Post-game Tidbits (at New Orleans)

* That was, IMHO, Jackson’s best defensive performance of the year. He was locked in on D for
about as long a stretch as you can expect from a leading scorer. He guarded Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic and, in the fourth quarter, David West. There was one sequence when West was making his move against Jax and was called for a travel. Jax beat his chest and screamed “I got him!”
If they can get him to play that way every night, they would be much better defensively.

* Monta still doesn’t look like Monta. But Crawford doesn’t look good with Monta either. He hit the big shot at the end, but that saved him from another poor performance. Is it Monta or the knee?

* A funny moment last night. With about 25 seconds left in the half, the ball wound up in Maggette’s hands. His teammates were yelling and gesturing for him to slow it up for one shot. Jackson was screaming like crazy from the defensive end of the court, like Maggette had stolen his wallet. “Heeeeeeeeeeey! Heeeeeeeeey!”
Maggette either didn’t see or hear anybody, or just didn’t care. He went coast to coast, getting a lay-up and a foul with 20 seconds left. With a smirk on his face, Jax rolled his eyes and shook his head. It was hilarious.

* let it be known I still think Ronny should start at the four, especially with Brandan out. What’s the advantage of having Buike play that position?

* Speaking of Buike, anybody notice a rare loss of composure in the first half? About midway through the second quarter, he drove to the basket and endured quote a bit of contact. Not only did he not get the call, he hit the ground hard. Build got up slowly and limped a bit as he jogged up court. Devin Brown was driving to the cup on the other end and Buike – who was 2-for-8 at the point with a few in-and-out shots, and still smarting over the fall — planted a good hard foul on Brown, sending him to the floor.
“He was going to get a layup,” Buike said. “Plus I was late getting back on defense, I had to do something.”

Marcus Thompson

  • OliverStone

    Sweet game by Jax, hope the effort wasn’t just because of the national spotlight.

    Agree about Ronny starting at 4 over Buike, only problem is Ronny’s a foul machine, might be better to spot him off the bench?

  • Wow, you’re on Jackson’s nutsack hard.
    So full of it…

  • Ronny has 25 good minutes in him per night, tops, and tonight let’s hope he has something left.

    Ellis and Biedrins should BOTH be sitting and we have a game tonight.

    Grabbing the opportune win has consequences.
    Big minutes for Jack again. Marcus wants to go to Jackson’s next party…

  • Mike W.

    Speaking of good defense, how about the way Monta smothered Peja much of the time?

    Oh, and Marcus, pay no attention to “Cohan.” It makes him crazy when the Warriors win. Tough to take a victory that imperils his looney theories.



    w/ Andris’ foul trouble problems, you never know when or how long you’ll need Turiaf (who is also foul prone). there’s a huge risk in Turiaf picking up fouls early on at PF. call me crazy but i don’t think having one of your lightest players, at 197 lbs, playing center late in games is a good idea – especially when he’s a 19 year old rookie who couldn’t even lead his high school team to a winning record, let alone college. the other choices being Rob Kurz & Jermareo Davidson.

    that’s just common sense.

  • Dave

    Marcus,Nelson should have put Turiaf at the four a long time ago, he is too brainwashed into small ball. Buike is too short to bang at this position. Why can’t this team play defense EVERY game instead of on occasion. This is a coaching shortfall that reflects on Nelson’s shortcomings unfortunately.

  • Wilson

    The Warriors are better with Turiaf and Biedrins playing together, but you need another power forward on the team to pair them up for more than spot duty. So depending on the foul situation, put them together in the fourth quarter.

    And as lackluster as Monta’s offensive game was, his defense on Peja was great. An excellent move by Nelson. One of his few this year.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I agree with Marcus’ point that Jackson was outstanding guarding Paul and West — wow, that’s a tough assignment. Ronny was excellent on West as well.

    I’m not so sure Monta did a great job on Peja, or whether Peja just failed to take advantage of the matchup by posting up the much smaller Warriors guard. (I hadn’t realized that Peja was 6’10”)! But you could definitely see Monta’s and rest of the Warriors’ effort in deflections and steals. Maggette and Crawford are still god-awful as man defenders, but at least Maggette was really hustling for boards, and found his range at last when the game was on the line.

  • Richard Hendrix should have never happened.
    Too bad we have no clue…

    (Mike W. is on Warriors payroll)