Pre-game Tidbits (at Portland)

* Anthony Randolph got his first career start, which was a bit of a surprise. Not that he’s starting over Rob Kurz, but that he’s starting over Maggette. Nelson said he wanted Maggette to come off the bench, but that was when everyone’s healthy. I didn’t ask him before the game, but I am guessing he is keeping Corey off the bench because he wants him to get comfortable in his role-to-be.
Anyway, how far has Randolph come in a short time, from not NBA ready to starting.

* Thank Jamal Crawford for the Brandan Roy sighting. The two are best friends and Roy, no doubt, targeted this game to come back so he could play against his friend. Though Crawford said it was wiered playing against his boy.

* With Belinelli in the lineup, swingman Kelenna Azubuike is starting at SF. That matches him up with 6-8 rookie forward Nicolas Batum. (Builke is listed at 6-5). Yes, Batum starts and Travis Outlaw comes off the bench.

Marcus Thompson