Inside Practice (Jan. 24)

*Fairly uneventful practice today. They pretty much did a walk through, followed by a 3-on-3 among the little-minute guys. That produced a couple of highlights, like Marcus Williams losing Randolph with a sick crossover and finishing with a sweet, hanging reverse; and Randolph screaming as he swats a Morrow lay-up into the stationary bikes off to the side.

* Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis entertained about 10 junior-high looking girls who were guests at practice. First they signed their t-shirts. Then rebounded while the girls did a shooting drill and a lay-up line. Afterward, Ellis talked to us. Barely.

How do you feel?

Any day-after issues?

At this point, can you play 35 minutes a night?
“I can play four days if I have to. It is what it is.”

*Crawford didn’t practice and is day-to-day. He said it was harder to watch LeBron’s game-winner, because he was sitting out, than it was to watch Jeff Green’s.

*After we finished interviewing Nellie, he got up from his seat and said “Pleasure doing business with ya” before he walked off. Yeah, right. That’s not what he told the Sacramento Bee.

Marcus Thompson

  • Norm

    Monta Ellis……..a man of many words!

  • MountainJim

    The Nellie interview was much more interesting than Monta’s.

  • roy12

    Why talk to Sac Bee? Why make yourself out to be innocent and the media wolves are trying to destroy you. There has been rumors that Nellie and Maloof brothers are close, they provide to him what Cuban did. And gives him a close destination to Maui to fly to. Also, Nelson can get fired here and go there while collecting his 12 Mil and getting more money there. So how does Nelson get fired? One way and one way only, Nelson vs Randolph. The kid has so much potential and a star like Ellis in the making, and Gilbert. Don’t play him and management will pick player vs the coach.

    Nelson puts other players in positions that works to their advantages and strengths. We don’t have an All-Star on this team, so other players aren’t that much better than Randolph. Than why pick on Randolph this much and mess with his head/confidence and do this to him. Why treat him with this way when Nelson goes out of his way to work with Kurz, and Kurz may be a decent addition to the Warriors, but he doesn’t have the intrigue Randolph does.

    Lets say Nelson is right and Randolph can’t play at all and the little flashes we have seen is a falsify somehow. Why not build on that and get some good trade value for him. Doesn’t matter what Kurz does, he will never have good trade value, and for crying out loud, we are not winning, so lets loose with Randolph as oppose to without him.

    Now, as far as addressing the issues with the Sac Bee, lets address these issues, maybe Nelson will with the Fans, but I don’t think he realizes the Fan’s are far more wolfy than the media and are ready to bite the poor ol, good ol Nelson. Poor guy, got a 12 mil extenstion, out welcomed his stay everywhere and already stuck it to Cuban, Cowen, and now, if he gets a chance, Cowen again and maybe the Maloofs.

  • No Fillin

    dude, marcus, seriously. you gotta change the image of al harrington on the banner. that dude has been old news and it just feels weird to see him in a dubs jersey whenever i wanna read your blog. why not replace him with an image of monta or andris (i.e. someone who will theoretically be here for a long time so you won’t have to change it again for a while)??

  • Kinglear3

    What’s up w/Monta? He’s acting strange & uphappy. Has he asked to be traded?

  • OptimisPrime

    I agree. Harrington on the banner takes away from any possible credibility that your blog may have. Can we pls be allowed to move on.

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North


    shoot-ing guards here and here

    shoot-ing guards there and there and there

    none but shoot-ing guards

  • AirplaneRider


    TK is that you?

    The Monta comments are typical Monta Ellis country bumpkin speak.

    It’s so funny to see these writers twisting in the wind with their ludicrous conspiracy theories about Nelson. He’s probably getting a kick out of it. I know I am. Any time reporters make stuff up, they should take a fall, a hard fall.

  • Mike W.

    Couldn’t agree more, AirplaneRider.

    Marcus! You haven’t posted for almost three days! What is this, a Baron Davis imitation? This is a blog, man. No days off!

  • Chris

    I have a feeling our “beloved” Golden State Warrior organization has a “trade” or 2 “up their sleeves.”

    The acquisition of Jamal Crawford, the recent comments and attitude of Monta Ellis and the fact that the organization can STILL void the contract and hand Monta his walking papers leads me to believe that the Golden State Warriors are planning on trading Monta Ellis, ……………yes Warrior fans, I have a feeling that they are already beginning rebuilding and are looking to improve this team with players that can score and defend.

    ESPN.com’s writer, John Hollinger, notoriously “East Coast Bias” and a self-proclaimed “Warrior hater.” This guy hates everything on the West Coast including In-N-Out Burger. Hollinger has written an article today on ESPN.com that lists the point guards that might be traded.

    Baron and Monta are both on the list, although low on the list and not probable, I have a feeling something is going to happen.

    You could have gotten rebounding help in the form of David Lee, Wilson Chandler, Eddy Curry from the Knicks for Al Harrington. Even Quentin Richardson if you were looking for a back court player. Why Jamal Crawford?…….Why, because I think they are going to trade Monta Ellis.

    I expect Monta to be traded either by the deadline or by the end of this season in a 3 way deal that will bring either Gerald Wallace or Shawn Marion.

    I expect Chris Mullin to leave at the end of the season and he will have MANY job offers and will probably end up being successful with the Knicks, that’s his hometown, he’s a St. John’s guy, that’s where his “heart” is.

    Any thoughts guys?…………….

  • Chris

    Correction on my earlier post………….that article was written by Chad Ford……….he’s all “East Coast” as well………my fault………it was Ford not Hollinger……….both of them “douchebags” in my book though.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    #3. Does Nellie’s attitiude toward big men especially AR really surprise you????
    It’s not worth getting upset anymore about Nellie not playing AR. Nellie is stubborn, and his ego is so damn huge and that’s all that’s to it.

    Remember the last big man we had (Webber) and where that went. The only big guy Nellie played alot during his rookie season was Vic Alexander. And he probably played him because Vic was drafted out of Iowa, and that’s were Nellie came from.

    We also had Chris Gatling (Big man) that year and all Nellie did was yell at him in front of the entire W fans and belittle him. I use to be a season ticket holder and recall those dreadful days. Oh yeah he use to yell the shit out of Sarunas M alot too! Remember him?

    I’m still a faithful W fan but after losing Webber, I and alot of other fans threw in the towel as far as being season ticket holders. I don’t care what anybody says about that topic. We LOST Webber because of Nellie!!!!!

    I relocated to Honolulu since, and being a W fan ordered the NBA ticket to watch all the games.
    I don’t get to hear Barnett comentate the games unless it is a home game. Let me tell you the away games announcers all same thing during the pre-game. Which is to beat Golden State all you need is a sound half court defense, because if the W’s don’t have a good shooting night you’ll most likely beat them because golden state has NO half court game at all! And that the W’s are one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA! (Giving up more than 110 or 112 pts per game).

    It’s gotta be a nightmare for any rookie big man drafted by Golden State. Nellie cannot develope a big man if his life counted on it!
    Can you imagine if we had Germaine Oneil(S/P)? as a rookie! Nellie would have ruined or lost him as well.

    Finally if Nellie does get fired and lives at his home in Maui. I’ll certainly would love to find him and give him and earful and wouldn’t save him if I saw him drowning in the Pacific!!!!!

  • Ewok

    A Pattern of sorts,

    What do these big men have in common in term of experience?

    Tyrone Hill
    Chris Webber
    Ike Diogu
    Eric Dampier
    Byron Houston
    Patrick Ewing
    Tom Gugliota
    Patrick O’Bryant
    Al Harrington

    I rest my case.

    I know there’s more on the list. I wont be surprised if Anthony Randolph would follow suit too.

    One more thing, Nelson always like big men players who run and face the basket not back to the basket type of players.

    That’s the reason why Barkley torched him in one solid playoff game many years ago, scoring about 60 pts that night.

    Nellie is Nellie. Good coach but lets face it, Not a complete coach.

  • Duncan

    That picture from the practice facility makes me wonder why they don’t hang the retired numbers and our championship banner from the raptors at the Oracle. What good are they there at the practice facility where the public doesn’t get to view them? The Oracle seems empty when I compare it to other arenas I’ve been to. We should be proud of our history and display it. Can you ask someone why that is?