Inside Practice (Jan. 29)

* Walked into practice at American Airlines Center and Monta was sitting on the side with ice on his left knee. He was practicing early (I peaked in before Jackson stopped practice and put me on blast; practice is closed off to us until the last 15 or 20 minutes). It was the same knee he banged against Jason Kidd last night.

* Warriors coach Don Nelson was not at practice. He was in court. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban appeal hearing was today. During the offseason, a judge ruled in favor of Nellie, who claimed Cuban owed Nelson more than $6 million in deferred money. Cuban’s appeal went through and now the two parties are I’m mediation

* Watson, leading a break, faked a pass to Crawford on the wing, losing Jamareo Davidson. Watson then scooped a high-arching finger roll from about the dotted line. Randolph came from the weakside and tried to swat it into Fort Worth, knocking Watson down hard on the process. Randolph just barely missed it, and the finger roll dropped in all net. The blue team cheered as they rushed to pick up Watson. Randolph was peeved.

* Jackson caught the ball on the left wing during the break. He pulled
up from like 26 feet, and Crawford didn’t bother to close out on him, instead shouted “Hell naw!” Jax drilled it and turned to Crawford and yelled “Oh, you ain’t gone guard me?! You ain’t gone guard me?!”
Jackson wasn’t done. He was talking head to Crawford the whole time. He made a 3 from the top of the key and screamed, “Get a hand up!”
Crawford stated jawing back about he’s racking up assists. He came down court, lost Jax with a crossover and hit Watson, who nailed the 3. Crawford yelled “ASSIST”! Jackson went right back at Crawford on the other end.
Jackson started back Crawford down as Crawford chanted “He ain’t gone pass it. He ain’t gone pass it.” Crawford reached around and poked the ball away. It led to a fast break basket the other way as Crawford shouted “The glove! The glove!”

* Center Andris Biedeins spent a lot of time sitting on the side. After practice, while we interviewed Monta, Biedrins found one of those medic carts, that they use to cart off injured players. He sped off down the hall with PR director Raymond Ridder in the passenger seat.
“He won’t crash,” Ellis said. “He better not crash.”

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    Thanks for the report. Did you get any sense of the overall mood of the team considering they had just been humiliated on national tv by their former conference rival?

  • Nelson missing practice…


  • Nuck Chorris- Dr. Fegan

    NBDL Champs.

  • Nuck is a god.

  • DW

    I can’t lie Marcus I was hoping I would hear a lil more anger from the guys after being humiliated last night on national TV. Did you sense that at practice?

  • DW,

    They don’t give a s–t. They’re just collecting paychecks. Jackson mounted his contract push and now he’s crap, just like Baron. Maggette was an impuls buy that makes no meaningful difference on a terrible team. Make him play like an adult for a serious team, fine. But he’s just a liability for us no matter what his indy stats look like.

    Rowell, Nelson, and co.: tiny gimmick…..


  • docklh

    Did anyone even notice how Maggette started changing his clothes during the 4th Quarter? If the rest of the team has his attitude no wonder no one is upset at practice.

    BTW…Love it that Van Gundy and Jackson are against the ownership and for MULLIN!

  • Chris

    It’s nice to see Crawford and Jackson laughing, smiling and talking shit to one another in a 3 on 3 scrimmage during practice…………They should be crying, not laughing,………………they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Obviously not taking last night’s loss seriously and instead focusing on “shit talking” and “one on one” battles in practice.

    Stephen, how about pulling Russ Turner or Keith Smart aside and asking him to help you with some ball handling drills. Jamal, how about working on some defensive drills?

    Why not talk trash about Stephen’s dribbling, when he looks like a 5 year old boy bouncing a supermarket rubber ball in front of him, trying to weave between 4 people.

    But I guess “showing eachother up” in practice is more important.

    I’m glad they can take it so lightly, because it’s making me cry.

    I’m ashamed for them!

  • Keith Smart is prepping us for New Orleans and it sounds like it’s going REEEEEEAAALLLLY well.

    Thanks, Marcus. I give you ess but you give some nice lines to read between. Don’t ever think that I think I could live without you.

  • Nellie had time for His Radio Show, apparently.

    Blamed Ellis for the Cavs loss.

    Great organization.

  • ECJ

    Hey Marcus,

    What do you think about this trade: Corey Maggette and Brandon Wright to the Jazz for Carlos Boozer? The money matches, the Jazz want to trade Boozer so they can resign Millsap, and the Jazz need a wing especially now that Kirilenko had foot surgery.

    Boozer can opt out this summer, but why would he coming off a knee injury? The W’s can relieve themselves of Maggette’s contract, get rid of B Wright, (who they don’t need with Randolph here) and get some desperately needed inside toughness, and a true post who’s athletic enough to stay with their uptempo style.

    Let me know what you all think…

  • NotaNelsonfan

    It’s really early to tell, but it seems like when Jax, Monta and Crawford was on the court at the same time the other night, Crawford disappeared. Maybe Crawford lost the rock, paper scissors game before the game to see who touched the ball the most that night.

    Majority of the starters looked like they gave up after that 12-0 run by Dallas towards the end of the first. AR looked like one of the few that really ran hard last night and was gassed. At least AR put effort.

    I say play the bench more if our starters won’t run and play hard.

  • Trey

    Ummm… Chris Cohan… Lebron’s buzzer-beater happened right in front of my seats. I was screaming and yelling – I couldn’t believe they didn’t double. Turns out, Monta was supposed to defend that passing lane. Then it makes sense to have Turiaf on Lebron to defend the over the top pass and low post. As a season ticket holder, I think Nellie SHOULD feel obligated to explain what happened. He did, and it makes sense because Ellis has the basketball IQ of a piece of fruit.

    The more interesting part of Nellie’s KNBR interview was him saying how he likes Maggette and Really likes Crawford. He’s clearly not a fan of Ellis, as his comments have always been lukewarm and tempered. I think Nellie wants Belinelli, Crawford and Jackson with Morrow and Maggette off the bench. Makes sense too, those are five interchangeable guys who fit his style of play.

    I think Nellie’s going to push to trade Wright, Randolph, and Ellis for a PF (assuming Crawford stays). And for that package, we may be able to get a pretty good one.

  • Trey

    Strange fact – Ellis is the perfect vehicle to add a legitimate star and dump salary, this year and this year only.

    Ellis’ base year compensation status helps in obtaining some players that we could normally never get. Usually a BYC player trade can’t package enough value to net a star because you have to load it with a bad contract to make it work. But the W’s can add a good package – 40ppg + a high-potential young big – that may work.

    Here are some trades that will probably never happen in the next two weeks. Note: they could not possibly happen this summer after Ellis loses his BYC status. All trades work in ESPN trade machine.

    – Ellis/Maggette/Randolph for Amare/Grant Hill. Amare’s done in Phoenix. The Suns would only have Ellis/Maggette/Randolph/JRich/Barbosa on the books for 2010 after Shaq and Nash expire, so they’d be in great position to be an attractive destination for the 2010 FA class.

    – Ellis/Maggette/Randolph for Bosh/Joey Graham. Bosh is gone in 2010 if he remains in Toronto. Jermaine O’Neal comes off the books this summer, so cap relief would come there. They’d be under the cap and could still add Marion as a free agent over the summer.

    – Ellis/Turiaf/(Wright or Randolph) for Elton Brand/Theo Ratliff. Andre Miller comes off the books this year, so it’d be a wash salary wise.

    All pretty implausible, but possible nonetheless.

    Adding any of these guys gives us some cap relief plus a legitimate star. As implausible as it may seem, I think a trade like this may be our only hope of respectability anytime soon.

  • Trey the bigshot wants to trade Monta.

  • Boozer not good enough?

    We’re moving the kids for the Beast.

  • Trey

    And how do you propose getting Boozer? What kids are you moving for him? Utah wants to avoid the luxury tax and they have to resign Millsap. Boozer makes $11.5M. They don’t want to go into the luxury tax for Boozer, but it’s a totally different story for Maggette, Wright, and Randolph, huh?

    We’re over the cap so we can’t sign him as a free agent. And who is going to take Jackson and/or Maggette’s 5yr contracts for an expiring contract to get below the cap? And if a miracle happens and we do get under the cap, signing him still takes us to the luxury tax, which is a Rowell no-no.

    And even if we get around all that – what makes you think Boozer wants to play here? Did he pour his heart out to you and tell you how much he wants to play for a 30 win team that has terrible ownership and a 500 hundred year old coach?

    Yeah. Let’s get Boozer. And Lebron, Kobe, and Chris Paul while we’re at it. We’d be really good then.

  • A’s in 2009

    Trey, its sad that Nellie blamed Monta, he just lost so much respect from me. Monta played it right the first time and knocked the ball out of bounds. Cavs coach changed the play up after the timeout, while Nellie didn’t make any adjustments. And we lost. Nellie got out-coached on that last play. Straight up got out-coached.

  • Trey

    Monta did play it right the first time, and he had a very good game on top of that. Nellie said both those things. I’m surprised people are upset that Nellie said (paraphrased) “Monta made a mistake on the inbound. Something happened, a miscommunication, forgetfulness, whatever. We went over it. It happens. I’m not worried about it.” It’s not like he blasted Ellis like he blasted Randolph.

    I would figure more people would be upset that he threw Mullin, Rowell, and everyone on the team under the bus when he said he couldn’t convince people in the preseason that this team sucked and he knew this was a bad team from the start. And unlike his Ellis comment, which was very coachlike, this was said in a “I was right, I was right” tone. Makes you wonder if his rotation is centered around proving everyone wrong and proving this is a bad team and needs major change.

    I agree with him, but I can definitely see how it would piss a lot of people off and fuel their arguments that he is bad for the development of this team.

  • docklh


    I like what you posted so far. The only thing we may differ on is…Are you a ROWELL fan? I am sooo anti-ROWELL and blame that boy for almost everything that has gone wrong with the team besides the moped thing.

    Trey, tell me your not a supporter of Rowell?

  • lobo

    Congrats to the W’s front office…they have all (xpt for CM) graduated cum laude from Al Davis University…what a pathetic non-functional group.

    If the Cable guy didn’t pick up the gig from Al he would fit right in..

    Never saw a more sarcastic disingenuous person than Nellie…anyone who can say that they are better than he expected has a secret agenda he4 is working on…like gettting fired again and picking up a few more years for free.

    Rowell gave him the contract extension so he had someone who knew something about the game while he was tossing Chris out the door…Cohan didn’t even realize he was getting hosed by Rowell

  • Trey

    Thanks docklh – and don’t worry, I am absolutely NOT a Rowell fan. Rowell has proven to be a total idiot, which means that Cohan is an even bigger idiot. That’s why no matter how many situations all of us throw out there it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. If an idea makes sense, he’s way too stupid to do it. He’ll only make moves that leave ALL of us confused. Extend Jackson in a non-contract year? Huh? No-brainer for Rowell.

  • You guys are idiots.

  • ECJ


    Why WOULDN’T Boozer play for the W’s? There’s alot of talent here, and every commentator agrees that we’re a solid post player away from being a contender. Boozer would give the W’s a huge lift, and he’s shown that playing for a winner is NOT his main priority. He left Cleveland and LaBron to play in Utah.. Its obviously not just about playing for the best team with him.

    The trade makes great sense for Utah.. they don’t care so much about being under the cap, they have alot of pieces in place to win right now. They have a leader in Deron Williams, a budding star power forward in Millsap, a solid center in Okur.. and several role players. What they need is a true wing, who can score an slash to the basket. Magette is a perfect fit for them, especially with Kirilenko out for a few weeks.

    We could resign Boozer and stay under the cap with Magette’s contract out of the way couldn’t we? (we have to allow the possibility of Crawford leaving too, which would put us way under the cap)