Post-game Tidbits (at Dallas)

* Jax was all alone tonight. The Mavericks had a hard time guarding him. He just didn’t have any help. After dropping 14 in the first quarter, he took just three shots in the second. But no one else picked up the slack. Maggette was 3-7, which is not horrible. Ellis was 1-4. No one else scored more than two points.

* The one thing that stood out to me was Jamal Crawford’s play. Who was that? Where was the guy who averaged 28.6 points over eight games?
The problem: he’s too nice.
Crawford was deferring like low-level secretary. I don’t know if it’s because of his knee or because he didn’t want to offend Monta – just like he didn’t want to upset Jackson and Maggette when he first came – but he took six shots in 23 minutes. That’s not good. Only three came in the first half, with the Warriors trailing by 20.
The Warriors’ only hope is to outscore teams. They can’t afford to have two of their key guys off. They can barely afford to have one off. That means they can’t afford Crawford to just not be part of the offense. He needs to force Dallas to guard him, help even. There’s no need when he takes six shots and all of them are jumpers.
Maggette on Crawford: “We really didn’t practice with us, and have an opportunity to play in the starting lineup for the past four or five days. So we need to get used to him coming back and doing what he does.”

* Biedrins was outplayed by Erick Dampier. Straight up. Damp had 10 and 11 with two blocks. Biedrins had 4 and 11 and missed seven of his nine shots.

* Seven picks ahead of Monta Ellis in the 2005 draft was Brandan Bass out of LSU. I think it’s fair to say he joins Monta, Andray Blatche and Ronny Turiaf as the second-round jewels of that draft. Then again, maybe he just owns the Warriors. He had 16 and 11 with three assists and two blocks on Wednesday night.

* Corey has topped 20 in five of his last six games after putting up 21 off the bench. Wednesday’s doesn’t really count, as he had nine in the fourth quarter with the game out of reach. But he’s averaging 21.7 points on 57.4 percent shooting over the last six.

* The defense was atrocious. Terry and Howard found themselves wide open several times. Even Dirk had some uncontested looks. And the help defense was late just about every time.
Jackson: “They got a whole bunch of open looks. We had a lot of defensive errors.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Willy

    Thank you for the fresh perspective, Marcus. I had the same though about J Craw’s over-politeness.

  • Willy


  • earl monroe

    Jackson was all alone because he got hot, and forgot about ball movement, the other guys just stood around, and even after Jackson cooled down the Warriors
    where still down six, it would have been better to move the ball.
    This was not drive and kick motion, it was Jackson at the top of the key waving his
    arms pissed off he did not get the ball quick enough from Crawford.
    3 assists 4 turnovers from Jackson, 25 is meaningless in a 20+point rout.
    Jackson was just as guilty as everyone else defensively.
    Lets get over the “Jackson is good defensively” line.

    As it is,there is not enough shots to go around, and if he really cares about the team he would take a few less. By the time he stopped going “off” it was too late
    the team was down 14.

    It looked like a free for all both on offense and defense, for this Nelson should get the credit.

    Its not just Brandan Bass who owns the warriors, every team has one guy who owns the warriors, most of the league owns the warriors.

    It was disgusting. As Marck Jackson said “selfish offensively, selfish defensively”

  • Sleepy

    I agree Marcus but I blame Nelson for this because it seemed like he hasnt told Monta what his role as pg should be. If Crawford at sg to start the game then why is Monta taking all the shots ?Monta has been playing like were struggling to score points while he was gone.This is his chance to grow into the pg role because we have shot makers and on top of that hes still not in game shape yet. Monta’s a young guy coming of injury and this is the perfect time to work on his transition to the point but Nelsons got to put in th work .

  • Joe

    Why are we Warriors fans? 🙂

  • Trey

    Sleepy – Monta is a black hole. Always has been always will be. Nellie has many faults and may be incapable of developing a big, but he’s rarely wrong on evaluating PGs and playmakers. He’s had a long string of success at making and developing them, and he knows Monta is a lost cause there. Forget about him being a PG. He is what he is – an undersized two-guard with no PG skills.

    Plus, It’s in Monta’s best interest to be a ball-hog, show he is the same player as last year, and force a trade to a team that won’t try to void his contract.

    Expect the W’s offense to flounder because both Crawford and Ellis are auditioning for teams – Crawford so he can opt out this summer and get a longer contract, Ellis so he can guarantee his contract. We’re not watching basketball, we’re watching negotiations.

  • Chris

    Needless to say a terrible performace……..but let’s face it, it’s been like that for the last decade, save for the 2006-2007 playoff run and the 48 win 2007-2008 season.

    What can I say that already hasn’t been beaten into the ground. I mean we’re lacking in pretty much every deparment.

    Even if we score 110 ppg, it doesn’t matter because we cannot prevent the opposition from scoring 110+ ppg. Also, we go through “dry spells” where the offense is stagnant, I don’t care what anyone says, even if you score 110 ppg, it doesn’t matter unless you can shoot the ball well from the first quarter to the fourth quarter and prevent the other team from shooting well.

    I agree, I think Monta and Jamal are already looking to the future and other teams. It’s an absoulte shame that we seem to have “0” success in drafting players, then subsequently developing them.

    Last night we got to see a team with a “go to scorer” in Dirk Nowitzki who will also be a part of the 2010 free agent class. I don’t give a damn about Stephen Jackson’s 3 point shooting and his errant turnovers, I would take Dirk Nowitzki 100 times and any day over Stephen Jackson and “twice on Sunays.”

    Also, one of my absolute favorite players in the league, Jason “Jet” Terry. What a scorer this guy is, what a fantastic and underrated NBA player. I would take him anyday over Monta and Jamal.

    Also, Dallas is “not” that great a team. Actually, they will probably be ousted in the first round of the playoffs, if they end up making it. We played better against L.A., Cleveland and Boston.

    It’s pathetic, we really shouldn’t lose this bad to a “mediocre” Dallas team. What idiots they were for getting rid of Devin Harris.

  • jsl

    Ummm. And Nelson’s coaching? Good ball movement? Any defense? Smart rotations? Small ball excellence?

  • You love Stephen Jackson.
    He must be nice to you or something.

    Shilling is unbecoming…

  • And then hating on Biedrins…


  • danikil49

    Stephen Jackson needs to be traded.I told my wife when he made those first 3 or 4 shots that this game is over because there was no ball movement.How many times do the W’s have to lose before the “leaders” on this team figure it out. This is not rocket science. Move the ball get open looks , play defense all game and box out. Either our players are not too smart or they are too selfish. In either case Nelson ,Jackson and Rowell need to be gone.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Gotta agree with #1-11, about Nellie and Jax.

    Someone wrote earlier this week wrote that Nellie is not a “Complete coach”, but a “Good Coach”.
    Good coach? In what aspect? Emphasizing DEFENSE (Giving up 112 points per game)? Executing a “Good” half court offense? Developing young players?

    “Good Coach” maybe in the past but with all the shit going down with the W’s org. right now it’s hard to defend Nellie.

    Monta said on ESPN the other night that the guy he really respects now is Mullin, not Nellie and certainly not the owner or the other clown Rowell.

    I know Nellie helped out Mullin during the time when Mullin played and went through some hard times, but it sure doesn’t seem like that now. Even Van Gundy and Jackson defended Mullin the other night.

    Seems unfortunate but they guys on mgt., and coaching will still be around for the future and Mullin will be out.