less at the refs? Who’d like to see him revert back to his Defensive days, and let the offense take a back seat to that.

    Who’d like to see Crawford live up to his potential. He’s topping a special list as the most gifted losers of all time. His in a special league of most talented. The only reason he’s not an all star is because he’s inconsistant. The only reason he’s inconsistant is because he’s got terrible shot selection. For a guy who can pass as well as anyone on the team, it baffles me at to why he’s taking anything more than wide open jumpers and freethrows. Further more isn’t he about the same size and quickness as Rondo? For what reason can’t he be a lock down defender?

    Back to our subject player and your article, aren’t fans entitled to expect more than scoring from Magette? Are we to be content with what we get? We can’t sign FA’s but we can form oppinions on what we have, and what we have on this team is the the largest collection of the leagues most talented under achievers. Doesn’t Magette remind you of a supersized Derik Fisher? No, becuause he doesn’t play defense like D. Fisher with exceptions to the numerous charges he attempts to take, which as his size is plain silly.

    To sum it up, most people recognize the Celtics as the league’s best defensive team, they were last year. Wasn’t KG the League’s defensive player of the year? What I’m trying to illustrate is that our so called team leaders aren’t leading their team the way the current league champ’s captians do. What should we expect form the team’s “youngsters” when they have piss poor leadership from the captians? How does a guy like Randolph gel with a coach that allows his vet’s to to make the same mistakes that put his ass on the bench? Someone has got to get control of this team.

    I’m calling out you Magette, Crawford, and Jackson.

  • blah

    How about an article or two, or more, on subjects above rather than articles about the “selfish accused and their rebuttal”. That’s weak drama. I’m a sports fan, your article makes me feel like I’m watching a reality TV show on MTV.

  • Robo

    Well, this season is over. The W’s are over 10 games behind both Houston (#8) and Utah (#9) in the playoff hunt. Even if a healthy Monta and Baron were to show up tomorrow, the W’s wouldn’t be able to make up the difference. They need to play the young guys and build more chemistry. They need to take out the trash i.e. Marcus Williams. Jettison Maggette, who I like, but he can add more value to the W’s in a trade. Keep Jax. Determine if Monta is going to be Monta. Figure out if Crawford fits or not. And start thinking draft lottery.

    First things first, the time is now to trade Maggette. He would be a benefit to any playoff team in the Eastern Conference – I’m thinking Atlanta. The W’s could benefit by trading Maggette and Marcus Williams (and draft picks if necessary) for Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia, and Flip Murray. The Hawks could start: Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, Maggette, Josh Smith, and Marvin Williams, or Maggette could be their 6th Man.

    In the trade, the W’s get bigger and younger by adding Horford. They can trade Murray or let him and Pachulia walk at the end of the season to free up more cap space, and go after Paul Millsap. The Jazz will be too busy this off-season trying to re-sign Boozer, Okur, Harpring, and Korver to match the money the W’s could throw at Millsap. The W’s would get even bigger with Biedrins, Turiaf, Horford, Millsap, Randolph, and Wright.

    I’d also like to see Leon Powe in a W’s uniform some day; he should be an unrestricted free agent after this season. Like Millsap, he’s a player who will bang, grab rebounds, and make the most of his opportunities. If the W’s can’t get Millsap, they can at least get Powe.

  • No Lamar Odom tonite!

    No Lamar Odom for the Lakers tonight……..but all you guys already knew that right? ……….Because you guys are all “experts.”

    Any way, on a back to back with no Lamar Odom, I agree we have a chance but we have to shoot over 50% for the game and have a “lights out” shooting performance.

    We played well in the home win last week against Toronto…………..that’s the type of effort and FGP we need to win tonight.

  • Gamesix

    Robo, you are just now coming to this realization? The season was over the minute Baron got a great deal from the clippers.

  • danikil49

    Maggette’s response is the reason that this group of leaders can’t lead. Blah made a good point about KG and playing defense.I have heard Jack say the same the thing almost. They seem to think that they can win games by scoring more points. This teames problem is not scoring points . it is stopping the other team from scoring. Until Jack and Maggette do a 180 attitude change we are doomed to be miserable and watch the leaders on this team plat stupid ball not b-ball.
    Wise up Maggette and Jackson and realize that sometimes other people are right. And please don’t compare yourself with KB or MJ they have won championships have you.

  • OptimusPrime

    Im getting to the point where the W’s need to tank the season and try to get a top draft pick. I think we have a pretty good core. Adding one more quality player via the draft (preferably a big man) and developing the younger players would help tremendously next year when everyone is hopefully healthy.

  • frenemy

    Marcus — sorry if this is off-topic but I am hoping you can comment on the recent “controversy” over Anthony Randolph. Ric Bucher in a recent column (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/columns/story?columnist=bucher_ric&page=warriorsbucher-081223) says that people within the organization say that Randolph is “as a singular talent capable of someday making the team a title contender” and that “some believe [he] has the talent to one day be among the league’s top 10 players”.

    I;ve seen some flashes but nothing to lead me to believe he is all that. What’s your view?

  • reujan

    thanks for the update… i was getting tired of having to read TK’s negativity.

  • Vittorio

    I believe that this year they will win more games the Cal Golden Bears that the Warriors.
    Vittorio from Italy

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Jax out? At least now the offense will move the ball around more. Jax ain’t no leader his loss won’t hurt much if you really think about it. He does put up points,however, he complains too much to the refs then doesn’t get back on D. makes too many dumb passes and shoots to much.
    If Jax can get out of his damn mind that he ain’t no MJ, Kobe, or Magic, and stop trying to act like them we would do a whole lot better. He is not a right fit for the W’s. He’s better when playing with other stars, like when he played with Duncan.

    Even though we loss last night against the Lakers we did fine. There are those who can say his 20 points ave. per night might have won the game. But then again he could have hurt us with errand shots and passes too.