Chat with Crawford

Thursday at 12:45 p.m., after the Warriors’ practice, Warriors guard Jamal Crawford will be here to chat with you. Come with questions. From what I know about Crawford so far, he’ll definitely have answers.

Marcus Thompson

  • Why do you always settles for jump shots instead of driving to the basket?

  • KennySeagle

    Hi Jamal: who is ur ‘role model’ for playing defense????

    Thanks, from your friend, Kenny Seagle

  • Big Rebounder

    Jamal, how would you address critics who worry about your defensive ability and/or desire to play hard-nosed defense?

  • jer7o7

    Hey Jamal..I was just curious where you learned your great defensive skills? You sure are a defensive specialist. ala Bruce Bowen and Ron Artest.

  • Chris

    Hi Jamal,

    Looks like you’re adjusting to our squad well and vice versa.

    I love to play and a big NBA fan as well.

    I’ve always struggled going to my left and using my left hand, with my right, Im very confident and strong.

    Any quick drill suggestions I can do to help strengthen not only my left hand, but also strengthen my drive to the basket from the left side of the court?

    Good luck with the squad and with your career.

    Keep putting up the high PPG numbers, keep taking it to the basket!

  • Eddie

    Hey Jamal, I hope your move to the bay has been good so far.

    The team seems to struggle on defense and it seems to be sacrificed for offense. Is the team working on different schemes to try to get a better flow on D? How do you feel you yourself could get better and help the rest of the team put up a better defensive effort?

  • GSW Season Ticket Holder

    Great blog Marcus.

    Jamal’s handle is INSANE !! Was wondering why he settles for the pull up jumper, rather than go to the hole MORE ? He can get to the rim anytime he wants….
    Sorry to be so blunt, but I wonder about this !!

  • MountainJim

    Why does the team tend to get away from good ball movement in tight situations late in games? Is that a coaching call or something else?

  • Peter Cramer


    I’m a big fan. It seems like since you’re move from NY you’re involvement in the GS offense has been a bit inconsistent. What do you attribute that too?

    And lasty, Monta seems to be getting closer and closer to joining the team on the court. What kind of impact do you think he’ll have?

  • Joe

    Will you please kick Robert Rowell in the Cajones? Then tell him that was from Mully, punk! 🙂 Just kidding, but if you do, do it, please record it and put it on Youtube.

  • Jay B

    How do you feel about building the chemistry w/ Monta and do you think it will take long?

    What can you guys do together to make this a sucessful back court and how will or do you envision it?

    I know poeple are haroen on your D and I somewhat agree I still appreciate your over all game and desire.

    Glad your on the DUBS, Welcome Home… Warriors Nation of fanns!

  • Nuck Chorris- Dr. Fegan

    Now that the Warriors face a good stretch of home games, are you more settled into the Bay area? Has the transition been difficult?

  • Nuck Chorris- Dr. Fegan

    Your near future holds a lot of ambiguities between the return of Monta and your impending contract option. Assuming you and Monta switch off between the 1 and the 2, is there going to be enough offensive cohesiveness to make up for any lack of size on the defensive end? How will that be addressed.

  • Chris

    I didn’t understand this live chat situation and I can see that the other guys here didn’t either because none of our questions showed up on the live blog.

    Next time!

  • Whats up Jamal, It’s Jawan, remember me from your pro-am game…… The little dude… I was on Will’s team… I was just wondering…. How do you get so confident with your handlez?