Post-game Tidbits (at Portland)

* The Randolph at starting PF experience didn’t go well. As has been the case with Brandan Wright, Randolph got in foul trouble early. Three fouls in the first eight minutes of the game.
Nellie went with every possible PF he had to avoid going with Randolph again. He even gave Jamareo Davidson the nod.

* Say what you want about Maggette, he looked good tonight. The Warriors were down big and they needed him to score, and he did it with ease. He had 16 of his 25 in the second half. He took just 15 shots and knocked down 7 of 8 from the line.
Afterward, he was focused on something else, though.
Corey: “I didn’t have a choice really. Me and Jamal were the only 20-point scorers out there. … Thing with me is I got careless with the ball. I need to cut back on my turnovers. If I don’t get that turnover (bad pass at 9:55 mark in 4th, led to Portland basket and 12-point deficit), we have a better chance of winning.”
This goes to show that him coming off the bench is where he can be at his best. Maggette is a scoring machine because he gets to the line so much. He literally stopped Portland’s runs on his own. Not only because he scored, but he stopped their momentum by getting to the line, drew fouls on their big men and forced them to adjust their defense. That’s so much better than quick jumpers.

* Davidson fits right in, by the way. He checked in with 1:50 left in the third. His first shot came with 1:30 left in the third. He missed the 14-footer though.
“And I was fouled on that, too,” he said.

* Turiaf’s jumper was on. He hit a 20-footer in the first quarter. He was 3-for-3 in the third quarter (A 9-footer, a turn-around baseline jumper and a 19-footer). He got a dunk before nailing one-more jumper, another 20-footer to cut the Blazers lead to 106-98 with 2:18 left.
And he had seven assists and six rebounds.

*You know whose jumper wasn’t on? Belinelli. He was 2-for-8, 0-for-2 from 3. So in his last five games, he’s 14-for-44 from the field (31.8 percent). He’s 5-for-15 from 3 in that span, so that’s 9-for-29 from inside the arc. The good news: he’s getting to play through it. He needs to learn how to get through slumps and figure out ways to contribute when he’s not knocking down shots.

Marcus Thompson

  • 49erJohnny

    I cant believe how bad the warriors are this year. They don’t play very hard and they are not well coached. The thing I hate the most about the team this year is the turnovers and sloppy play. Cory Maggette may have put some points on the board but his turnovers were unforgivable. He has to be the worst passer in the league. High school kids make smarter decisions than him.

  • The suck is palpable.

  • The Seer

    Are you enjoying your dysfunctional mess Bobby??
    This is your team suit..I congratulate Mully for getting out of this soap opera and landing on your feet in NY..Cohan and Rowell never deserved you or Baron..I want these idiots to lose and lose and then have the fans stop going to the games..
    Cohan fire Rowell or lose your fans..

  • The Seer

    Hey Bobby,
    Love those long term contracts to Jackson, Ellis, Biedrens, Maggette, this nucleus is sure to keep us out of the playoffs for many years to come..Hey all of your Warrior fans, your nothing but enablers to an owner and president who could care less about winning, but really care about their press and ego’s..I wouldn’t give these losers five cents of my hard earned money..Do they deserve yours????

    Hey Bobby, your just another suit who screws everything up for your ego..The fans will realize soon enough what your all about and desert that sinking ship…

  • Thomas

    To: The Seer

    When using your to combine two words, you and are, is using incorrect english. The correct way to spell that is you’re. So when insulting Warrior fans, use correct english next time, chump.

    If you don’t care about the Warriors and will not give them your money, then why the hell do you bother posting on a Warrior blog site? Get a life instead of insulting Warrior fans.

  • The Seer

    Did you even read what I said about Rowell and ownership, which is all true..Talk about get a life, correcting proper english on a sports blog, actually pretty funny geek..

  • The Seer

    Its not about insulting the fans, its about holding ownership accountable and if the fans keep filling the place with terrible teams, what incentive do they have to improve anything???

  • The Seer

    Hey Thomas, I spelled it right, get a clue..I didn’t mean you are, or want to write you are..Now who’s the chump???

  • kmoney

    Re: Marco. Lately he has found a way to contribute when his shot isn’t falling. He’s been playing credible defense (especially by current Dubs’ standards) and has developed a nice two-man game with Andris. He sees the floor pretty well.

  • Thomas

    Actually you didn’t spell it correctly.

    “your nothing but enablers to an owner and president who could care less about winning”

    Your nothing? That means you are nothing, which would mean you need to combine the two words, you and are, with an apostrophe, making them you’re. See the apostrophe takes place of the a in are.

    “Hey Bobby, your just another suit who screws everything up for your ego..The fans will realize soon enough what your all about and desert that sinking ship…”

    your just another suit? Yes, once again, you mean to say you are just another suit. Which, yet again, would need the apostropher to combine the two words.

    what your all about. Again, same situation where you mean to say you are all about. So, as you can see, you did not spell it correctly, and, in fact, spelled it incorrectly three times.

    It’s not that I don’t agree with you about the Warriors and Rowell and Cohan, because I do. It’s the fact that you insult the other fans that annoys me. See, I don’t spend my money on the games either, but some fans enjoy watching them play and that is their right.

    Now, if you need I would be more than willing to help you learn the english language a little more sufficiently.

  • commish

    Marcus, I’ve never felt Nelson wanted the team to tank, but I have to question why Randolph never played the second half. He single-handedly (hope that is hyphenated so I don’t draw the ire of the english majors) brought the Warriors back into the game in the second quarter. Virtually every time he and Wright, even more so, enter a game they bring a new and tangible energy in spite of making rookie mistakes.

    But when the game was starting to slip away and the Dubs were back to their “lazy-ball” ways, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Randolph didn’t get back in the games. I started thinking Nelson really is tanking. Could there be any other explanation.

    And when Turiaf got slightly injured Nelson didn’t call a time out and a few seconds later Marco went down. Nelson sat on his fat ass during both injuries and seemed completely dis-engaged. I was shocked.

    Also as shocking was Maggette’s passing, not just last night but over the last few games. Is he near-sighted? He must have 10 unforced turnovers on mindless and sighless passes. Although, as you said, he did step it up the second half, he really stunk the first. If any of the younger players would have made just one of those bonehead plays they would have rode the bench the rest of the game. This is one example of why I simply grown to hate Nelson as the coach.

    But best was to win and watch Dunleavy be his hopeless and lost self outside of a couple shots. What a loser he and Murphy are but about 100 times more for Dunleavy becasue he thinks he’s good. At least he’s stopped the stupid vocal flopping that was one of his better talents.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Randolph is a talent no doubt. The thing that people have to remember is that the kid is 19 years old, and still has to develop mentally and physically. We often hear about upside with many young players but it is an accurate statement in Randolphs case. Look at Danny Granger. I wanted the W’s to draft him when they had a chance instead of Ike D., But the W’s were still banking on Dunleavy who clearly was not going to step up his game. In Randolph he is not the answer at Power forward but he can be a great small forward if used correctly as well as play power forward during certain game situations. The warriors need to start creating opportunities offensively for him and not expect him to just pick up the scrap. He is much more of a talent than a player who plays like Ronny T. The W’s don’t seem to know what kind of talent he has. I tell you; right now is the time to get his motor running and give him the green light. Sure he’s going to make lots of mistakes but that’s part of the process, and there is no better time than the present. The remainder of the year should be devoted to getting Randolph more playing time, evaluating the roster and working on the rotation as projected for next year. This team should also work extremely hard on defensive principles and take pride in shutting people down. It has gotton to be business as usual with people coming in and scoring career highs on the W’s. Some pride must be shown starting with Nelson, his assistance and filtering down to the players. Randolph is a keeper! So start playing him more, instill some confidence in him by helping him work on his mindset and get him a fitness specialist to work on his strength and physical development.

  • danikil49

    Everyone keeps giving Nellie the benefit of the doubt, when the truth is what you see and that is an ego -maniac who is not really that great a coach.He apparently would rather be playing poker than coaching.

    This guy along with Rowell should be fired. There is no valid reason why the W’s should not be playing Randolph and Wright only that Nellie (Napoleon in disguise)deems them unworthy. Call it what it is a dictatorial coaches idea of how to make a losing team even worse by not preparing for the future. The sooner Nelson leaves the better.

  • Russ Turner

    Nice win last night……….we continue to shoot the ball well over the past few games: Utah, L.A., last night, shooting well and putting ourselves in position to win the game. Just can’t wait to see what this team is really gonna be like when we are completely healthy, …….I just hope we WILL be completely healthy, becuase you never know for sure.

    Look at T-Mac and Yao, those 2 haven’t been healthy, playing together, for the last 3 years. It’s either one is healthy or one is not. Never both healthy.

    I just don’t want us to be in that situation too.

    It looks like Maggette is very fragile and one of those “injury prone” players, so I wouldn’t “hold my breath” there.

    Wright can be a little fragile, with his slight frame.

    Monta could re-aggravate that injury, who knows?

    But if we are ALL healthy, I want our rotations to look like this:

    1. Belinelli
    2. Ellis
    3. Randolph
    4. Wright
    5. Biedrins

    1. Crawford
    2. Azubuike
    3. Jackson
    4. Maggette
    5. Turiaf

    But what would probably happen is listed below:

    1. Crawford
    2. Ellis
    3. Jackson
    4. Maggette
    5. Biedrins

    This will probably be our starting 5 and it’s not bad.

    I would rather see the young guys start though.

    Let’s see what we REALLY have when everyone’s healthy……….that is, IF everyone will be healthy at the same time consistently, let’s hope we are not cursed with these injury prone players, because if we are cursed, then brace yourself for another decade of futility “Warrior fans.”

  • Russ Turner

    Also, trade Marcus Williams to L.A. for Chris Mihm.

    With injuries to Wright, the ever-changing rotations and our lack of rebounding and low-post scoring, a guy like Chris Mihm can spell Biedrins at the 5, allowing Turiaf to spell the 4.

    Trade Williams to L.A. for Chris Mihm, they need a back-up point, we need a back-up “big” who can rebound and play with his back to the basket.