That Final Play

There is a lot of talk about that final play. A little blame shifting and finger pointing. And, of course, I have it all for you.

Here’s what happened. On the previous inbounds, the Warriors started with Ronny on LeBron and Jackson on the big (I think Ben Wallace) Varajeo. James was going to circle around to come get the ball, and when he did, Jax and Ronny would switch, leaving Jax on LeBron.
Monta broke up the inbounds because he read the route and jumped it.
So the Cavs called a timeout. They changed plans.
So instead of LeBron going the expected route, he went away from the big man and Jax and Ronny weren’t able to switch. So Ronny was left on an island, and LeBron calmly nailed the game-winner.
Nellie said Monta then should have ran at LeBron with the double team, forcing LeBron to give up the ball.
Jax said he told Ronny to switch anyway, run to his man while Jax runs to LeBron. But he said communication wasn’t good.
One player, who didn’t want to be named, said the coaches probably should’ve known the Cavs were going to make an adjustment, so they should have anticipated such.
Most said that it didn’t matter. It was a big shot by a league star. That’s whay players of LeBron’s caliber do.

Marcus Thompson

  • Mike W.

    It’s ridiculous to focus entirely on the last 5 seconds of a 48-minute game. I was a lot more bothered by the two missed layups earlier in the quarter. But there were a lot of positives, starting with Monta looking surprisingly good, Morrow’s shooting, Corey’s energy, AB’s defense in the 2H, Jack’s clutch shots. I prefer to focus on the good stuff. Bring it, crybabies.

  • Tony M

    Thanks for clarifying that MT2. I presumed that was the reason Jack started on Varejao and RT on Bron….The best player in the Association hit a game winner. What can you do?

    Great to see Monta last night.

    Thx for the plug.


  • John

    i agree…i saw the first inbound play when jack told turiaf to guard lebron then switch when he goes to the top which happened and they couldnt get the ball to lebron…if monta didnt go for the steal and let gibson get it..we might have had a chance but since the balll went out of the bounds..cavs regroup and lebron outsmarted turiaf and jack..instead going to jacks way, he went to the corner away from jack so turiaf was stuck with him..from that point on..all you can hope for is a miss by lebron but he made a nice move to seperate himself and he nailed it..i also agree that monta should have stepped over and double team and let someone else beat us besides lebron..probably would have lead to a 3 or a quick rush jump shot..either way the warriors have the worst luck this year with so many heartbreakers…never seen so many in 1 year..on a good note..montas back and he looks good.

  • Tony Hicks

    Great details, Marcus. I was wondering what the hell happened on that play. Like you said, not that it would’ve mattered. That’s the value of having a superstar who wants the ball at the end.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    That’s what a star player does, come up with a big play down the stretch. The W’s played well for the most part and you would hope that they can build on that. As far as what happened on the play who really knows but whatever the case James wouldn’t have gotton the ball had they simply double teamed him.

  • A’s in 2009

    Nellie said Monta should have left Boobie to double LeBron? wow great plan B. lol

  • MountainJim

    Lebron was not giving up the ball, and if he had they would have run out of time, so doubling would make sense in that situation.

  • Mr. B

    On to the next game… No use crying over spilled milk. There are 80 plus games to the season and this is one of several screw ups.

    In the grand scheme, no use pointing fingers but everyone learning from mistakes. Moving on…


    Whatever. The only reason this is even an issue is because it was Ronny and not Stephen. I’ll take LeBron taking a 20 footer any day over a wide open Gibson 3 pt shot. According to NBAtv, this was Bron’s first buzzer beater that actually involved a jump shot.