Pre-game Tidbits (at New Orleans)

* So, Monta’s name is in the starting lineups. I watched him warm up. He looked fine.

* Nellie did say before the game that Monta will play the shooting guard position for a while, with Crawford playing point. The reason: Crawford “moves the ball more.” Monta will only have to worry about scoring, not about facilitating.

* Nellie said nothing came of his mediation with Mark Cuban on Thursday. He said the courts wanted them to settle. But Nellie wants no part of a settlement. “I won.”

* David West is playing. Morris Peterson is not.

* West and Stojakovic are New Orleans’ starting forwards. Azubuike and Jackson are the Warriors. So who’s guarding who? I can’t imagine Nellie putting Jax, a key scorer, on West. That’s got foul trouble written all over it. That means Buike’s guarding West? That’s got “uh oh” written all over it. (UPDATE: They did start with Buike on West!)

Marcus Thompson

  • lobo


    When is the NFL Combine????

  • jb

    Marcus, I’m a big Azubuike fan/supporter (whatever you want to call it)… but Nelson playing him at the 4 is ridiculous… I’m all for him getting his playing time, but how can he possibly handle it? He can guard some 4’s, but man… it definitely does have “uh oh” written all over it. Kelenna is a “2”, no? Is he considered a “3” because of all the “2’s” the Warriors have?

    Game was ugly for both teams, and with some key shots down the stretch the Warriors managed a win. How do you think the minutes situation will work out now that Nellie has said that there simply isn’t enough time to make everyone happy?