Baron won’t be at Oracle on Sunday

Baron Davis’ homecoming will have to wait. Dan Martinez of the Warriors’ PR staff just sent out a note saying that Davis will not be at Sunday night’s Clippers vs. Warriors game. Davis will be staying in Los Angeles to continue working out and getting treatment for his bruised tailbone and hamstring injuries.

Jon Becker

  • Goody

    I’m really jacked that Monta is coming back and it’s unfortunate that Baron won’t be able to play. Of course, that makes letting Baron got to the Clips more easy to digest since he was injury prone.

    However, I’m not sure if Monta can come close to replacing Baron. What do you think of Monta becoming the PG that the Warriors need?

  • Marcus Thompson


    That’s what remains to be seen. I think he can be a good PG, but he’ll be great as a SG.

  • jt

    Maybe Nelson has been doing the right thing all along…

    Now he actually has a small ball line up…he knew once we got all the pieces back that was going to be the style…

    He also didnt want anthony R getting caught up emulating maggette when it is clear that his role will be fast break starter/finisher in this offense, i think he’s getting the point just in time too….too bad we hd to watch jackson try to do waaayyyy too much these last three months but it will be worth it if the extra time helped the youngsters….

    And another thing…we know who the bigs of the future are here, what we dont know is the futures of bellinelli, watson, morrow, buke so its good they all got extra reps with monta out….

    Thanks MT!

  • Kweezy

    Wow. Did you really say GREAT as a SG Marcus? I always believed he could be great, but that’s because he’s been my favorite player since he was a rook. Since his injury there has been a lot of whispers about how he might not be the same anymore, if he’s going to be exposed w/o Baron, if he can lead a team, and if he can be “the man”. But hearing that from Marcus gives me a lot more assurance that he will be great.

    Ellis is not a traditional PG or SG. But I’m of the belief that if a player is great, or even good, it doesn’t matter one bit. Monta is a BALLER. And if he continues at the pace he was at before the injury. We’re going to have one of the biggest bargains in the league for the next five and a half years, at $11 million (avg) per. (minus whatever he lost from his suspension)

    This is by far the most excited I’ve been for a game all season. Thank goodness for Monta. He’s the best thing about this mess of a franchise right now.

  • FU Baron

    I hate you baron

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    Heartbreaker of a game last night. With the seconds dwindling down, I just wished Ronnie would’ve run up at Lebron and smothered him and forced him to put the ball on the floor, or try a fade away. But hey, our team isn’t exactly high on the basketball IQ.

    But if you’re wondering if the old Monta is back, you should feel a lot better. He’s out of basketball shape, and his jumper is not there yet, but he showed flashes of his speed, agility, and quickness.

    What I also noticed is that his lateral speed is not there, maybe because of rust, or maybe because of the ankle. Mo Williams got around Monta several times and Monta had to foul.

  • Tdubb

    If you watched Monta’s game, Williams got around him after he was gassed. Monta played that first six minutes on emotion.

    We still don’t know how the team is going to look because the bench rotations are not in place. Nelly needs to show a consistent lineup

    I will say this, Anthony Morrow will be more important than people are discussing. He can play, his three point shooting is dead on which will make a great outlet when Ellis, Crawford and Maggette take the ball to the basket. He rebounds better than all but maybe Bendrins and Turiaf. What he lacks in quickness and dribbling, he will make up with smarts. I hope he’s not another Arenas, we need to hold on to this one.