Inside Practice (Jan. 20)

Wasn’t much out of Tuesday’s practice. Watson and Belinelli didn’t practice, but worked out. Brandan Wright was no where to be found. There was one interesting play when Monta took a hard body check from Anthony Randolph. Monta didn’t just pop back up, but he did get up.
Much of the talk was about the inauguration.

“What a great time for our country. Real exciting. How about that speech? I wrote that for him.”

“I didn’t watch it. I know he’s president. I don’t need to watch TV to know he’s president. I’m happy for him. Today is a beautiful today. They’re going to be playing it all day, so I’ll probably get a chance to watch it this evening. I’m going to an inauguration party, so I can watch it there. But I didn’t wake up to watch it.”

“I caught some little clips here and there. It’s a great day, especially for minorities in general. Having Obama becoming president and being inaugurated today, it’s a big step, man. It’s a big step in history. No one ever expected this type of thing to happen. But this shows how much our country has grown. I think that’s what we’re trying to do, become as one – unity, togetherness, spreading opportunity.”

“Obama has a lot on his plate, man. The only thing you can do for him is pray for him and hopefully he can do the job most people want him to do.”


“I watched a little bit of it. I didn’t know it came on that early. I heard Obama speech. That’s about it. It felt good. Actually, to me, he was saying pretty much the same thing that Martin Luther King was saying. And he sounded just like him when he was speaking. I just look at the picture of how many people were there, it was just like when Dr. King was speaking. It was a great feelling. It was like history repeating itself.”

Marcus Thompson