Monta Update

Here is the release the Warriors gave us just before tip off:

Warriors guard Monta Ellis underwent a strength test yesterday and was examined by Dr. John Belzer prior to tonight’s game. Based on the test and the follow-up examination, Monta has been given approval to advance to the “end stage” of his rehabilitation (before practicing), which will include more strenuous running and sprinting, various jumping-related exercises and other elements related to increasing his explosiveness and power. He will also continue to proceed with his basketball skill work (shooting, etc.) in an individual setting.
The next step – at a date to be determined – will be to advance to some form of practice, such as 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 simulated games.

Marcus Thompson

  • AJ

    This season is lost. They should bring Monte back in the middle of February. Make sure he’s 100% ready. Hope they get lucky and draft Blake Griffin. They had too many injuries this season. Guys need to start fresh next year

  • jsl

    Monta’s EFFECTIVE return is a loooong ways off. Just watch his shot: he can’t yet elevate at all, and he does favor his left ankle noticeably. I also doubt his speed, but that wasn’t observable.

  • J.A.

    Did you see how swollen the ankle was still…….during the pre-game show when they showed him warming up, he pulled his sock down and the camera focused on the ankle, …………it was still very swollen. The usual post-operative signs of surgery.

    I too think he’s a loooooooooong way off. He looked uncomfortable in that shoot around, plain and simple.

  • J.A.

    Draft Blake Griffin huh?…………….all we need is another inexperienced rookie and that should turn the tides right AJ?……………

    Hoping for draft picks and planning a future based on uncertainty is hopeless for this franchise. We have been trying to do that for the last decade and only have the following successes on draft night to show for it:

    1. Webber
    2. Sprewell
    3. Arenas
    4. Richardson
    5. Biedrins
    6. Ellis

    Those have been our best draft picks of the last decade………..any disagreements “expert Warrior fans” especially you “oh so wise one” Earl Monroe?

    Don’t you guys think it’s about time we get some veterans in here who can play well on both ends to compliment the young guys?

  • J.A.

    I forgot Jamison on my list as well……………..

  • J.A.

    even though he was actually Toronto’s pick………..

  • NotaNelsonfan

    I agree, don’t rush him back only to reinjure his ankle again.

    Let him get 100% healthy.
    This season is a loss already.