Crawford: All-Star Anomaly

Check this out. I was investigating the All-Star returns, looking to see if Warriors fans had Andris at least somewhat close to the top. I hadn’t looked the entire time, figuring no Warrior had a shot. But tonight I looked.
Sure enough, Andris was not even close. According to the fourth returns, put out Jan. 8, Biedrins had 170,732 votes. He was behin Yao Ming, Shaq, Andrew Bynum, Mehmet Okur and Greg Oden.
But guess whose name I did see? Jamal Crawford. He was sixth among West guards!

Immediately, I thought “He must’ve got a lot of New York votes. Wrong.

The first returns came out Dec. 11. Crawford was traded by New York to the Warriors on Nov. 21. He didn’t make the top 11 for either conference. Houston point guard Rafer Alston was 11th with 73, 614 votes. Gilbert Arenas was 11th in the East with 64,450.

I checked the second returns, which came out on Dec. 25. Still no Crawford in the East or West. Denver’s Chauncey Billups was 11th with 170,645.

On to the third returns, unveiled on Jan. 1. Still no Crawford. We know he had fewer than 205,554 votes, which is how much Billups had at he bottom of the top 11.

Then, suddenly, on Jan. 8, when the fourth returns are released, Crawford has 462, 039 votes? That’s more than 255,000 votes he’d accumulated in that one week! What happened? Did he hold a ballot punching party somewhere, or are Warriors fans falling in love?

Crawford won’t get voted in, and he probably won’t be added by the coaches. Still, these All-Star stats have some interesting tid bits in them:

* He has more votes than Steve Nash (even though the All-Star Game is in Phoenix), Jason Kidd, Rafer Alston (who has the China vote by virtue of playing with Yao), Brandon Roy, Chauncey Billups, Deron Williams and, yes, Baron Davis.

* He is sixth among guards, but the ballot doesn’t break it up into point guards and shooting guards. If you go by position, he’s third among point guards – behind Chris Paul and Tony Parker – and fourth among shooting guards – behind Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady (who also has the China vote) and Manu Ginobili.

* Of the five people ahead of him, only Kobe and CP3 have played at least as many games as Chris Paul. McGrady has hardly played and Giniobili and Parker missed chunks at the beginning of the season

* The only East guards with more votes after the fourth returns were Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Ray Allen and (barely) Devin Harris.

*This has nothing to do with Crawford, but how does Joe Johnson have just 236,883 votes – fewer than Luke Ridnour!

* Baron had 499,186 total votes last year total. Remember, Crawford had 462,039 when they announced on Jan. 8. The voting ended today. So Crawford was 37,000-plus votes behind with 11 days to go. But Crawford has been here for seven weeks. Baron had been here for three years and had led the team to the playoffs the year before for the first time in 13 years.

* Swingman Stephen Jackson, the team’s leader, is nowhere to be found. He was on the ballot as a guard. The fourth returns had Roy as No. 11 at 267,053. So Crawford had some 200,000 more than Jackson!

Why is Crawford getting so much love from Warriors’ fans? Was it the 40 in the home opener? Was it the 50-point game? Was it the game-winner against Indiana? Is it the good-guy personality?

Someone explain this to me.

Marcus Thompson

  • Crawford’s contract might end after this year.
    Jackson and Maggette are our problem for four more long, long years.

    Mystery solved.

  • Ray

    Crawford played great last year and while he gets no love from the league as far as promotion all you have to do is check out youtube and see he has been one of the leagues most exciting players the past few years. This is just him starting to receive his due for the hard work he has put in.I think next year really is his year if he finishes out this year strong. I would also add that the west coast fans probably have gotten a closer look at him this year as well.

  • gswfan4ever

    knicks fans loved/love crawford

  • potrero joe

    Taylor Hicks also won American Idol. I think both get filed under the ‘americans are idiots’ file.

  • Good lord…

    Jamal Crawford is not even remotely deserving of an All Star appearance.

  • jb

    i’m baffled.

  • blah

    Since when did All star Voting make sense?

    Answer: Before the internet, Since then, you have kids and the entire chinese population voting for people who have commercials. They should go back to the old system, when the fans who attend the games are the only ones who cast ballots.

    Do we really need to go back to last year, when Baron got snubbed for Roy even though BD averaged more points, rebounds, assist, and steals than Roy? His team had more wins, and they went to the playoffs in which they comanded the greatest playoff upset of all time?

    Was it Shaq or Yao that got voted in to the allstar game recently eventhough they were injured all year? Does that make sense? Why are you trying to make sense of the voting. You can’t. I think you are smarter than that, but not smart enough to write yet another stupid post centered around DRAMA. It’s really pathetic. Actually it’s pathetic I reply.

    Crawford, could be an all star, maybe should be. But that won’t happen until he improves his defense and shot selection.

    AB should be an allstar, but will never get the vote because he has no offensive game, …and he’s not chinese and he doesn’t have his own shoe.

  • OptimusPrime

    I like Crawford, but I dont see him worthy of an all-Star appearance. IMO, you would have to atleast make an effort on defense.

  • Chris

    “AB should be an allstar, but will never get the vote because he has no offensive game”

    I understand what you mean “Blah.”

    Basically, he can’t really create his own shot or he has no “go to move” like a Yao Ming or a baseline jumper like a Zydrunas Ilgauskaus. I understand your point and your’e right.

    But let me ask you this, is there another center in the league that handles and brings the ball upcourt after a rebound like AB? I mean, sometimes he even starts the break.

    Also, there is NO center in the league that moves as well “without the ball” and gets himself open for easy baskets better than Andres Biedrins. That’s why he’s always at the top in FGP. Also, this year especially, he is one of the best rebounders in the NBA.

    As a back-up to Yao Ming, I think he’ll do just fine!

  • PDXRaider

    First-Blah: Warriors didn’t make the playoffs last year, that was two years ago.

    Second- Cohan: yeah, Maggette sucks but Jackson has game. Maybe not at point guard but, he can shoot the trey and is a great passer.

    Third: All-Star voting by the public is and always will be stupid (for any sport). Their should be two games- the Allstar and the Allpopular games.

  • Twinkie defense

    The fans love guys who can score! Forget defense. Didn’t craw have a couple 50 point games this season? That’s what’s gotten him the votes.

  • DJ

    “Forget defense”

    Twinkie defense you’re fucking retarded.

  • Hi

    DJ stfu. Twinkie was commenting on how the fans love guys who can score and don’t care about defense. HE isn’t actually saying that defense is useless.


  • Sleepy

    Getting to the all star game is about defense ? Since when ?

    How many all star games has Artest been too ? How about bowen ?

    What is the criteria ? Everyone tries to come up with these requirements that they cant even stick to themselves when challenged .

    Is it only players from winning teams ? I could go on and on with little restrictions that if I tried to apply them to everyone certain very good players would also get eliminated .

  • ryder

    it’s still knicks fans…they voted Wade, Iverson, Carter in the East, but when Crawford went west, they preferred him to Kobe, TMac

  • DJ

    ” Twinkie was commenting on how the fans love guys who can score and don’t care about defense”

    Yo dick face, if I wanted you’re input I would have asked for it. STFU and speak when spoken to.

  • Ken

    I’m guessing it’s a Typo and it’s not Crawford receiving those votes. I can’t see why the votes would in crease by 250K in 1 week. No real justification.

  • I like DJ.

  • POBsandwich

    You 2 deserve ea other

  • AllStarNonsense

    Then again Yi Jianlian got 1,216,348 votes, so go figure (he averages only 10.5 ppg/6.2 reb/0.6 blk, compared to AB at 13.7ppg/12 reb/1.6 blk)

  • Chris

    Nothing better than Warrior fans “goin’ at it”

    I’ve “gone at it” with a couple of “so called fans” here too. But in my book they are just a couple of “know it all idiots” that really don’t know shit.

    The nice thing is that most people on this blog are cool. They are good fans. I can say maybe 2 or 3 people have called me out out of all the bloggers, so I attribue that to the fact that those 2 or 3 peopple just had a “hard-on” out for me and wanted to talk shit.

  • cheesy poofs

    all the Knicks fans who used to not vote for Crawford when he was in the East are now voting for Crawford and ? on the West ballot.

    if it were Warriors fans voting, Andris would be getting more votes than he is.

  • Gerald

    People signed up and active in fantasy basketball leagues should be the only ones who get to vote. Ehhh…sports writers too. Basically though, only the people who live or die by player stats and knowledge about how players are doing! I guarantee you that McGrady would only have about 5 votes. I dropped him in the first month of the season.