Pre-game Tidbits (at Dallas)

* This ice storm is ridiculous. It feels like we’re in Kansas or something.

* Jamal Crawford is going to play tonight. He gave the knee a go during pre-game warm-ups and felt good. So, for the first time, we get to see Monta and Crawford side-by-side. Pay attention to who spends the most time at PG. It might give us an inkling of what they plan to do. If Crawford is clearly the PG, that could mean the Warriors have given up on the Monta-at-point stuff. If Monta is at point, that could mean they are still holding out hope that Monta can be the point. If he can play point, then Crawford is expendable.

* Watson a no go for the Rookie Challenge. I agree with Geoff Lepper on this one. Watson deserves a spot. Oh well.

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew

    Jamal C. looked horrible tonight! He should have taken another couple of games to get ready.

  • It’s hard being right about everything all the time…