Inside Practice (Jan. 15)

* Jackson is expected to play tomorrow. He was in his practice uniform and on the court.

* Maggette had his hand taped. Apparently, he sustained some kind of injury Wednesday. Maybe that’s why he missed 8 of 12 free throws.

* Monta practiced again at full speed, though many of the big-minutes players practiced lighter. Ellis got through his second consecutive practice without incident. Still no word on when he returns.

Nellie: “It’s doctors and trainers. Not his call. Not mine.”

Nelson continued to express nothing but positivity about Monta’s recovery.

Nellie: “I was worried that he wouldn’t get back to where he was. He had two tendons severed so it was a major operation. But I’m not worried about that anymore. I think he’s going to get back and I see the same quickness and explosiveness. But he’s not there yet.”

*One interesting topic came up: Andris Biedrins seems to practice every blue moon. Andris is fourth on the team in minutes per game (32.1), but his minutes are the hard-earned kind, as he’s down there banging and running. Plus, remember, Biedrins played this summer for his national team.
Still, there is a fine line between resting and killing energy. Nellie said he thinks he crossed it when he gave Biedrins the day off Tuesday.

Nellie: “I’ve given him a couple of days, but maybe I shouldn’t have given him that second day (off) because I thought his start was pretty poor last night. He missed two or three baskets right at the rim. I probably should’ve given him one day and worked him a little bit the next. I thought he’d been playing a little tired so I decided to give him two days off. He picked it up in the second half. He’s fine.”

* A lot of talk after the triple-overtime L the Warriors took Wednesday was about whether to foul or not foul. The Warriors had a foul to give, but didn’t take it and Kevin Martin drove to the basket for a game-tying dunk.

Nellie: “It would’ve been a good time to use the foul. No question about that.”

Then Kevin Martin was left long enough to nail a 3-pointer to steal victory.

Nellie: “He should’ve been chased off the line. That was a mistake that we made. There were 11 seconds. You don’t foul at 11, you foul at 5. When it hit five, he was at the three. You don’t want to foul. If you foul there he’s going to go up and get two free throws. That was a tough play for a rookie (Anthony Morrow). He gave up three 3s that hurt us (the other two by Francisco Garcia from the corner), but those are rookie mistakes. I’m going to have to live with those. It’s not that he did anything wrong, but he should’ve moved — he could play on the other side of him. Give him the two, it doesn’t matter. You don’t give the three. And he did. He’s trying to do the right thing, nobody’s blaming him. But that’s a rookie mistake.”

* Funny moment that may have went overlooked Wednesday night. When C.J. Watson fouled out, Nelson walked down the bench looking for someone to replace him with. Crawford was already on the court. Belinelli is hurt. Morrow was already on the court. There was one guard left on the bench.
Rob Kurz.
That’s who Nellie put in after he whisked right past Marcus Williams. The question begs: if he can’t get in the game for an injury depleted team, with three players fouled out in a triple-overtime game, then when can M-Will get in???

Nellie: “When Monta comes back, it will be harder. He’s kept a good attitude. He’s done the right things. He wants to play. He just has a lot of guys playing ahead of him.”

Marcus Thompson

  • DW

    can u explain why M Williams is still on the team if he is note going to play him? Is it a salary cap thing? An expiring contract? I personally don’t get it. THX!

  • Michael

    Will Maggette get traded? hoping so…..

  • Drew

    Love these practice posts! Keep em coming MT2

  • roy12

    DW, He is the whipping boy on Don Nelson on the team, no that is Randolph, Mullins Pick. Oh, Mullin traded for Marcus, so why not show management what a big mistake that was to give up a 1st rounder for a guy who can’t play at all. Its all things that Don Nelson does and has a motive for his own benefit.

  • Matt

    There is an inherent contradiction here in Nelson’s quote about Morrow giving up the game-winner: “…but those are rookie mistakes. I’m going to have to live with those.”

    Since when is this his philosophy? He has plastered Randolph to the pine all season because he isn’t prepared to live with similar errors. However: I don’t remember one of AR’s mistakes ever singlehandedly costing the team a win. Yet, you can bet every single time he makes a miscue (usually it is the result of trying TOO hard) Nelson will pull him immediately. Yet, Morrow, who has been guilty all season of not being active enough on the floor, gets excused.

    Now I am not one of those crying “Nellie Hates Big men!”, but the hypocrisy here is too obvious not to point out. If he is truly willing to live with rookie mistakes, as this season is so clearly lost, then why aren’t all of his young players getting consistent time? If everyone brought as much energy to the game as Randolph, this team’s “mental mistakes” would be outweighed by the havoc they would cause for their opponents. Yet, this year it is more apparent than ever that Nellie is playing favorites, and could really care less about playing the lineups that give this team the best chance to win. I am counting the days until he is gone and Smart takes over.

    P.S. Marcus, THANK YOU for your insights from practice. Keep it coming!

  • goingforthemoney.com

    The W’s played a heck of a game against Sacramento, but in certain situations they played stupid. Everybody knows that you run a double team at a teams star player but the W’s repeatedly let Martin get a running start on every possession in the final minutes of regulation and each overtime. When will they learn to double in those situations? Defense is a mindset and an attitude. It’s all in the coaching, and it falls squarely on the shoulders of the coach. As far as williams, why have the guy suit up in the first place. They might as well have kept the Alabama kid Richard Hendrix. Have a great day and Go Warriors

  • Hey,

    What happened to the Raider Blog?

  • Dave

    Marcus, Biedrins should get all the rest time he needs in my opinion. He is turning into the only impact player this team has because he has built up his offensive game, he is the only one (most times) who plays defense and he also is the only rebounder, along with Nelsons other starting 4 guards. His minutes are indeed hard earned because he usually has to defend all the other opposing players that Maggette, Crawford, Buike let blow by them on the way to the hoop. Seriously, Biedrins should be pissed off that he has to defend everybody else’s defensive assignment, and the Warriors will be lucky if he doesn’t ask for a trade. Nelson’s handling of Marcus Williams is another example of how he mishandles his players. No wonder there are no “big name” star players who want to come to Oakland to play.

  • Willy

    Marcus, there is a problem with the latest link on your blog. Who get the rock in the 4th. The link doesn’t work.